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srsavi 2010-08-26 11:29:39


My son has been going to a day care run by a lady in her home for the last 2 years . Though the place is good and the lady is very nice , but now that he will be 3 I am looking for a place that will have some activities also happening for the kids . Here he just comes from school and sleeps and plays . It would be nice if he could have an hour's activity . Hence looking to change the day care .

Does anyone know of any good day care in Viman Nagar - I know there are a lot around .

Roots to Wings - is an option ( thats the play school he was going to)

Eurokids - ruled out as its only till 3

Kidzee - no kids in the day care .

Brainworks - I dont know how is teh Viman Nagar daycare

Kiderbrook - somehow didnt like it !

Any more options ? I am even open for Kalyani Nagar .

NJ 2010-08-26 14:03:29


primrose is one famous one I have heard.

There is also Vivero international.


srsavi 2010-08-27 10:08:31


Primrose is I believe a Playschool and not a day care , will find out though .

Vivero International is a good one , but somehow I am apprehensive of putting him there because it looks like a place for the super rich - quite a lot like Symbiosis Internation school . I dont want  him to go there and get fancy ideas and turn into a snob !! 

Being able to afford a aschool / day care is different from getting the kid becoming used to that lifestyle which he gets exposed to in school and in the kids who come !!



NJ 2010-08-27 10:56:39


srsavi, looks can be deceptive. I would suggest to have a look at the place once and also talk to the director of the school. Do let me know your feedback. This was one of the schools I was considering for my little one as we had almost finalized to buy a flat in viman nagar. But I had moved from Pune to Chennai, so I had stopped trying to look for schools in Pune. But my heart is still in Pune and follow any Pune threads diligently.


srsavi 2010-08-31 16:23:46


I had gone to the school when my son was 1.5 and we were looking for a play school / day care for him then .

The fee was astrobnomical - 1.2 lacs per year for the Play school and around 8K for the Day care ! 

The school is excellent no doubt but I would still  have apprehensions sending him there !


innovations 2010-09-20 22:03:49


try innovations at koregaon park annexe has this Day care at Grandmom ..bright,colourful,hygiene,and all that you would want in a day care besides being affordable


Rula 2010-09-23 17:14:46



You can check out Vivero International Pre-school at Kalyani Nagar. They offer day care services and have a range of activities. and the best thing is that they have ample of outdoor space!which i think its absolutely necessary for our kids..

i think they are coming up with something in Viman Nagar as well, under the name Serra International. same parent company I guess




srsavi 2010-10-04 09:37:43


Thanks for the information on the branch opening in Viman Nagar . I will wait for it and then check it out .


Ajuraj 2010-10-21 20:19:55


Sera is a low cost model of the same comany, the fees here is more affordable to most people so your apprehensions will be taken care of. I am personally running a couple of after school activities at Vivero in Kalyani nagar. We run programs for children between the age of 5 to 15 toenhance their creativity and learning abilities.

Vivero management is really good and they take excellent care of children.


srsavi 2010-11-10 12:15:09


@ Ajuraj: Thanks for the information , I did check it out.

Have some concerns with the space available as I think the day care room is very small but thats not a major problem. Need to check the school bus , where will it drop etc and should be ready to take a decision soon.


sugarmommy 2011-01-12 17:46:49


'The Fun house' Fun house in viman nagar is launching a Day Creche for toddlers and school children. Working parents can take advantage of the same by enrolling their children for excellent after-school in day care facilities where the little ones would enjoy and feel at home.
Age group from 1yr to 7 yrs for more details Contact @9730022336.

I heard they are good and cnarges rs2500 /- for the whole day.


srsavi 2011-01-21 10:47:48


@sugarmommy: When and where is this opening  ?


I had put my child in Serra , so far so good. I really like the place and the teacher, only problem is kids are by far very few.  But my son loves going there !


