Which is best school in pune : Kendriya Vidyalaya/Bishops/VIBGYOR ?

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PPA 2009-07-01 12:07:15


Hi all,

In next session I have to take admission for my daughter in Nursry. I want her to be in CBSE or ICSE.As I am from CBSE,i don know hw much ICSE is better than CBSE or is it so actualy. ? I find Bishops/VIBGYOR as my option. But I also have Kendriya Vidyalaya as one option. Now please suggest me is it worth to send my kid in KV ? For Bishops or VIBGYOR ,my major concern will be the distance .Its quite far from my home around 15-16km. So please please help me in chossing the right option in terms of Quality of education,Distance,and long term prospects. I really need your opinions on : # Among the three which is best. # Is there any conveyance facility which i can opt for my kid instead of school bus,(as it will take more time in picks n drops) #CBSE or ICSE Thanks Avani's Mom

madhuriesingh 2009-07-27 19:31:24



All schools are good.

But board preferences are generally based on parent's own experience.

Since I studied in CBSE I have prefer it. ALso CBSE makes an overall growth of a child with loads of information and general subjects. The books skim thorugh all topics and all subjects. They make a child aware of everything and then lets you choose the focus after Xth.

ICSE is also good. They focus a lot in detailed study. The children go deep in fewer subjects. There is a lot of focus on language and literature as its onbious being linked to UK cambridge in the past.

International boards are good but defintely lack the grind that the kids in India need to survive. Any Indian does better than other nationality in any part of the world, because of the immense load, subjects, detailing, population and competition.

State Boards are limited to the content and subjects. They are focussed to cater only to one state. Kids from state board find difficult to cope up with IIT, CAT etc



madhuriesingh 2009-07-27 19:38:17


I have written a blog on the school in Pune, you can may be find help from that.

Distance versus Quality of education is totally parent's choice. Distance can be painful when there are times the child misses the bus. Then you will wish the school was closer home. At times when its very hot or rainy , again as a parent we wish the school was nearer.

But if the school is excellent and can cater to the overall development of the child, why not send a bit far than admit into a not so good school!

I have travelled even 30 kms but once its a routine, all these things become minor as compared to how your child is shaping up !




PPA 2009-07-28 11:42:30


Hi Madhurie,

Thanks for your reply.
I read your blog long time back and from that only I came to know that admission process in schools are not so easy, we should be awaken then only at least we can apply to all.
Right now my daughter is 1.9yrs. And she is going in Brainworks for Playgroup.
As I said I visited VIBGYOR and eliminated it from my prefer list.
Still I have KV and Bishops in hand.
I am from KV (CBSE) so somewhere I am biased to get her in KV as it gives huge dimensions to one's personality because of diversified gentry, superb teaching pattern, very up to date, and lots more....
But as I personally felt, KV was good for me coz that time future is more academic oriented.
But now the scenario is different, we as a parent happily allow our kids to choose any non academic line, it’s not that they must have to be graduate or BE or MBSS...
For my daughter I have to think 15-20 yrs ahead. So I don’t think that these degrees will be that much be weighted.
That will be the time when environmental, ecological turbulences will be in their peak, so that time one has to be more innovative rather than conventional.
And I think if I don’t opt CBSE for my daughter then only she can get time for the extracurricular or for some offbeat activities.
Coz I know after 10th I didn’t get time to even look up to anything other than studies.
And that why I think schools like Bishops can make the kids competitive along with grooming their personality.
So let c where do I end up.
Keep in touch.
And thanks for being so informative.

Srichi 2009-08-07 11:00:13


Hi Paridhi.

it’s not that they must have to be graduate or BE or MBSS.

Totally agree with you on this.

Selection of a good school is important because it will shape the child's overall personality. Studies of course is just one side of the coin, but a good school can make the difference of nurturing the child's behaviour too.

Walk down to one of these good schools and observe the kids. Then get away from the city and watch the kids there. There will be a big difference in their personalities and that matters a lot.


rajpradip2004 2009-12-09 18:05:23


Vibgyor Pune

This is the best school at pune , U have open option for IGCSE or ICSC .

According to there hassle free admission rules for Nur to Sr-KG ,the admission procedure is very fast and easy and it is very true .
They will charge very genuine amount for admission form also .

The High level staff (means officers and principal)are equally kind and well spoken as compare the reception staff.

They will treat you as a parent not as a customer .
They are very much friendly with kids and the parents too.


ranavelakaturi 2011-02-02 20:52:37


Hi ,

i am also interested for my daughter to get her join in Army Public School Pune or Kendriya Vidyala, Could you please let me know regarding army publics school / KV's procedure for admission

Also, let me know the top ranked KV's school in Pune



SDS 2011-04-12 21:59:05


Hi madhuriesingh ,

I am new to here. I have shifted Pune recently just two weeks. I am looking for LKG admission preferably CBSE board school.

Is there any link where I can find the list of good CBSC schools in Pune ? Currently I am staying at Hadapsar. I prefer near about Hadapsar.




schoolkids 2013-01-19 11:22:38


 Lexicon School

They are more of business minded than imparting quality education to our new generation.


archiem 2013-04-17 04:06:42


Hi Paridhi,  Appreciate your thoughts about choosing the school.

Hi Madhurie, I read your blogs and I hope that you would reply to my query. 

I have been following lot of reviews and comments from various sources about good schools in Pune but the reviews are scattered. 

I am wondering can we start an initiative where-in all the parents can share their experience on one portal. The real reviews focussing on school facilities, teachers, school philosophy, school management, fees, etc. would help us to choose a school as per our requirement.   

I am looking out for a good school in Pune nearby Aundh area. 

Which is a good school in terms of teaching methodology, experienced teachers, good management, nearby Aundh area irrespective of CBSE/ICSE/SSC syllabus? 

How the safety of the child taken care of in school?     Currently my 20 months daughter is attending pre-primary school in USA and the school always ensures 2 female teachers and 1 female staff teacher is monitoring/teaching the class. The philosophy behind having 2 female teachers per class is that that both the teachers are always under each other's scrutiny of how do they behave with kids. Also parents feel safe and secure about the child when there is a female help staff who would take them to washroom/potty. As a mother I have a feeling of security since the school has ALL the female teachers and help staff. 

Does private schools in India, case in here Pune, also follow the similar philosophy of employing FEMALE teachers and help staff for tiny tods especially when the kids in this age can rarely tell/ explain about how they are being treated at school?  

Anyone knowing the various schools in and around Aundh area is requested to share their experience/review about school. 




priyakabhaskar 2013-06-20 01:06:56


Hi Madhurie,

I have been going through your blogs from quite a time now.

I am based in USA on work visa with my husband(we are from Pune). We had a baby in USA a month ago. Though we planned to have baby in India but due to some complcations I could not travel. I have applied for POI with indian embassy for my child here. We will be returning to india in another 3-4 yrs.

I am from Army School, therefore interested to put my baby in CBSE School and preferebly APS or Kendriya Vidyalays.

As my child is born in USA (But has POI), will the baby considered as NRI or can study like a normal student.

Can babay get admission in APS and kendriya vidyalaya.

What is the NRI fees for privates schools like, DPS-bISHOPS-VIBGYOR ETC


balle 2015-06-17 13:45:16


Hi Madhurie

I m presently in ludhiana and will be shifting to pune in the month of Aug 2015. My daughter is 27th March 2013 born. . I have to get her admitted in Pre. Ny/ Playway. Could you please suggest me a gud school . I understand adm's for primrose is closed. Pl. suggest


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