Review of HDFC and Vibgyor Magarpatta

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Mahakavi 2019-09-07 16:37:58


Dear friends,
I€™m looking for Grade 1 admission for upcoming academic year. Could you suggest the best school among Hdfc and vibgyor. Thank you. 

Muddassir 2019-09-07 21:33:47


Both are equally good but would rate vibgyor a tad higher

Mahakavi 2019-09-08 05:58:37


Thank you 

Mahakavi 2019-09-08 06:00:26


Which is the best school among these 
vibgyor hdfc dps. Ty

Muddassir 2019-09-08 07:40:25


Depends on the board. Dps is CBSE.. And between the 3 would rate it higher... But then distance is a criteria there


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