Bishops Undri Nursery admission 2019-2020

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Raju01 2018-12-14 19:43:46


Hi, Anybody applied for Bishops Undri Nursery admission ?
If anyone has please let me know once you receive the interview dates.


sandeep1602 2019-01-23 21:28:16


Hi ,

Any one got response from bishop KLN NGR ?
We got the interactive letter, it was over within 5 mins interaction with Head Mistress.

Our kid is super active but when she sees new ppl she tend to take time to gel with them.
On that point she was all playing and enjoying in lobby but when we entered the room situation turned red, :) 
there were two teachers sitting with toys and puzzles i guess and asked her to join them but with obvious reason she didnt go and came with us :| .
Head Mistress asked is she shy - which she is not (we know that ) :)
Then questions like :
  • Since when she is going to play school?
  • Has she went to school today? - we said no because she was not well had fever in morning.
  • Next question Is she like going to school? 
Next for us:
  • Are you from Pune, 
  • have you done your schooling here in Pune. 
  • how many years you are in Pune since we are not originally from Pune.
  • Same question asked to my wife. She was working earlier but not now so she asked what was the role earlier she played .
  • Last question: is she speak and understand English?
  • Lastly, she said to check the website in feb end 2019. 
*mostly it will be 21 Feb as they posted a sticky note on one pillar in school.

Not sure what will happen.. our finger crossed - hoping for best :)

Please share your interaction if anyone... All the best to all Kidos!!

Pari3 2019-02-21 00:21:53


Hi.. has anyone got the result on application status?????...results were supposed to available on 20th feb... I logged in to the application status & it says "results are still awaited "....

00786 2019-02-25 11:48:30


Which bishops you applied for? For my ward is showing selected for undri nursery

21amey 2019-02-28 22:11:22


I have applied. Did u got the result

Pari3 2019-03-01 11:35:07


I applied for Undri-nursery. . still showing "results still awaited"

21amey 2019-03-01 12:40:17


My result also still awaited.

21amey 2019-03-01 12:41:03


Can u share details plz

Muddassir 2019-03-01 14:10:18


Congrats 00786!
@pari and amey - if its not showing "rejected" ur in waitlist! Fingers crossed!

Pari3 2019-03-03 22:09:06


we enquired in school over phone and got update as on 28th Feb. we will get intimation about further process, but till date we didn't get any feedback.

Pari3 2019-03-03 22:13:22


@muddassir ....any idea.... how many days it will take...

Muddassir 2019-03-04 06:34:07


U should get an update this week... Best of Luck!

00786 2019-03-04 11:29:41


Not Sure about next list, however we had given last date to submit fees was 28th, so most probably the list againt cancellation will come.  So untill it is rejected ,  still there is process going on,  hope for the best.

21amey 2019-03-09 11:13:59


Did u got the result


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