Hutchings High School - Pune, Pre-Nursery and Nursery admission 2019-2020

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AbhiAnand 2019-02-05 15:03:36


Please provide the active number for the Sidra Transport or any other transport for hadapsar

ankur87 2019-02-05 15:14:17


Abhi anand what is ur location?

AbhiAnand 2019-02-05 15:19:51


Hadapsar - Handewadi Road

ankur87 2019-02-05 15:21:01


robert Mobile 8149367175 U can try this

AbhiAnand 2019-02-05 15:23:52


Is it reliable?

AbhiAnand 2019-02-05 15:26:10


I want Sidra transport active number as they are having route via Hadapsar Handewadi road

AbhiAnand 2019-02-05 19:47:06


Can anyone assist for the nearby shops for Uniform & books for Nursery as i am living in Hadapsar.
Also please do let me know the session start date etc for Nursery 2019-20.

AmitPrabhat123 2019-02-05 20:27:17


@AbhiAnand: Are they giving any fixed date by when selected candidates have to pay the fee. so that if the seat are left the publish next list.
How much fee they quoted to you for nursery.

AbhiAnand 2019-02-06 11:35:46


 Admission cut off is only till this week & fees quoted 1.3

AmitPrabhat123 2019-02-06 11:54:18


Alright, so those who have applied for bishop can not wait they will have to take the admission. thanks @AbhiAnand.

AbhiAnand 2019-02-06 12:01:51


Anyone commuting to Hutchings from Handewadi road ,Hadapsar , please suggest on transport facility?

SSDiwan 2019-02-06 13:18:30


does it means that - the candidates who are still seeing the status as in progress would get the confirmation whether selected or not by end of this week?

AbhiAnand 2019-02-06 13:22:55


Might be & better to visit school for enquiry.

Rahi2016 2019-02-06 14:29:40


School can provide the contact number, concerned person is Mohammed Sadik.

AbhiAnand 2019-02-06 15:15:41


Mohammed Sadik is Hutchings school related guy or outside vendor also could you pls provide his contact details or school contact details for transport related queries?

AbhiAnand 2019-02-08 11:33:54


Can anyone update on the Post Admission process for Nursery ?

SSDiwan 2019-02-08 14:04:21


does any one know when is the last date of the list so that we can take decisions for admissions in other schools?

AmitPrabhat123 2019-02-08 16:41:09


Anyone for nursery have seen "Regret" or "reject" status . Or for everyone its appearing as "In progress".

@SSDiwan: What all other options you have kept? 

SSDiwan 2019-02-09 12:58:59


i can still see inprogress. 
we were planning for wisdom world hadapsar branch if could nit make to hutchings.
they have few seats now, but huthcings is taking too long for the result

SACH1234 2019-02-09 17:43:26



AbhiAnand 2019-02-11 11:32:10


Can anyone of the parents please confirm on the Admission in Nursery also if Confirmed then we can form a whatsapp group to stay updated on the latest post admission process etc?

AmitPrabhat123 2019-02-12 10:29:36


Any1 experienced change this week. For me its still showing "In-progress".

LokPra 2019-02-12 15:09:05


For us as well it's showing in progress. We went to school and enquired ABT it.. They said Theprocess is over for pre nursery and for nursery as well. your status will change...

AbhiAnand 2019-02-12 16:14:52


Hi Ankur87,

So you got confirmation for Nursery? If yes please could you reach to me whatsapp 8806062354 so that we will form a group of selected kids & will keep all happenings posted.

SSDiwan 2019-02-12 21:02:43


its inprogress for us as well
when will the status change? if the process is over then whats the point in not declaring results.


Amol575 2019-02-12 22:19:32


will they ask additional development fees apart from 80k I mean do we need to pay any additional fees apart from 1Lac 36k..Any information do you have?


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