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Puja1103 2018-01-09 13:55:41


Fredback for Rabindranath tagore school looking out for admissions in std 2

ISHA05 2018-01-17 11:29:32


Hello @Puja1103, even I am looking out for admission into Jr kg  K1) for my son in Rabindranath tagore school, there are no feedbacks as such available in this group for the school , but I have seen it is gaining popularity and 1-2 people in my acquaintance have taken admission for there kids in different grades on this school.

Did you get a chance to visit the school and any other review you got for this school ?Please share

And where have u finally decided to take the admission for your kid?




Puja1103 2018-01-17 17:18:22


Hello ISHA05 yes i hv visited the school twice...n thr infrastructure is really impressive...really liked it...lookin out for admissions for std 2 n playgroup..still confused as its IGCSC board n the curriculum of IGCSC is really very good bt the teachers shd b trained properly fr tht so im nt sure wth the school as its new n hv no idea how its goin to do in future..whr r u planning to tk admission?

ISHA05 2018-01-17 17:44:49


I have actually for Jr kg blocked admission in Sapling , but then from 1st standard it is again a struggle.

I have planning for a visit to Rabindranath tagore school and GIS balewadi this weekend,

Even I am little skeptical about ICGSE board, have spoken to couple of people from education field, they are giving good response for ICGSE board , STILL as a parent little skeptical :)




Puja1103 2018-01-21 11:13:00


Hello..ISHA5 So u visited Rabindranath school?what are your views regarding the same.

ISHA05 2018-01-22 09:24:47



Hi Puja

I did visit the school, no doubt the  infrastructure, school, management , classrooms are definitely very good, I was very much impressed with it, but the reason I am NOT opting for it now is :

1. The school has just started and my husband does not want to send my son to any such school which actually does not have  real feedback yet in market ( that was the reason we did not choose PICT as well)

2. We are still trying to understand and gather information on how IGCSE will suit to Indian conventional education system ,

So may be we are taking 2 years of breathing space on this two point and then opt for it in 1standard .How about you , have you finalized the schools for your kids, please do share your views also on some of the good schools you are aware , any idea on CM international etc ?





Puja1103 2018-01-22 10:42:51


I didnt like cm international at all..its nt even in my vacany in pict...n i donn think admissions r possible in higher standards in pict...thn Vibgyor is also jst a brand name no std of studies. My daughter is goin to SNBP world school in Rahatni.the school is fine bt the only problem is wth the distance..she is already in IGCSC doubt wth the curriculum as its wonderful. My problem is also tht the school is new whc im sure is goin to do well bt still.... ...

Nisnil 2018-01-22 12:23:05


Hi can u please share your views regarding the snbp school rahatni. V r planning to take my daughter's admission in that school but have got mixed reviews about the school. My daughter will be going to 1st standard

Puja1103 2018-01-22 12:50:29


Hello Nisnil R u planning for igcsc or cbse?

Nisnil 2018-01-22 13:04:42



Puja1103 2018-01-22 13:24:04


Nisnil They hv a very poor std for cbse...lot of writing work is given for homework...the class strength is around 40 shc is too mch...

Nisnil 2018-01-22 13:49:50


Ok thanks for the feedback dear

ISHA05 2018-01-22 14:02:35


Hello Puja

Since this thread is active and you have good hands-on feedback for a few schools, how was ur experience with Sapling ?Was your kids too in Sapling during pre  primary years?

And also did you NOT try Vidya Valley /Orchid for your kids ?




ISHA05 2018-01-23 10:23:58


@Puja1103 , hello Puja

Could you  please share your opinion/thought on this ?

Hello Puja

Since this thread is active and you have good hands-on feedback for a few schools, how was ur experience with Sapling ?Were your kids too in Sapling during pre  primary years?

And also did you NOT try Vidya Valley /Orchid for your kids ?




Puja1103 2018-01-23 12:50:40


Hello ISHA05 My younger one will b goin to first five kindergarten school frm june n im planning to keep her thr till Srkg as hv heard really very good reviews abt tht school frm sm of my frens... My elder one is currently goin to SNBP school in IGCSC board...i wanted to put her in PICT bt thr were no seats available...hv never tried fr vidya valley actually..wl try again fr PICT nxt yr...let's c... I wl also b trying fr vikhe patil school in March..if they hv any vacancy fr std 2 they wl vikhe patil is one of the oldest school in pune.

