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Rame 2011-05-20 19:14:34


Hi Poonam


Really appreciate the efforts put in by you to provide that many details but I can not keep her outside of Kalyani Nagar or Viman Nagar so please suggest the best option


srsavi 2011-05-23 10:16:51


Poonam - I was surprised to read the Serra review as you said there was no Supervisor there!

I go to drop and pick up my son everyday  and the Day care Supervisor is always there. Can you tell me which day was this ??


pronto 2011-05-23 22:36:30


Hey Poonam, am so sorry you called the other day. I was at a team building lunch. And then it slipped off my mind as it does for some working mothers because of all the multitasking thing!

Do you strictly want a professional daycare only? Or a good family will do who provides good food and loving atmosphere?

Send me ur e-mail id over sms. Will give u contact no. of the lady where my daughter has been going for last 6.5 years. Very nice people. Very warm family.

Apologies once again for not reverting after ur call.



tomarpoonam1904 2011-05-25 00:22:35


@srsavi, We visit seera on 16th may around 12:40 Pm and there was no day care supervisor only maussi and some Mr Kapil.

@Rame...I personally feel that If i have to do some tradeoff and finalize something from kalyani nagar and viman nagar daycare then i may be settle down at MakeBest of Childhood preschool. Rest everyone has his/her own point of view and concerns becoz dipper is something i will not be compromise(kider land, kalyani nagar) and as the kids are small so its not good to restrict child to particular schedule(Kider brook kalyani nagar).

@Pronto, Its ok. Perfectly undestandable. No Intially it was not that we need professional daycare but now i feel that my daughter is eligible for preschool (1.6 yr old) so i may be better that she starts her playgroup also. But yes till i have not given the admission fee i can change my mnd anytime. Today we went there and bring only the admission form. 2mrrow i will sms my email id. Thanks.



HappyFace 2011-05-27 10:13:48


Innovera has chid centric approach and parents are involved on a regular basis in taking feedback on a regular basis to improvise their quality. The picture posy concept of the school is too good and one of its kind to develop the social and presentation skills of the child


rin 2011-05-27 10:49:29


hey , hi i have recently shifted to a location near magarpatta and am planning to visit some schoolos around. have heard good reviews about INNOVERA but still sceptical. would you all recommend any other school as well to browse through in the vicinity since crunch of time on SATURDAY so wouldn,t like to waste hours in a not so healthy school. my kid is 3 so school and day care is going to be probably one venue for him .................. HELP GUYS


Rame 2011-05-27 17:57:08


Hi all

Even I have heard some good reviews about the INNOVERA but they don't have any branch here in Kalyani Nagar my suggestions for them is to start at least with Day care facility here in Kalyani Nagar.

Still struggling too find good day care here in Kalyani nagar itself, please do let me know about some options but please exclude vivero as its out of my budget.


RRP 2011-06-08 01:19:00


Hi all,

I too am looking for a day care for  my 13 month old son around kalyaninagar/viman nagar/nagar road(yerwada)

Have visited a couple of them:

Kinderland(Kalyaninagar): Seems to be clean,organized with separate sleep and play area. Provide lunch.The teacher/supervisor and ayahs seemed to be pleasant. However, the place seems to be a little dark and damp.

Kiderbrook(Kalyaninagar): Have immediately struck out from my list.Too crowded and disorganized. The supervisor/caretaker sounded quite disuading for children less than 1.5/2 yrs, though they claim day care is for children of age 6 months onwards. 

Headstart(Vimannagar):Good part is they maintain a communication book and the principal personally goes through it everyday. They have 2 separate rooms dedicared as sleep area which were quite clean. But hardly any space for playing. The play equipments seemed old and wornt out Outdoors did not seem very safe.

will keep sharing more....

till then  any suggestions regarding good day are welcome


Rame 2011-06-08 15:53:50



Thaks for sharing your comments , to add some more experience about Headstart

The principal is very humble and polite only  while  you go for admission after that story is totaly changed.

Further they will make you confused with their accounting practices for the fees calculation and will keep on asking for the increased fees as and when she desired. 

My kid went there for 6 months and she charged for the whole term school fees till June that is for the period when school was not there from 15th May till June, it doesn't complete here she asked me for the whole day , Day care fees for these many days, sccording to them,  it is normal and every other school is charging that. I inquired some of my friends and they have told me  totally opposite thing.

So i paid for the school fees whereas school was not running and further also paid for the full day Day care for the same period.

Now its upto u to decide. 


Swati83 2011-06-08 17:37:16


Hi All,
I m searching for a day care in Kharadi,Kalyani nagar,Viman nagar. It will be gr8 if somebody is running it in home.
Just need peacfull enviorment for my 2 year old baby, he is shy in nature and not much confortable in professionals day care.
Currently he used to go to day care in Viman nagar which have arnd 10-15 childrens .Please suggest.


RRP 2011-06-09 15:11:56


Thanks Rame for your inputs, they will definetly help me make some decisions.


