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Sunny007 2020-10-11 15:56:17


Dear All,

I have been through most of the reviews you all posted on this site for best ICSE schools in Wets of Pune. Lots of the reviews were 7 plus years old.
I have below shortlisted school for my kid for 1st Grade. Appreciate, if you could guide me to choose best school for my kid, that will be a great help for me.
The shortlisted school are as follow:

1. The Academy School [Ravet road, near Dange chowk]
2. Vibgyor High, Balewadi
3. Wisdom World School, Wakad.
4. Blue ridge, Hinjewadi.
5. Rabindernath School, Balewadi. [High fees, but last option if nothing].

Request you all to please suggest me by your own experience or from growth of your child, which school should I select for my kid for 1st Grade.

Thank you.

Var10 2020-10-11 17:27:38


I am also looking for same. Please advice.
How is euro school west campsu and the academy school?

rs18 2020-10-12 14:41:58


5. tagore is not ICSE . its Cambridge board. IGCSE

Sunny007 2020-10-12 18:23:58


Yes, I agree, it is IGCSE. thanks.

But I put that in the list as an last option if nothing get finalized because it has some good reviews for IGCSE board.

Still waiting for feedback on the other 4 school listed:
1. The Academy School [Ravet road, near Dange chowk]
2. Vibgyor High, Balewadi
3. Wisdom World School, Wakad.
4. Blue ridge, Hinjewadi.
Those who have any review/feedback please reply, the school admission will begin from November 2020.Thank you.

rs18 2020-10-21 13:28:50


We are also considering RTSE/tagore for standard 1 next year. Have been to some of the schools you listed but from location, infrastructure, class strength, quality of staff found RTSE better then others. Only thing is IGCSE board and fees. Existing parents can share their experience to help decide. Thanks.

Var10 2020-10-22 19:33:09


Have you check the academy school and euro west campus? These are comparitvely new And need feedback.

Thanks in advance. 

Cpa123 2020-10-23 11:56:01


How is Euro school? Wakad and hinjewadi one?

rs18 2020-10-23 12:28:47


Academy we visited last year. Location was surrounded by some construction sites and fields. Road work was going on. Dont know status now. Somehow it didnt apeal to us.

Var10 2020-10-23 13:08:28


I have visitet euro west campus i.e hinjewadi one last year and infra wise good.. talked to few parents and then given good reviews. Also principal is ex rabindranath tagore school principal.
so inall seems good. But very new so can€™t really say.

Cpa123 2020-10-23 14:06:19


Thank you!

Sunny007 2020-10-23 15:46:23


Euro school was not in list. Good to know some feedback on this.
But I have heard some negative reviews [few years back though]. The school administrators locked the kids in a room for not paying fees installment on time and this was very horrible act by Euro school.
But, if it is doing better now, then can be consider. 
The Academy school principal is from Saint Mary's school. One of the best ICSE school in Pune. For construction and infra I not yet visited recently, so can't comment on this.
Similarly, WWS principal is Ex principal of Saint Mary's, but lot of lot of negative review on this school. 
Also, student-teacher ratio, how about this in Euro school?
Thank you.

Var10 2020-10-23 16:27:11


Euro west campus is new branch and wakad is different. Review may be wakad branch or other. I heard about the academy a lot like you mentioned principal is really good. And they have upgraded their website and thier one building is also ready. Need to visit once though. So that could also be option. One thing i noticed after dicussion with parents that they do not have foreign langauge. Otherwise all ok.
Wisdom very high academic pressure.. no much extra activities. 
Vibgyor good but recently bad reviews for fee hike n all. If any one has other views please share. That will really help.

Sunny007 2020-10-23 18:39:06


Yes, same thing I confirmed from school [The academy school]. No foreign language for students.Initially, I thought there is foreign language from class 5th onward, but nothing at the moment, and this is decided by parents request.
I have some other important point regarding books for ICSE board, if anybody have any details or experience please share.The point is, I heard and read many reviews on books those school recommend or provide for their curriculum. unlike CBSE, where the books are NCERT certified books, so there will be not much differences in the syllabus defined in various publications. 
But for ICSE, this is not the case. syllabus is wide so more publications and difficulty in finding proper books. some schools [Vibgyor] provide their own books for their students, how much those are helpful? and those who are from different schools where books are not school provided, how students manage?
Thank you.

Var10 2020-10-23 19:06:51


I was initially hesitent for icse and selected elproi.e ex giis chinchwad which is very near to my home.
anyone has review on elpro international school? Please share.


Cpa123 2020-10-24 12:02:49


Hello everyone.. Do u have any feedback for vidyavalley wakad? The cbse one? Thanks.

mavriksam 2020-10-30 22:22:59


Hello Everyone,

Am looking for admission for my son in Grade !,  need feedback on the following ICSE schools:
Podar International Pimpri
Powar Public School
Euro Hinjewadi
Euro wakad
Vibgyor Balewadi
Vidya Valley SUS
DAV Publci School


Sunny007 2020-10-31 00:24:13


I think DAV is not ICSE. Its a CBSE school.Podar was no more remains as good school. It was very good school 5 years ago.
Euro is more extra activity and less academic. 
@ mavriksam Even if you have your inputs please comment.
thanks. :-)


Var10 2020-10-31 11:33:16


Have you finalised any school?


