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raj4582 2017-11-28 14:06:10


@dsnehi...I don't think paying 1.11 for playgroup is worth...anyway you are going to change the school next year.
better go for other school for pre-primary for now...

Amzi 2017-11-28 16:38:44


@dsnehi , if you are getting in Saplings please grab it. it is one of the best playschool in Pune. They teach very differently there and kids of Saplings  get admissions in likes of Loyolas and vidya valleys et al. 

Fees are a bit high i agree but worth the efforts.


Amzi 2017-11-28 16:42:31


Guys I wanted to post my experience of CM International Balewadi

1. I thought the school looked really old. They are still in construction stage so it all looks dusty
2. This was  the only con i could find as I was informed the below 
2.1 School has 36 kids in two batched with 2 teachers and 2 maushis . 
2.2 At LKG level they have music classes, four sports (Cricket, football, taekwando and one more I dont recollect) out of which two sports are compulsory and two optional
2.3 Winner is they have french (beginner level of course) from LKG onwards ! You can practically know whether your child loves arts / sports / languages at such young age 
2.4 Fees are really less. around 66k or 70k if you take meals and transport. I got present that these are the actual fees necessary for a childs education 

Despite point no 2 being so strong I had a flawed judgement about the school simply because it looks dull due to construction.


dsnehi 2017-11-28 17:07:35


@ Amzi

I am really confused because of fees only.
Plus as I mentioned I am planning to change the school in nursery itself.

Loyola - not an option as its a boys school

Vidya valley - Am not so sure about it .

Also I have heard only that  at sapling they teach differently . but am not still able to get any clear idea what they actually do . We visited the school too but still the same

Can you please pt some light on it ?

Amzi 2017-11-29 11:25:09


@ Sapling their teaching mechanism is way different. Their sports day, annual days and other events are a different level of student teacher and parent engagement all together. 

Their teaching methodology is Montessori way and you want to know that at Google Inc when they hire candidates they prefer kids with Montessori way of learning methodology :)  Check below out :)

That apart, almost every ex sapling parent told me that their child was extremely trained and different when they got out of saplings:) ..btw one query for you, is breakfast and lunch included in 1.11 L fees ?

Regarding Vidya Valley one feedback I got was, their trustees / management is gonna change after two years. And one of parent i know well told me that he did not like attitude of new trustees. So why take chances ?

May we know why are you changing your school at nursery ?


dsnehi 2017-11-29 11:36:38


Hi Amzi

Thanks for the reply

I have checked with Sapling and First five both follow modern Montessori way
The only thing I heard is the same statement that at sapling they teach students differently . I am yet to figure out what is the difference.
I have also dropped the mail to sapling regarding the daily routine for any playgroup student and waiting for their reply.

1.11 Lakhs are only admission  fees. They do not provide food

Regarding the nursery school change - Currently by going through the posts and other parents' feedback I have figured out that it is difficult to get the admission in 1st standard and most of the schools till 10th have nursery as their entry point so thinking o changing the school in nursery class


raj4582 2017-11-29 22:13:13


Hi RD101...Fees for Jr. KG in Vikhe patil memorial school is around 1.5 lakh including everything.....80k is tuition fees. I visited this school last week so that's what they told. 

raj4582 2017-11-29 22:25:10


Hi All, Can someone please let me know if anyone's kid going to Vikhe patil memorial school from or near wakad area. I am planning to fill the form in this school for 2018-19 Jr. KG, but I am little confused as this school is 12 KM from my place and this might be too far for 4 year old.
Or anyone planning to get admission in this school who's place is far and what you think about this?
The other school I am thinking is City Pride (8 KM from my place), CBSE.

sonysg 2017-11-29 22:26:36


Even my kid has been shortlisted for Sapling for Nursery class for 2018-19. But I dont  understand the fact taht there are so many montessori preschools around baner like MMI,Sesame streeet,Unschool,Aarambh then why Sapling is overcharging. How their montessori method is different? Is it worth paying 1.1L + 21k transport+uniform?

dsnehi 2017-11-30 10:35:22


I dont think they have uniform

I had a word with my friend whose son already studied in the Sapling.
As I said I am planning to change the school in nursery or jr kg then she told me no need to go to Sapling as it makes difference only after jr kg and sr kg when actual study part is involved.

She mentioned that material or toys that children get to play  in Sapling is what children like the most and that's why eager to go to school.

I still doubt 1.11 Lakh for playgroup is worth or not


saman17 2017-12-01 15:03:01


Vikhe patil forms are coming out tomorrow for fees will be at max 1lakh approx including everything tution, transport, dress, books n canteen.

Madhav12 2017-12-02 18:09:01


Hi anyone applied for bishop undri school for nursery admission 2018. Please share your experience 

palli2005 2017-12-02 19:36:14


It shouldn't be so much. 74k is tuition fee for SR KG. For junior kg fresh add mission would attract one time admission fee of around 15k. If 80k is tuition fee, then it goes around 95k. On top of it there would be term fee of around 3k per term, so another 6 or make it 7k. So, 1.2L. then if you opt for breakfast add another 2.8k per term, so 5.4k. after that some 12k for 1L 19k. Beyond that it's dress n books ...assume another 3k for both. Makes it 1.25L. so in no case it can go up till 1.5L. next year onward tuition fee would come down slightly n also you save on admission fee. So u can manage all around 1.1L.