Puja1103 2018-01-23 12:52:41


N hv never tried for Sapling also. I applied in Orchid school last year fr std 1 bt they had a lottery system for selection n v hv not got through tht.

ISHA05 2018-01-23 14:26:14


Thank You Puja @Puja1103,

Will stay in touch going forward to share our experiences on this , specially with Rabindranath tagore .



123ssood 2018-02-04 19:17:04


Has anyone visited Educon international school in Baner. It's an ICSE school. They are starting grade 5 and 6 from nexy academic year. Even though the school building is not grand, but it could not find a single negative point. My son will be going to grade 6 next year, but again since it will be their first batch, I am confused.... Any feedback for the school

Amzi 2018-02-09 13:24:00


hi Isha, which branch of sapling ? Model colony or ram indu ? 

rs18 2018-02-09 14:24:06


Hi Isha and Amzi,

I am also thinking of sapling for my daughter for nursery..only problem is its bit far from Pimple Saudagar. what is ur experience? do u think its worth going that far for preschool?


ISHA05 2018-02-09 14:48:30


@Amzi  I had taken admission in ram indu center , but I cancelled it a few days back as my son got admission into Vidya Valley school  -Sus ( for Jr Kg)

rs18  The feedback of the school is excellent  no-doubt , there staff etc are too good , but yes our concern is valid  in terms of distance .

may be you can explore other options around your area like Blossom ,




rs18 2018-03-04 21:26:37


Thanks Isha for you response. I dont find anything better near by and some how do t feel like sending her to proper school - school at this age. My consider sapling if no other you know any good preschool in or around kalyani nagar? My office is there. May consider shifting home for better prospacts.

priea 2018-08-27 12:31:03


Hi... I have taken admission for my daughter in Grade 5 in Rabindranath Tagore School of Excellence this year and I am very impressed.( She was in Ryan International before this , for 4 years ) 1 - Academics are excellent... Makes the student think out of the box and put their grey cells to use... Very motivating and interesting for the kids. Makes them want to discover and learn new things... 2- Teachers are very very well trained and are doing a marvelous job. There are 2 teachers for each class of 30. 3- Sports and extra curriculars are absolutely bang on..the students have a lot of options to choose from and ALL the activities are conducted diligently , even of there are less students. 4- A very high level of hygiene maintained in the school ( I consider this a very very important point after our bad experience with Ryan International ) 5- A very good infrastructure and they live up to all the promises made at the time of admission. 6- Their pre primary section has been operational for a couple of years now and is very good.. primary section ( grade 1-6 opened this year.) 7- The only minor glitch this year was the transport system , coz being a new school with less students , they have only 5 buses. And route mapping was a little troublesome. But even those issues have been resolved now. 8 - Teacher and Staff are very approachable and take all feedback constructively. All in all , I am very happy with the school. More importantly , my kid is very happy , motivated and excited for school all the time. Hope this review is helpful. Do get in touch if anyone needs more information.

Rash24 2018-10-26 18:16:13



This is Rashmi. I'm looking out for admission for Grade 1 in cambridge for my son. So far we visited GIIS, Chinchwad and SNMP, Rahatni and planning to visit Rabindranath Tagore School, Balewadi tomorrow (Saturday).

Any feedback on these schools please? All are new in providing cambridge education. GIIS fees is very high and school infra is good.

praveena1 2018-10-27 12:04:42


Rabindranath school haven't started admissions for 2019, now they are taking mid term admissions for this year. we have visited school they just gave enquiry form and they said that they will call before starting admissions for 2019. Rabindranath school fees even more than Giis.

priea 2018-10-27 13:14:35


School is very good..I have given a detailed review above..kindly check..

Rituparna11 2018-11-12 02:36:59


Hi I am planning to apply for grades 3 and 5 for my kids at Rabindranath school in Balewadi for year 2019. Can someone share information and experience with school and igcsc Cambridge board? Is it a tough curriculum in long term? Also does anyone know when a new school year starts for Rabindranath school? Is it in June or August? Please reply Thanks

priea 2018-11-12 07:15:49


Hey... School starts in June...


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