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 Former member 2017-09-16 01:06:23


We are currently researching on schools for Jr-KG admission (CBSE Curriculum) for our kid for academic year 2018-19. We stay in Bavdhan and our preference is to pick a school within 10KM radius.

These are our preferences so far:
1. Sanskriti : Good first-hand feedback so far, little farther from city limits, relatively new establishment, fee at par with newer schools
2. Vikhe Patil : Seems the best among the lot, difficult to get into, relatively older / established school
3. Vibgyor : Limited first-hand feedback, last mile approach road is an issue, probably newest among the list, fee at par with newer schools, currently has only NoC for CBSE affiliation (will get affiliation in about one years time)
4. Gurukul : Mixed reviews, need to get more info
5. Orchid: Limited first-hand feedback, steep fee-hike seems to be an issue, need to get more info

We didn't consider Loyola and St.Vincent because of unavailability of CBSE curriculum in these schools.

Please utilize this thread to:
- Contribute your findings on schools from Pune West region
- Provide updates on admission calendar for schools from Pune West region for academic year 2018-19

SWATISJ 2017-09-16 08:40:58


I am also in same boat... Visited Vibgyor and PICT model school last Saturday. Vibgyor...They have common class till 7 grade for CBSE and ICSE. From grade 8 onwards there will separate classrooms . But don't know how they will manage if only 10% students goes for CBSE and 90% for ICSE...Also vice versa. Also till grade 7 they use Vibgyor Integrated Curriculum ...It is there on website...But i guess it ICSE only...Why should our kid take unnecessary stress of English literature and all which is i believe is not part of CBSE. So I have strike off Vibgyor from my list PICT model school...I loved the school .Campus is good.Fees are high. The only thing little bit far from bavdhan and no students as of now from bavdhan. I am also considering Suryadatta national school for JR & Sr Kg and then probably will go for PICT model school. But not sure.

Cheers2412 2017-09-20 11:30:40


Hi Swati, Can you suggest regarding PICT model school, iam also planning to visit. How is the infrastructure, fees and curriculum? Also they won't allow to visit school premises before 3rd Oct, and appmt will be fixed after that. Regards,

SWATISJ 2017-09-20 14:05:29


@cheers2412. I guess you can visit school on Saturday by taking an appointment. The actual process of admission will start from 3rd October. School infrastructure is really good. Campus is big . Approx fees for Jr kg are as below: Rs 1.25 tuition fees + transport+books+uniform+ canteen. 40k non refundable deposit. So overall school is costly .

bharatp 2017-09-23 11:22:03


@swatisj thanks for the pointer to PICT model school. The details provided on their website looks good. Tried setting up an appointment for campus visit but the lady said that the admission process would commence on 03rd Oct. After 03rd we are supposed to visit the campus, sign an entry with the security gate expressing interest for admission after which the school will contact us providing a slot for campus visit. Its funny that you can't book an appointment to visit them over a call. It seems its mandatory to visit them personally to get an appointment for campus visit. They just lost me there. Any first hand feedback for Gurukul, Indus International, and Orchid?

SWATISJ 2017-09-27 10:52:28


@ bharatp
Gurukul which is near E square is a good school but tough to get admission in LKG
Indus International is an IB board so I skipped the same
Orchid. somehow I didnt like the website itself.Also dont have any direct feedback
Do you have any feedback on Suryadatta National School?


bharatp 2017-09-27 11:59:20


Thanks for the feedback on Gurukul. I had called up to visit their campus last Saturday but apparently there was no one present at the campus except the security guard. Will try to visit the campus sometime this week or the weekend.

I have an appointment scheduled with Indus for Friday for a campus visit. If the fee is not back breaking I would explore this option further. I haven't done any research so far on the differences between IB and CBSE curriculum. But I was guessing that IB should be better or atleast be at par with CBSE, no?

Haven't received any feedback on Orchid but it remains on the list because of limited options available in and around Bavdhan. 

I haven't heard anything on Suryadutta National School yet. I stay in Ramnagar Colony and if the school turns out to be good it would be preferred option because of the proximity. Keep me posted on your findings about the school.

