Wisdom World School Hadapsar - Pune

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00789 2019-07-11 12:13:37


I think more than reviews i would like to give some feedback to the school. My wife is also a senior teacher in another school and i have observed 1 main difference between both.

There are lots of holidays, half days for kids on account of exams or any festivities. I think since the school follows ICSE pattern they start late (in mid-June ) rather than April and they have a huge summer vacation.
Also christmas and diwali vacations are at par as other CBSE Schools. hence i wish that this must me not the case here in Wisdom.

Secondly: The kids departure is a little chaotic. They should have separate timings for kids of class Pre-Nursery since they are so small and it takes a long time for thier dispursal.

Lastly, the school should have a day care facility at least for the below 5 year age kids.


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