VKeya 2011-02-20 15:13:01


@srsavi :  how many rooms have been alloted for day care kids? and how many teachers and helpers are assigned for kids? How many kids they are planning to take? 


pronto 2011-02-20 15:28:45


One of you has said that their child only sleeps and plays after coming back from school. And most of you want activities, activities, activities, activities....for them after the kids return from school. I have been working for the last 10 years and I think that after school what my daughter misses the most is a warm welcome home which Pooja is able to give my child, a family atmosphere that my child misses because both of us work late.

Activities? Arrey jaan hai toh jahan hai - itni saari activities karwake jaan loge kya bachche ki?


Praneeta - a working mother


srsavi 2011-02-21 11:08:17


@VKeya :

There is one room where they sleep and have activities, but I see the kids running all over the place in and out.  There is one Supervisor and One maid, sometimes 2 maids.

What I like is the garden which has slides and a sand pit and a nice lawn where my son keeps running and playing.

There are only 3-5 kids right now and I am sure they will be takin g in more. They also have a summer camp in April for 15 days.



srsavi 2011-02-21 11:45:51


@Praneeta:  In my opinion one of my guilts as a working mom is that I dont want my son to miss out on all the extra curricular activities which will not only be instrumental in shaping him up but also give him the much needed respite from the Three R's which is the only thing that most schools seem to be providng .

There are various classes to which other kids go to which I am not able to think of because the usual question comes how will he go , how will he come.  And though I do not want to fall into the trap of being one of those overambitious pushy mom's who want their kid to go to dance classes, music classes, karate classes, art classes and roller skates and swimming too but I definitely want to expose him to some activities at a young age so he can make a chioce as to what interests and excites him.

I come back late evening after which we go to the garden to play, or just sit at home reading books / colouring or doing puzzles. And then its time to have dinner, listen to stories and sleep.

So the entire 6 hours he is at a day care, I do want him to be exposed to something which stimulates his senses and mind. Hence the desire to find that one day care which will not only give him the affection that he needs but also some activities for an hour or two.

Where does your kid go?


pronto 2011-02-21 14:28:16


I completely understand your view point - I empathize and also experience the guilt you experience at times. But when I see children around me being shuttled from one class to another, I feel pity for them.

When I say this please do not assume that I don't want the best for my kid; however with school all day 7:30 to 3:30, I really don't want to burden her with anything more. I love it when she cycles around or plays with other kids. Her social skills are very good, and she is very athletic too. She goes for treks. At 7, she was the youngest in her group that went to Torana for a trek.

I have myself been a school topper and a merit list holder; may be because of that, I know what I missed as a child and want to give it to her.

She goes to Pooja Tandoan in Viman Nagar. The family is very warm and very giving. I prefer that warmth and care for my child more than any activity.

Just my views....






pronto 2011-02-21 14:48:27


hey - I saw your other post as reply to mine. Yes, we must meet up. We all seem to people with the same concerns - working & managing kids, etc, etc...:-)

My number is +91 954-550-0375


srsavi 2011-02-21 14:56:10


I agree with you on kids being shuttled from one class to another.

This lady I met in the train whose sonw as hyperactive and she told me he is restless for want of anything to do. He goes to 5 classes !!!! I was stumped, how can a kid be going to 5 extra classes at the age of 5 is something I cannot understand.

One seems fine :)

My son's school is only till 12, so there is a lot of free time, when the school timings are till 3:30 as in your case, it doesnt leave you with a lot of time for other stuff unless you are getting over worked!

Is this day care the same which is in Ganpati Chowk corner, run froma  row house I forgot the name of the society.


pronto 2011-02-21 17:14:59


No not around Ganpati Mandir. This lady Pooja Tandoan stays in Hermes Drome.


tomarpoonam1904 2011-04-10 23:01:23


@srsavin and @pronto Hi, Actually we stay in Aundh and my office is in kharadi. I have to put my 1.5 yr old daughter in day care for 6 month. i dont think that i will find something in kharadi so my target is eithet viman nagar or kayani nagar or koreguon park. I think srsavin u have put ur son in sera. I was thinking of putting my daughter in seera in magarpatta city as my husband office is in marpatta but then came to know about viman nagar branch. Can you please give me ur feedback??

