Reviews for Mentor International School, Magrapatta

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Rk2019 2020-12-22 12:16:10


Hi Parents,

Any reviews for Mentor International School in Magarpatta?
Their infrastructure looks good but not sure about the quality of education and teachers there.. Can any of you please provide a first hand review?


1004 2022-06-27 12:17:56


I think its quite late to reply you, I have enrolled my son in mentor in 2020 for grade 1 and lock down happened due to COVID.

After 2 years of online school finally offline started and its really pathetic. Very poor management, arrogant teachers and staff.

No respect to parent, lack of transparency and communication.

During online mode they academic was good so we gave chance but it was wrong decision.

They had failed to manage every small things with suggested vendors for transport mainly. They collaborated with well known travel company for transport but that vendor is unable to meet basic security need of school transport. School is not bothered about child's safety at all everything is at risk there. Think 100 time before you enroll.


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