Vibgyor High Balewadi, Euro School wakad or Blue Ridge public School Hinjewadi - 2018-19

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deepakbajpai26 2018-01-02 13:55:43



We live in Pimple saudagar and looking for a good school for admission of my son in 1st Std from 2018-19. We can go for either CBSE or ICSE board and just need a good school where student teacher ratio is good, school focuses on all round development of child along with academics. We have shortlisted below schools
1. Euro School Wakad
2. Vibgyor high balewadi 
3. Blue Ridge public school hinjewadi

Request all parents to provide any feedback on these schools. We will be very thankful for any views shared. 


Sachina 2018-01-16 22:32:38


Did you consider WISDOM World School, Wakad?

sagarkpune 2018-02-03 15:32:14


did you checked out Mitcon International School located at Balewadi. It's a good school and their admissions are currently open. You can check this link for more details

Pmuley 2018-03-08 09:41:33


Hi - before I propose/suggest any school in Wakad/Pimple Saudagar I will first strongly discourage to have Euro School - Wakad in your list itself. 

The Euro school has many disputes with their PTA and they always do what they want even if it requires to bypass the law. The fee hike does not follow any legal procedures and its purely money minting machine for the promoters. There is no explanation/justification behind fee hike, studies/extra curricular activities are so so , certainly not outstanding.

Blue ridge - 
I have seen may kids going to this school, Fee is reasonable with unmatched infrastructure, Average in academics and good in sports and other things. Do remember they have preference to people who live in Blue ridge itself. 

You can also look into - S.N.B.P, DAV(Aundh), Indira School(Good School), Wisdom World School. 

Hope this helps.


 Former member 2018-05-23 17:04:31


I am also moving to hinjanwadi Pune. Please suggest me good school in the area. My daughter is in Class 2 and she in one of the best school in Delhi.

Anuj2019 2018-10-01 12:38:24


We visited last week Wisdom World school Wakad ( which is not actually in the wakad area it's near to Kalewadi Chowk).
We enquire for Sr Kg 2019-20. Fee includes ( this is for the current year and next year increase of 10-15% as they not have increased last 2 years 90K 4 semesters + 40K admission fee + 15K security Deposit(refundable) + transport + books and uniforms). the person at the desk was not at all helpful, we asked her that we want to see the prospectus and we want to know about curriculum ( response we got please check the website  and on the website "Available at the school Office."
and also we asked about what activities will be taking in school "there are no activities for pre-primary from 1std we will have drama, music , singing dance, judo, swimming etc etc.  I asked her ye sab karge, there should be an option (she said no sab karavage they hav time slot"
My point is if kid going to do all the activities they will not be good at any activity and when they will study.   
I visited many schools every school has some set like from (drama, music, singing dance) one will be there from (judo, swimming, basketball one will there) that make sense.
Before taking the form they should give the basic idea about education structure.
the information she gave us is admission going to start from Nov 2-3 week.
Not all -recommend this school, I have seen classes going on the ground floor ( looks like pre-primary kids) around 40+ students in one class and only one teacher, no AC (we dont prefer ac ), fans were there don't know about cameras and they charging fees so high, standard doesn't match with fees.
Also, the lot of food items sabji fruits was there at entry of school outside of the ground classes which attracted lot of birds. 


sdk12 2018-10-04 15:43:31



My daughter will be 2.5yrs old. We are looking for the admission for nursery in blue ridge public school or vibgyor hinjawadi or PPS hinjawadi. 
The fees for vibgyor is around 1.3L excluding transport and other things. 
What are the fees for Blue ridge and PPS for nursery ?

Anuj2019 2018-10-04 17:47:14


powar public school Hinjawadi is CBSE school, Blue Ridge public school admission is based on a lottery system and start around March also preference give to people staying in blue ridge Paranjape. (visit school to get know about the admission process) as their numbers are not working mention on site also they do not reply to emails. teacher and admin staff leave around 3:30 (try to visit before that)
I don't think the fee is this much for Nursery in Vibgyor school. I hope you visited the school and know the curriculum.   


sdk12 2018-10-06 11:18:54


Yes, I visited the school and confirmed. Do you have any idea about blue ridge public school nursery fees for non blue ridge resident.

Ambhrini 2019-06-14 10:29:34


We have taken admission for our daughter for Senior KG in Blueridge. It follows ICSE curriculum. Infrastructure is good. They encourage both academics and extra curricular activities. Fee structure for Sr.KG(2019-20) is : 10k(Admission Fee) + 25k(Security Deposit) + 23k(Tuition fee 1st term) + 23k (Tuition fee 2nd term) + 15k(Miscellaneous fees, includes Meals,library,field trip,picnic etc).

 Transport(20000/year for 9km distance), Uniform(1500 rs) and Books(980 rs) extra.

Preference given to Blueridge residents, then siblings and then to others located around hinjewadi.


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