Meanwhile, we visited Vikhe Patil campus last week. The campus has pre-primary/primary/high-school buildings, play-ground, basket ball courts, swimming pool, play garden for kids, amphi-theater, bus bay, and a R&D/MBA college. The pre-primary building is located between the college building and swimming pool. A couple of things we observed: the pre-primary building is not well-lit and ventilated naturally. The swimming pool is right beside with two approach paths connecting the pre-primary building and the swimming pool. Hope the gates to pool are well manned and secured. With its reputation it still remains our preferred choice.

SWATISJ 2017-10-02 11:56:47


I had already visited Suryadatta School.

I guess It is ok types school.  Not so great and not so bad . Relatively new school so brand is not yet established like VPMS/ Sanskriti etc
Two main positive things are shortest distance from house and they already have CBSE affiliation in place.
Campus is good. School building is seperate and there are two more buildings for college.


Seattle2017 2017-10-03 01:27:07


Hi Can anyone tell me how is kendriya vidyala,army area,lulla is the overall crowd coming there and teaching. Also how is city international School,mukund nagar And spm

bharatp 2017-10-14 22:07:26


@Seattle2017 these schools are located in south-eastern part of Pune. You would need to find an appropriate thread to get more information.

Meanwhile, we did a campus visit for Sanskriti. The school campus is really good with only problem of being located far outside Pune and the last mile being a little patchy road. 

@SWATISJ we also visited Suryadatta campus and concur with your assessment. With pre-primary, primary schools and MBA college located in same campus we thought it was little crowded. 

Cheers2412 2017-10-15 09:09:45


Does anyone have reviews for Shishyaa school in Wakad, Pune? I have heard it's going good and the principal is very nice.

SWATISJ 2017-10-23 15:27:51


@Cheers2412 idea about Shishyaa School...It seems it is a new school

Any idea about DAV Aundh?

Also I heard about Ravindranath Tagore Excellence School opposite Balewadi...its a new school with IB curriculum.
Even heard about Mitcon School. But no feedback on both school

Also heard good reviews about City International Kothrud...School Infrastructure is ok types.. But spoke with few parents they said focus on education is excellent and fees are moderate. 


bharatp 2017-10-27 16:00:34


@SWATISJ I have a friend whose kid goes to DAV Aundh. He had good things to say about the school. The only downside probably is that its a little overcrowded. 

No feedback on Ravindranath Tagore or Mitcon school. I don't think there are many a students from Bavdhan that go to these schools and hence the transport facility probably would take a detour to pick-up and drop resulting in longer travel time.

I had visited City International Kothrud a couple of years back and was not impressed by the infrastructure. No first hand feedback though. Let us know if you hear anything about the school.


dranshita 2017-11-01 23:58:15


We are seeking admission in 1sr std So far visited SNBP, school seemed ok, had sports n extra curricular activity. Security was zero, we entered the school without anyone asking any thing. It was quiet crowded, kids of cbse, state board, and of various classes were being dispersed at same time, scene was quiet chaotic. Visited blue ridge, admission seems tough as they prefer society kids. Campus was lavish, infrastructure if good. Feed back from other parents is good. Vibgyor is out of list because of A/c . Also its expensive. Negative feedback from few friends who had their kids in this school. Vidya valley has good recommendations but they seem to not take kids in 1st std, atleast not till 22 per website. Will update about others... Thanks.

bharatp 2017-11-02 09:02:26


@dranshita thanks for sharing the info. Did you try PICT Model School? Its a relatively new school but the management seems to be good. 

bliiissful 2017-11-02 15:02:32


Hello everyone, just my 2 bits of info
SNBP: We had called them up last year and inquired. After hearing they have 30-35 kids in a class for LKG, we dropped the idea
PICT: I have heard a lot about this school and this year it seems to be the choice of many parents however the actual feedback will come only after a year, till then we r ready to wait
Gurukul: Admission here is only in playgroup (3+yrs) hence we were not eligible.
@SWATISJ Gurukul pre Primary school is not near E Square but on Law College Road. The school near E Square is from 1st Standard onwards.
City Intl Kothrud: My colleague has both his kids in this school and pretty happy about the school. Its CBSE hence will consider.
CM International: A low-budget CBSE school at Balewadi. They also have 30+ kids in a class and with only 1 teacher. If u r ok with this, go for it. Do not expect any individual attention being given to your child.
Vikhe Patil: Admission is thru lottery system, and I guess we all know how that works. Didn't work for us anyway.
Orchid: My neighbor had her son going to this school and she was happy about the progress. They do not have preschool. They have entrance test  for admission to class 1 onwards.
Sanskriti: Too far off. Hence not considered. Do not want my child to spend that much time travelling.


