Returning India after 10 grade , what are the challenges?

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ambicaa 2020-01-21 21:12:54


Hi ,
My son studied in India upto 7th grade. Then we moved to USA, Now we are returning back to India after his 10th grade. Whether my child is eligible for CBSE board ? What are the challenges please let me know. OR i need to choose IB board. If he takes IB board , will he be eligible for entrance exams in india like JEE?

AnuVemuri 2020-05-10 11:59:16


Hi Ambica,

I'm Anu. We're planning to return to India next year. I'm looking for good schools in Pune. We're from Hyderabad but i'm more inclined towards settling in Pune after returning. Also, i'm a bit scared and confused about how things will be in India, its been 20+ years staying out of Inia, so for me it'll be like understanding/doing things from scratch. It'll be of great help if you can get in touch with me to discuss/understand the life and education in Pune.

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