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amigos 2017-08-22 14:49:29


i would like to know either Loyola school is having Nursery (pre-primary) classes or it starts from std1?
If it having Nursery  then, can you help me with below query?

My Kid will become 3 yrs old by Feb 2018. Can some one advice or guide either I should opt for Sanskriti or i should go with Loyola school for admission in 2017-2018 yr? Which one would be better choice in terms of overall academic wise (education & sports activity)

Distance wise Sanskriti has Nursery branch at Bavdhan. So its near to my house as compare to Loyola. For Jr KG on-wards of Sanskriti school will have to use Bus transport for Bhukum branch.

Kindly advice!!

bharatp 2017-09-27 10:47:23


About Loyola:
i don't think Loyola has Nursery classes. The admissions start at LKG level. So far Loyola doesn't have CBSE curriculum. They have state board. Loyola is considered to be one of the best schools in Pune. If you are OK with State Board curriculum then Loyola wins hands down.

About Sanskriti:
Sanskriti is one of better schools in west Pune. The advantage of getting your kid admitted to Sanskriti at Nursery level is that you don't have to take a separate admission at LKG level. The progression to higher classes is automatic. As you rightly mentioned the Nursery classes for Sanskriti are held at Bavdhan campus. Classes for LKG upwards are held at Bhukum campus.

I stay in Bavdhan area and we opted for EuroKids Bavdhan for Nursery admission for our kid. We are happy with the school so far. Personally, I wanted to minimize travel time for my kid at Nursery level and hence opted for a school which is near.


vai4 2017-09-28 17:07:00



amigos 2018-05-28 13:44:25


Hi, Any one kids studding in Loyola school? I would like to get some info listed below, if some one can provide that. 1. Being state board, is it worthy to take admission from future competitive exam preparation prospective or in that case we should prefer CBSE school?? 2. Being only boys school, will it empact kids social behavior or any other impact of this sort?? 3. What is the school fee structure? I heard it's very minimum till 4th standard as compare to other schools.. And for rest of the years till 12th, education completely own by school.. And no need to pay fee. Please share your ideas & updates on this Thanks in advance!!


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