Abhi1707 2017-12-04 11:51:17


Folks, any idea about city internation Kothrud for Jr KG- howz it? Fees structure? 
we are planiing to move in to Bavdhan by March 2018 and hence prefering the schools nearby..

any feedback about Ryan International school, St Joseph, City International, and suggest good ones in and around bavdhan

thanks in advance,



Gaurav1985 2017-12-05 23:09:22


City international is good for studies. They have started with admission. Fees : around 43k for LKG. I am preferring city international school only. St joseph is girls school and recieved very good feedback from people. You can also try for vikhe patil. Vidya valley which i personally did not like due to their arrogant sort of notices and information on website. Also heard from people it is not so good. Sanskriti they have started with admission procedure too. I have considered it as last option as it is very far and no hospital nearby and they do not have ambulance too. I personally feel school should be near to home. About Ryan i do not have any idea.

Amzi 2017-12-06 11:03:49


Hi friends,

Anyone has any idea about Daffodil international school baner fee structure ?

TIA ! 

nish234 2017-12-06 16:03:29



anyone has idea about JR KG admission near Warje?


SWATISJ 2017-12-06 16:34:20


@Gaurav..I have also filled up Jr Kg form for City International kothrud . But they have very limited seats. School seems very affordable ..43k  tuition fee +10k deposit. I interacted with many parents...everyone is happy even though school is not like other branded school. Infrastructure is average.  School hours are very less as compared to other CBSE schools

Also submitted form for vidya Valley. Website mentions that there is admission fee of Rs 1 lac+  tuition fees + transport + refundable deposit. Website language seems very arrogant , Also transport is not door drop. They have fixed routes and stops. 

We have received admission confirmation from sanskriti but will not go for it as its too far. School is literally on hill top with no public transport available

@PMuley..We visited the site of Shri Chaitanya School is going on in full swing. We called up the number mentioned on advertisement ...they said that school will be ready for AY 2018-19. Dont know how they will manage

If nothing works out then will go either for Suryadatta or Ryan or Vibgyor


Abhi1707 2017-12-06 17:36:04


@Gaurav @Swati, I have visited city international school today for form submission, they charged 500/- towards admission form and informed me that shortlisting will be communicated in Jan2018 then we need to pay fees and confirms the admission. with respect to infrastructure, it's a single multi-storey building, playground outside the building across the road- for me, it's below average. could be reserved for a backup option.

Please let me know about Suryadatta school- fees, process, infra- saw this while coming back from Ryan on DSK Ranwara road. 
Anyone in this group opting for St Mary's?

also heard, St. Joseph applied for ICSE affiliation- is it right information?

best regards,


nish234 2017-12-07 11:01:05


Anybody knows about kendriya vidyalaya khadkwasala ? How it is?

ameetgos 2017-12-07 16:24:17


Hi SWATISJ, You mentioned that you got mail from Sanskriti regarding admission confirmation. Can you tell me when emails rolled out? I am awaiting for reply from sanskriti. Any idea on Loyala school having Nursary or starts from Jr Kg?? Thanks, Amit

nish234 2017-12-08 08:19:25


Loyala starts from JR.KG

bharatp 2017-12-08 09:24:42


@Abhi1707 A couple of other options for Bavdhan area - Sanskriti, Vibgyor, Vidya Valley, Gurukul, VPMS, and PICT Model School.

I stay in Bavdhan and have taken admission in PICT Model School. We have an admit from Sanskriti but won't opt for it since its too far away from city limits. Vidya Valley and Gurukul have different age criteria for admission.

SWATISJ 2017-12-08 09:40:45


@Amit...We received confirmation mail from Sanskriti in last week of November. Admission confirmation dates are December 4 to December 9 @Abhinav ... Suryadatta is new school ..They have CBSE affiliation With ok types of reviews. Can be considered as back up only. PICT admissions are full and they have stopped enrollment. We are on waitlist but very less chances to go through.

sonysg 2017-12-08 15:37:34


Any feedback about CM international and Lokseva e school?
This is what I have heard:
CM international: Starts from nursery. CBSE. fees medium in range of 70k . Good curriculum. No cocurricular activities.
Lokseva:CBSE fees medium. Good for sports.

Please let me know if you have first hand feedback.

Gaurav1985 2017-12-09 13:44:32


@SwatiSJ: you have right information about city international school. @Abhi1707: But city international should be considered before suryadatta. Suryadatta should be last option. Other updates: loyola forms will be available in 2nd week of December so i think from this coming Monday. Sanskriti now less seats available those too due to some of shortlisted have not taken admission. But its really too far. Vikhe patil lottery is on 14th dec and listing on 18 th in school premises. I called city international too they are going to give call for admission in January. For Ryan if we try in april then also you will get admission.

Gaurav1985 2017-12-09 13:52:34


@Nish234: i think it is hindi medium but not sure and as per information on website they start late with admission. For 2017 admissions it was june 2017.

nish234 2017-12-11 16:15:10


how is Jog School located in Mayur colony?


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