Cheers2412 2017-11-02 16:26:34


Yes Orchid, Baner is a good option. Hence iam planning to put my kid in Indira Kids Baner and then try to get admission in Orchid in class 1. Any reviews on Indira Kids, Baner?

SWATISJ 2017-11-02 18:14:26


@Cheers ...Try Saplings Baner ....They do prepare kids for Assessment for Grade 1 admission in Orchid or even vidya valley. Results are good.

dranshita 2017-11-06 01:00:15


Hi, we called up the school, they say they are not filling any more forms.. They seem to be done with process for this year Its a relatively new one, with good infrastructure, fee is quier high as far as my info goes.. Trying for Indira, blue ridge , euro...

ameetgos 2017-11-06 13:21:59


Hi, Can some one share below information for these schools 1) what is entry level grade?? I mean nursary /Jr Kg/ standard 1 2) fee structure for respective entry level grade 3) when admission for entry level starts for respective schools. School list : 1)vidya Valley 2)vikhe patil 3)Kendriya vidyalaya 4) Loyola

SWATISJ 2017-11-06 14:47:29


@Ameetgos...Vidya Valley/ VPMS entry point is Jr Kg and Loyola it is Gr !
No idea about Kendriya Vidyalaya

@dranshita...yes PICT admissions for Sr Kg and Gr 1 are full. I liked the school but fees are very high, They told basic tution fess of Rs 1.30 Lacs + Transport+Uniform +Books. So overall it was was 2 lacs. Not justifiable for Jr Kg :-(  

I received good feedback about New india school as well. But it is SSC board. Jr Kg admissions are against vacancy only and will start in March 2018

Also visited Sanskriti School..It is good and fees are moderate but it is too far and no local transport available. So skipped the idea totally,

We have decided to apply in City International kothrud and then will get chance to visit the school. They dont allow to enter school without admission forms.


shekhar27 2017-11-07 15:37:49



Could someone please share the information for following schools
1) City Pride School Pradhikaran Pune
2) Cambridge International School PCMC


ameetgos 2017-11-07 16:20:49


Thanks SWATISJ for reply.. Do you have any idea on fee structure for Jr Kg of these schools(vidhya Valley/VPMS/Loyola)? Please share if any info on this

Imdeepali 2017-11-14 15:01:21


Hi Friends .. any reviews on MITCON and Orchid ?? MITCON has both CBSE and ICGSE and its a new school ,but fees are reasonable...plz share the review of MITCON...
Orchid is CBSE ..high fees...old school ...plz share if any one has first hand reviews..



bharatp 2017-11-14 22:09:53


@SWATISJ did you finalize the school?

We are visiting PICT Model school and from the information on their website it looks like a good choice. Has anyone on this forum admitted their kid to PICT Model school?

SWATISJ 2017-11-15 06:03:36


@bharatp...I have taken token number from PICT but waiting for interaction date confirmation. If got selected mostly we will finalize PICT

SWATISJ 2017-11-15 06:09:02


Also I saw Pict bus near dsk ranwara everyday around 1 pm so it means there are pre primary students in PICT from bavdhan

dsnehi 2017-11-15 12:29:53


this being the active thread I have some questions -
I am looking for Playgroup admission for my daughter in june 2018

1. Which one is better Sapling or First Five  - Though I know the answer is sapling i need particular reason for why not first five
Also need detail information for sapling - what all they cover in playgroup. We had visited the school and my husband's first impression is in sapling children only play in the ground for 2.5 hrs and no classroom activity. Please pour in the details
2. I think I will move my child in nursery or jr kg (most probably ) to other school which has upto 10th std in it . So need to know which one is better  - Gurukul , Vikhe patil, Vidya Valley , Shri shri ravi shankar school or any other ?  PICT model seems costly and new
3. Review for Symbiosis international school

Please help me with this i am really confused what to do


fulrit 2017-11-15 13:56:49


Hello I am looking for 1st std admission for my daughter in cbsc school.. Please advice good school name from mundhava kharadi area where I can try Also let me know admission started for any school ?

saman17 2017-11-15 14:49:22


@bharatp Hi my daughter is studying in vpms in We never faced any problem related to ventialtion or swiming pool access. When it comes to security we are statisfied with it.


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