RRP 2011-06-10 17:30:25


Dear All,

visted a few more day care centres

Intelligence school(Viman nagar): It may have many pros, but the lack of cleanliness and hygiene put me off immediately.The lack of hygiene overpowered the facts that there were many kids below 1 yr,  they have comprehensive child development concepts and yes they do not keep children in diaper the whole day(for those for whom this is imp)

Roots to Wings( Viman nagar): In day care they only take care about child's food and sleep pattern.They have daily teacher-parent feedback form and cctv monitoring.But no other child development activity or program. The child would be confined to a single room and balcony.Something about the day care room was dull and unexciting

Roots to Wings(Koregaon park): They have "free play time" for children where in they try to recognize and build different skills of children.However, in day care they have few children and of varied age group. They also have same eat, sleep and play area. But they try to schedule all children to eat and sleep at the same time which I do not think is any harm for children 1+ yrs


I have no more references of day care for my 13 month old son and still in process to decide.

Any inputs/suggestions/references are most welcome.



srsavi 2011-06-13 10:55:10


@Swati83 - My son used to go to a lady who ran the Daycare from her home. I am not saying it was the most ideal  but it had its advantages for the First 3 years when a child needs motherly care more than anything else.

Number of kids will be around 10-12 though. If you want details please  send me a PM .

Message to all -  We can keep hunting forever for the best day care, we as parents will never be satisfied with every aspect. Honestly I dont think we can find one place which will fulfill every aspect . We need to weigh the pro's and con's and then made a choice.

When we wanted to put my son we spent 4 weekends roaming all over VIman Nagar and Kalyani Nagar ,  we did this excercice twice once when he was 1.5 and once when he was 3 .   Finally did it by elimination and went with the better of all places we saw.

Good luck :)


Swati83 2011-06-14 10:30:30


Hi srsavi
Thank you very much for letting me know this.I will contact you soon to get the rest of details


Srichi 2011-06-24 11:46:28


hi All.

Consider KinderLand in Koregaon park, Lane 7.

my daughter used to go there and had absolute no issues there. that was 3 years back. dont know how it is now, but it would be worthwhile to check it out.


paries 2012-03-06 18:17:42


Hi All,

We are soon shifting to Kharadi and looking for a pre-school and day care for my 4.5 years daughter.

As per posts its seems below are good options:

1. Seirra (Viman Nagar)

2. Kinderland (Koregaon park)

3. Vivero (Kalyani Nagar)

Please suggest which would be good school in vimannagr/kalyaninagar/kharadi/koregoan park.

@srsavi, i see you had done lot of research for this. Please suggest which would be good pre-school and day care to put. And what is the fee structure for above three schools or any other if you can suggest.

Please help.


sruchi 2012-05-24 18:44:25


Hi Poonam,


I am also planning my  6 year daughter to put in innovera. Did u tried the school...pls suggest if u know some gud daycare near by magapataa


Kkaviddhar 2012-06-09 10:24:31



we are looking for a honely day care for our 2 year son in Kharadi.


can you give Pooja Tandon's address and contact.


Rray 2012-08-06 13:57:04


Hi Savi,

Did you manage to get soemthing?, do let me know.. as I am also looking for a day care for my son, 3rd old. If you could give me the name and contact number of the lady's day care where your son was going.. would help. We just moved to Viman Nagar from Banglore, and the day care I am sending my son to is very commercial,and he is somehow not very comfortable there..I am looking for a homely atmosphere for him.



Rray 2012-08-06 14:06:49


Hi Swati,

Can you share the contact number and location details of the day care which the lady used to run at home? I will get in touch with her and see if I cna shift my son to that place.


Rinkyj 2012-08-07 15:41:56


Hello all mommies,

i've been visiting this thread since some months back as i m searching for a gud preschool along with day care facility for my 1.5 yr old son.

i already have my neighbour who is running day care so my son is going thr since he was 6 mnths old. from all of ur views, i m assuming that if we could have someone with homely enviroment till 3yrs would be best for child development. so i m thinking to change my search now... will find out a gud preschool for him & will continue with this lady for some more time...any thoughts/suggestions ???

i've visited Vivero Int. kalyaninagar today & found gud ( can not compare to any other yet bcz this is the one i hv started my hunt :) ) & planning to visti some more like Seira, Brainworks & Fun house in Viman nagar... will post my exp. for thm soon... any of you have visited these recently thn pls share ur views as well.... Happy hunting!!!!                                                                                                      


rRuchikabhatia 2013-02-04 15:12:31


Hi @srsavi,


can u share te details of the lady where ur son used to go

sms me at 9766039032, please.




smita1984 2013-09-02 12:12:14


@srsavi- I want to put my daughter in Seera Sopan Baug day care, How is the school, as your kid is going there, are you happy with it?

And can you please share the fees for day care ? I want to put her from 11.30 to 6.30 pm



Smita Patil


sugarmommy 2013-09-02 13:47:50


 hi Paries, 

Vivero kalyani is  better than the rest of the options you listed ...

Regards :))



Ppant3110 2013-12-23 18:47:01


hi ..all mothers !

another one to join the group .we are shifting to pune looking for a day care for my son

so far whatever ive read here im keen on knowing the fees structure for vivero international both at magarpatta and kalyani son is 8 and would be needing a day care for 3 hours after school .

kindl help with the details




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