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madhuradeshmukh 2018-01-10 20:24:56


180 and urs ?

Abhi1707 2018-01-10 21:24:04


@swar1- is this state board? Don't they have much weightage to distance, how much is the fees, also confirm if it's co-ed and how probable to get admission for non-catholic applicants..thanks in advance. Brgrds, Abhinav

Swar1 2018-01-10 22:28:37


Madhura Mine is 77 Abhi yes it's ssc board,fees must me around 40000 yearly, it's only boys school, for admission fill online form provide all documents as requested and good interactive session

ISHA05 2018-01-12 17:30:22


Hello , has any one got updates for vidya valley lottery result for Jr kg , year 2018-2019?during orientation they had mentioned they would display the list by week end , but nothing as such is updated on website .




NeedsEdu 2018-01-15 11:36:23


Not heard from them yet, Isha. Have you after posting this message?

If any other member has an update from them, please update this thread. 


SparkleA 2018-01-16 14:02:52


Thanks everyone for all the helpful information on this thread.

@SWATISJ - Did you get chance to visit Rabindranath Tagore School of Excellence (RTSE) ? If yes, could you provide your feedback. Also, as it is Cambridge curriculum, if you have any idea about the fee structure.

ISHA05 2018-01-16 16:10:25


@NeedsEdu , I too have NOT heard from them, I had called up school authorities they mentioned that this week they would display it and we should keep checking website :)

Any updates you have on this ?




NeedsEdu 2018-01-16 17:20:21


HI Isha, 

I got the same update from the school. They are not being very organised about this to be honest, the other schools in my experience are a lot more communicative, and disclose the results on the pre-mentioned date. Just a tad bit disappointing, but maybe I have high expectations :). 


SWATISJ 2018-01-17 14:55:32


@Isha @SparkleA.. I visited GIIS , Mitcon international and RTSE today. Below are my inputs for you

1. RTSE : School is awesome and follows IGCSE Cambridge curriculum . Campus is good and have swimming, football ,basketball etc. For AY 2017-18 they have started with pre primary and from AY 2018-19 they will be fully operational. Pre primary  School is at par with international standards . Wide range of options for indoor sports, outdoor sports and performing arts.
Fees are 40k non refundable deposit+ 1.5L tution fees + transport+uniform. Fees will be increased every two year. 

2. Mitcon : They have IGCSE affiliation and will get CBSE affiliation next year. School is good and have outdoor sports and indoor sports They have management college in same premises. The advantage is you have option of both IGCSE and CBSE.
Fees are 30k non refundable deposit+ 70k tuition fees+ transport+uniform

3. GIIS : They have taken over treehouse school and hence premises are ready. Only CBSE curriculum with extra curricular activities. The only thing is school is in remote area of mhalunge village and last 3 km road is pathetic. 
Fees are 50k non refundable deposit+ 77k tuition fees+ transport+uniform


ISHA05 2018-01-17 15:46:06


@SWATISJ , thank you for sharing the updates , have you finalized on school for ur kid?

Also is it true that MITCOIN has pre primary section on 2nd floor and kids need to go to class in lift ?




SparkleA 2018-01-17 17:51:05


@SWATISJ - Thanks a lot for the detailed information. I really appreciate the effort you take and for helping out other parents.

VAGMISMOM2015 2018-01-17 18:07:26



They had distributed forms in November for playgroup and Lower kg. We have applied for play group. They have released their first list on 12/01/2018. You may go and visit the school once as the regular admission process has already started.

2nd list for play group will be released on 15/02/2018. I m not aware about lower kg 2nd list as they had shortlisted 125 students.


NeedsEdu 2018-01-17 23:39:25


Hi Isha, There is a shortlist on their website now. It seems it was uploaded yesterday itself. Do not go into the admission section, just the main page of the website. Good luck.

ameetgos 2018-01-23 13:48:14


Hi SWATISJ : are you talking about mitcon 1st grade admission fee or is it pre-primary grade admission fee?? Actually I had meeting with their pre primary school building @balewadi yesterday, Which is just beside the actual mitcon international school & named as Mitcon lilli puts.. It's an existing some other school building premises taken over by mitcon. Fee structure for Nursary is : Admissions fee : 5000 Annual fee : 32500 Kit & uniform :6500 Kid will get direct admission to 1st grade without admission fee to be paid again..

