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garima2010 2018-07-08 23:47:39


Dear parents, As i understood norms in maharashtra that child has to complete 3 years of age by september 30 2018 to b eligible fr admission in nursery for academic year 2018 -19. My daughter met that criteria as her bday falls on 22 sep but due to some shifting reasons could not admit her for nursery. Now to avoid gap of 1 year ,i plan to directly enrol her in lkg next year(my daughter goes to a very good daycare/playschool which teaches kids almost everything that child wiuld learn in nursery) .Therefore i thought she would be academically ready for admission in lkg next year but some school saying that nursery report card is must for admission to lkg. Now this has really tensed me and put me in perplexed situation as to what should i do now? Is it true that nursery report card is must document for admission in lkg. Please clarify. Thanks

Arjuns 2018-07-12 12:33:49


Hi, it completely depends on the school which you choose for LKG, if you are going for a proper/regular school like Bishops, St.Marys, Sanskriti, orchids, etc .. they will surely ask for it.
if you go for preschools like eurokids, little millenium, podar jumbo kids etc they will also ask for nursery report card, but I'm sure they will give admission for LKG.(they don't want to lose an admission) 


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