IB school vs regular school in Pune.

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A0601 2021-03-13 21:19:29


Hello parents! Hope all safe and healthy in this crazy pandemic period. Like every other parents I am in search of a good school for my 2.5 year old daughter. I have mixed reviews about IB school and it's education format. Although it's format interests me a lot but at the same time i also heard that it is just money minting business. So my question is, are the regular schools ( cbse, ssc) equipped to impart the new age education? With the advances and progress that we are experiencing in the fields of technology, science, arts, do these regular schools update their syllabus or is it the same tht we have studied 20 years ago. Also, if any one can recommend good school which has emphasis on academics, extra curricular, languages, technology etc ( or am I demanding too much) that would be super helpful. I reside in Karve Nagar so any good school except Millenium? ( I heard it's not good anymore and the best of the staff has moved to Walnut and Walnut infrastructure sucks). Thanks!!


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