St. Mary's school admission for nursery

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007trups 2021-01-11 21:52:50


Thanks for reply can u give more details on caelum high which board it is n st Vincent's is ssc board so can we consider that bcoz mostly now a days everyone prefers cbse or icse

Muddassir 2021-01-11 22:13:16


Caelum high is ICSE board. You can check their website
I have studied from Vincent's and it is a decent school. I agree it is SSC board, go for it only if you are comfortable with SSC board. Also depends where you stay as Caelum is in Undri while Vincent's is in Camp.
Also would suggest you to be positive with Bishops / Marys / DPS. Mostly you should get through to one of these three.


007trups 2021-01-13 22:20:20


Hello muddassir I got through in vikhe patil lohegaon any idea about this would be great should I confirm or wait for bishop n mary ..really confused

Muddassir 2021-01-14 21:40:23


@007trups - Please check inbox.

007trups 2021-01-14 23:26:53


Hello thanks for your reply but vikhe patil is also quiet old institute than others do u know any details how is this school..for safer side ill confirm here n wait for marys n bishop

Kavzee 2021-01-18 11:17:33


Anyone heard from St. Mary's. It's the 3rd week of Jan.

bhavin2000 2021-01-18 18:43:00


Nothing to me till now.

Kavzee 2021-01-18 18:58:07


Which standard have you applied for?

HalfOctave 2021-01-19 10:36:31


still waiting for email.. applied for nursery

Muddassir 2021-01-19 10:48:53


Best of luck everyone!

Kavzee 2021-01-19 19:50:51


Still no communication.


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