Var10 2020-10-31 11:35:23


The academy school is also good icse school. Vidya Valley sus is also good but getting admission is difficult. They have thier branch vidya valley north point in Nigdi.
Euro activity based so more activties and sports i guess. 

mavriksam 2020-11-01 17:27:27


Thanks @Sunny007! I guess DAV and Podar gonna be out of my list, The challenge in west Pune seems to be that there are very few ICSE schools with good campus (play ground and facilities).

slicksj 2020-11-15 20:00:24


Daffodil is another option.. but is IGCSE.School seems fine. Playground still to see after schools open.

rupz29 2020-11-22 13:30:46


Yesterday I visited Euro school west campus hinjewadi, infrastructure wise its really good. Overall looked promising in terms of academics and extra curriculum, but do not have personal reviews from anyone yet. Euro Wakad branch has good reviews from 2 of my friends as their kids are really happy with the school. Can someone share Euro west hinjewadi feedback. I am planning to finalize Euro wakad or Hinjewadi for Grade I.

Var10 2020-11-23 12:43:20


I have also visited this campsu and seems promising. Talked with two parents from west campus and they said its good. Also principal of this school is ex ravindranath tagore school principal so we can trust.
i am also considering between these two and there are other two. So discussed with parents.

261087 2020-12-14 10:15:41


Do u have any reviews about mount littera wakad. Pls give the feedback. Thanks

261087 2020-12-15 16:09:37


Hello sunny, U wanted feedback about Academy school. I want to admit my daughter in nursery. Ur help wud be great. Thanks

rs18 2020-12-16 00:15:33


Hello Sunny, have u decided on school yet from the list? We are going for no 5 mostly for grade 1. Anyone has more recent feedback on tagore please? Heard their principal left and joined euro school . Anyone has more insight? Thanks.

Sunny007 2020-12-16 19:28:47


Hello Friends,
I have finalized admission for my kid into 'The Academy School' [TAS].
I was looking for best ICSE school in west of Pune and I found TAS is best of all.The number 5 in the list is Rabindernat, and it is IGCSE and too much costly. Around 2.9 lacks for grade 1.
If anyone has anything else to add please reply, most of the school will finalized admissions in 2 or 3 weeks.
Thank you.


Var10 2020-12-16 20:12:43


Hello Sunny007,

I also visited both euro and Tas and confused between two. I liked TAs but felts they have less activities/sports and more academic. Please share your thoughts like on which basis you have shortlisted?

Sunny007 2020-12-21 03:14:34


Hello The important point is fees.. its high but will be locked or will be same until standard 10. Other school increase the fees by 8-10 percent every year. So that I didn't see in TAS. Second point is the school staff is well reachable. Heard good and positive comments for the staff and principal. She is from St. Mary's. School location is suitable for me, it is near to my home. See, my point is, none of school is having best of all.. there will be always some pros and cons. And it depends on how you take it. Initially I was almost made my mind for Wisdom world school, but even if lot of negative review and comments I still put on my list. But at the end wws was going down and was totally out of my mind. Did anyone had any discussion with parents of TAS? If you would have visited school, the staff and teachers will always throw positive response. But try to speak to any parents.. did anyone got a chance to speak with parents of TAS student? @Var10, did you talk to any of parents? What other details you find good in TAS? Awaiting your replies. Thank you.

Var10 2020-12-21 20:27:34



yes i talked with few parents. Thier respose is good and said school is good in terms of academics.  Being new, sports and activities are bit less. No pressure. But they have reguler exam pattern like chapter wise assessment. One of parent have concern about foreign langauge.
Heard good reviews inall.. infra they are saying they will complete till march. not sure though. Also one parent said that though fee is fixed till 10th they may increase in other 13000 slot for uniform and library. But yes we can consider this as there are pros and cons for all schools.

samjadha 2021-03-24 07:19:09


My thoughts:
Both my kids are in CBSE school which is a board whereas ICSE is private certification examination authority (renowned).
The main difference is, CBSE more focused on MCQs, practical and not much on writing whereas ICSE is more focused on English language, literature, theories and written syllabus . Much wider and robust curriculum than CBSE which needs focused and kind teachers who will guide the students through their academics.

Recently visited TAS The Academy school and observed that although there are some infra stuff going within and around, the school remained focused on syllabus more. Not fancy infra, games and attractions but kind staff exactly to
meet ICSE requirements.

In this pandemic they offer MS Teams to attend classrooms which is a pros.

I am thinking to get both my kids in TAS although the school fees are higher even though locked till 10th.

The reason new principal told me that due to wide syllabus they cover more topics and develop a lot writing skills which makes students competitive exam ready.

I guess that€™s what we are looking for now at least.


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