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rs18 2018-12-11 14:12:05


@dsnehi yes. for ranidra nath tagore school of excellence in balewadi

lax99 2018-12-11 14:16:06


We went during grade1-5 orientation n seeing their fee structure itself we assumed pre primary would be exorbitant too.n well it is!N didn't attend this sunday's orientation.Anyways Thanx a lot for letting me know.

lax99 2018-12-11 14:17:37


I heard they only call n not mail.is that so?

3veni 2018-12-11 14:21:39


Hey @rs18 we have also visited rabindranath this Sunday. School is nice but fees are high. Also does rabindranath school give admission on first come first serve basis?

17feb 2018-12-11 14:24:58


@dsnehi Mail

3veni 2018-12-11 14:27:48


Does anyone have reviews about vidya valley sus and about vibgyor balewadi? I have heard that vidya valley is good everyone just says good but what about teaching staff and other activities and management. What is best in vidya valley? We have seen their school road we didn't liked it.

lax99 2018-12-12 18:39:21


Did anyone else receive interaction slot from PICT?

rs18 2018-12-12 19:48:16


No @lax99. Have u received?

lax99 2018-12-12 21:05:26


@rs18 nope.what's ur token number?

trinity123 2018-12-14 12:29:00



I want to express my disappointment with the way PICT functions.
They have been extremely unprofessional and unethical with the Nursery admission process. No communication was provided on the Interaction, and they closed the Nursery enrolment without informing/evaluating all applicants. Just because we got late by an hour for applying, we were not even considered for evaluation. If the token number (first come first serve) was the criteria, why not close the form distribution beyond a certain number? Why garner money from the application fee?

Moreover, they have stopped receiving calls from parents who seek clarification on this matter. The Parent Relations Executive, whose sole job is to answer queries from parents, refuses to take calls. 

We had heard great things about this school but now looking at their conduct, I'm glad my ward will not be a part of their system.


lax99 2018-12-14 13:57:26


I completely agree with you on this matter...they have been highly unprofessional.They didn't even have the courtesy to inform that the applications are on first come first serve basis right at the start.If so even we would've done it at the earliest on the particular day(just one day to apply itself is quite unreasonable I feel).Heights of irresponsibility!Now when we're tired of waiting for their interaction notification n call them up they don't pick up calls.Finally I got lucky to have my call answered n hearing my token number, she's like I would say don't wait for the call as there are only 72 seats for Jr.kg n ur number is too behind.N I'm like wow,u r telling me now,after u have accepted all the n number of forms even without informing it's first come first serve.Utter nonsense!!!

dsnehi 2018-12-14 13:59:02


Agree as there should be some.update like communication This is notice on their fb page Nursery Enrollment Complete. Interaction Sessions for those who have filled and submitted admission form is in process. No admission forms will be given out for the below mentioned grades. So I guess we can not fill new form ..and this does not mean the admission process is complete Please clear if I misunderstood

rs18 2018-12-14 14:59:04


@lax99 - did they tell u not to wait? Whats ur token? My login id is 315. I think its same as token. Very dissappointing.

pallavi7 2018-12-14 15:37:48


Completely Agree. I am also waiting for the call but not sure how long should i wait. I am looking for admission in Jr KG class. Are you guys also considering other schools? What are your views about Dhruv School.

rs18 2018-12-14 16:06:18


Dhruv is very far. do you have feedback? found Rabindranath also good.

lax99 2018-12-14 16:38:19


See they are saying admission is not yet totally completed but I feel that's just their cover up.They should've mentioned about first come first serve at the outset.since they didn't do that,they should've at least made the basic courtesy of giving all the applicants a fair chance to appear for the interaction n then weed out based on whatever eligibility criteria instead of keeping us in the dark n denying us a fair chance.

lax99 2018-12-14 16:40:11


Dhruv is relatively new.They have a branch in Sangamner which is established n is very very good.So hopefully their Pune branch would turn out good too.As far as I heard their infrastructure is very good which is all that we can judge as of now.

lax99 2018-12-14 16:41:26


Rabinthranath tagore is highly impressive, I've personally visited...my only concern is that it's exorbitantly expensive.

trinity123 2018-12-14 17:32:15


My token id was 388. I will not wait for the call now. I am enrolling my daughter in GlIS Chinchwad.

dsnehi 2018-12-14 17:39:28


I had called pict today They said they will call next week or next to next week

trinity123 2018-12-14 17:52:40


Wow! You are lucky, they took your call :) What was your token number?
They have already declared on their website that the enrolment is complete for Nursery and Jr KG.

dsnehi 2018-12-14 18:13:06


407 enrolment is only for filling form online is what they said The admission process is still going on for people who have filled the form.already

pallavi7 2018-12-14 18:16:33


@rs18 - I stay on Baner Pashan Link road, so Dhruv is near to our house. I visited Dhruv and found it good as per the things that we can see as of now e.g. Infrastructure, Reviews of their Sangamner Branch, school's approach, etc. Things will be clear in next few years only. I guess same is the case with GIIS Balewadi and even PICT to an extent as its also sort of new. I am preferring CBSE school hence not very much interested in Rabindranath.

Med87 2018-12-14 18:33:52


Hello I have admitted my son to dhruv school for jr.kg .After I heard about last year's pict 's admission process

pallavi7 2018-12-14 18:38:36


@Med87 - When did to take the Admission? Do you have any idea how many seats are already booked in it?

lax99 2018-12-14 19:39:25


@dsnehi don't get me wrong, I'm not discouraging u,but just giving u an idea.don't have high hopes,coz as far as I know they are almost done with their admissions at least for jr.kg as all they need to fill are 72 seats.yeah they told me also they're resuming admissions again next week but thenight be only a few back up they wanna keep in case the enrolled one's back out,u know.

Med87 2018-12-14 19:42:00


Long back .Yes few more seats are available you can contact on the number mentioned on website

dsnehi 2018-12-14 19:42:01


Yes correct

lax99 2018-12-14 19:42:12


@Med87 oh that's great.So how's fee structure like in Dhruv, if u don't mind sharing?n it's CBSE right?


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