Abhi1707 2018-01-24 22:58:09


Folks, have you got any response from city international School, Kothrud yet?

Abhi1707 2018-01-24 23:02:15


Hi, what is the process of applying there for Jr Kg. Or equivalent, thanks in advance.

SWATISJ 2018-01-25 10:00:46


@ not yet finalized the school . Mostly I will continue with current pre school for Jr kg and then for Sr kg we have many options for new schools like GIIS, MITCON , RTSE and sri chaitanya. Reason for the same is these schools are new and and this is their first academic year except MITCON. No reviews as well . Getting admission in next year should not be a problem.

@Abhi1707... Not yet received response from City International Kothrud. I called them up they said there are no vacancies. Then I dont know then why they accepted the forms.

@ Ameet...I visited MITCON International school. Fees are for Jr KG. 

NeedsEdu 2018-01-25 10:05:33


>>>> @Abhi1707... Not yet received response from City International Kothrud. I called them up they said there are no vacancies. Then I dont know then why they accepted the forms.

Were the forms free? Or was there some application form fee? If there was its clear why they invited applications :).

123ssood 2018-02-04 18:41:42


Any reviews about educon inyernational school baner? I visited the school campus, though it is not too big....but otherwise the school is too good!! They are opening grade 5 and 6 this year.

rs18 2018-02-04 19:41:12


Getting some good information here..thanks..i am also looking for nursery admission for my daughter and have shortlisted sapling. I stay in Pimple Saudagar. Do u think its worth sending her to sapling from here? Another option i have is vivero near my office.

ameetgos 2018-02-06 13:07:13


Hi, Any idea when Nursary admission process for DAV school will start for year 2018-2019??

Abhi1707 2018-02-06 14:48:02


Guys, I don't know why they charged 500/- application fees if they don't have any vacancy..moreover if their total intake is just 40 then why accepted 400 application!

Bikramjit 2018-02-21 10:38:58


Dear all,

I have some queries for my daughter, for whom I will be taking admission in LKG in next year (2019-2020). I am based out of Dapodi and therefore not much options are available I guess. In the long run, I am looking for schools which have classes till 12 (at least 10) so it makes sense if I can secure an admission at a proper center right from LKG. 

The options which I have jotted down are as follows :-

1. Army Public School, Kirkee (this is my most preferred option but guess not having an army background, means no open doors for civilians)

 Does anybody have any ideas if APS Kirkee has initiated admission for LKG and if yes, what is the procedure for civilians to secure a berth for their wards?

2. St. Joseph's Girls High School, Kirkee :- Please advise when the admission forms are open as the site says that admissions for LKG are closed.

3. Spicer Higher Secondary School, Aundh road :- Please advise if anybody is aware of the admission procedures for LKG.

4. Any other good options available in and around PCMC (Dapodi, Kirkee, Ajmera, Rahtni, Pimple Gurav, Saudagar areas) with their admission formalities and procedures.

P.s. :- I would like to stay away from the likes of Pawar, Mercedes etc, at this moment .

ameetgos 2018-02-28 18:09:25


Hi All, On 3 March, DAV Aundh pune will display notice regarding date of Nursery admission form availability.. Please share the date if anyone will get an info on the same..

Alice15 2018-03-08 02:53:42


Any idea how many divisions per class would they have at the start of the school?

Alice15 2018-03-08 02:56:43


There is Dr. KALMADI SCHOOL in Aundh. Also Wisdom world School in wakad.

ndsonar 2018-03-29 21:10:59


Anyone has any idea about MMI School in Pimple Saudagar. MMI is a montessori method and it seems to be a nearer montessori school. Comparing that with GIIS (Global Indian) Global Montessori school , if any one has any idea please share.  TIA

rs18 2018-03-31 10:25:43


Seems good. Parents who send their kids have good things to say about them. I have not selected due to lift and stairs. You have to drop your child at gate and then maushi takes via lift or stairs dont know. My child goes to kangaroo kids. Very nice caring staff and clean. Their kangaroo franchise is ending now and it will becone rose kids (gk's). They tied up with XSEED for curriculum now which looks very impressive.

Abhi1707 2018-04-01 10:49:05


Dear All, Has any one got admission in Ryan school for your kid this Mont II


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