@pronto can u please tell me about the day care where ur kid goes???




pronto 2011-04-11 00:41:27


Hi Poonam,

Please call me on 91-9545500375 and will tell you in detail. Preferably around 1:45 p.m. which is my walk time after lunch at office. I will give you all the details and can answer any questions you have plus give you the contact details.







innovations 2011-04-11 00:52:25


hey poonam

would advice you to either shift your residence here or keep ur child at a day care at aundh as it is not advisable not to carry your child so many miles every day




srsavi 2011-04-11 10:47:56


@ Poonam  : Do you live in your own house in Aundh ? Since you work in Kharadi & your husband in Magarpatta would be easier to shift this side of the city if possible right ?

I also work in Kharadi, my son is happy in Serra, you can the Magarpatta one too, you will need to pick up the kid by 6:30 / 6:45 so you will ened to see which of you can pick up the child on timedaily.

Please send me a message in my inbox and we can talk more.


tomarpoonam1904 2011-04-11 11:52:06


GM All,

Yes in aundh we stayed in our own house. Actually my mother-in-law satyed with us and take care of Myra( my daughter) but now she has to goto delhi for 5-6 month for my sis-in-law delivery. Thats why i have to put her in day care. Its 6 month only thats why we are not thinking of shifting the house. ( I know for kids its not just 6 month). we do have seera in aundh also and i have visited both magarpatta and aundh. But its always good to get parents personal opinion.

Because of timing I am not thinking of putting the baby in aundh. As last time we had faced that problem. Lat time i have put her in apple blossom in baner. That day care is also very good we were very happy but the only constraint is timing because in that case we cant come office before and 10 and in any case has to leave office at 5.

@pronto sure I will call u



 Former member 2011-05-04 09:54:08



I stay in Kalyani nagar and my daughter is going to Headstart Prep school but I am not satisfied with the attitude that they showed and kind of ambience in any of their branch in K Nagar or V Nagar. Further we manage to get admission in Bishops K Nagar and we(me and my wife) both are working and my office is around 28 km from K nagar whereas my wife is in working in K nagar itself.

I need some pointer about SIERRA school from a 3+ years old kid perspective. I request you to provide some pointers for the mentoined points.

1. Hygiene factor

2. Kid/Maid and Kid/Caretaker ratio

3. Transport facility

4. Fees

5. Attitude of the staff towards parents.

I will really appreciate an early reply or please do let me know about your coordinates so as to call you to get more info.

Thanks in advance



Rame 2011-05-04 10:53:08



I stay in Kalyani nagar and my daugther is going to Headstart Prep school but I am not satisfied with the attitude that they showed and kind of ambience in any of their branch in K Nagar or V Nagar. Further we manage to get admission in Bishops K Nagar and we(me and my wife) both are working and my office is around 28 km from K nagar whereas my wife is in working in K nagar itself.

I need some pointer about SIERRA school from a 3+ years old kid perspective. I request you to provide some pointers for the mentoined points.

1. Hygiene factor

2. Kid/Maid and Kid/Caretaker ratio

3. Transport facility

4. Fees

5. Attitude of the staff towards parents.

I will really appreciate an early reply or please do let me know about your coordinates so as to call you to get more info.

Thanks in advance



srsavi 2011-05-18 12:30:00


@Ramendra - I was on a vacation and hence the delay in responding.

Let me try to answer your Queries .

Serra is in a new building which is very nice and bright and airy so gives a good feel. The staff is very clean and hygenic. For the day care they have 5 kids currently and One teacher and a Maid.

My kid also goes to Bishops KN, but since I stay in Viman Nagar itself this is convenient for me. You will need to have the School bus drop your kid at Serra. They do not have transportation.

Fee is 5500/- for 6 hours. I think you should visit the place once and check your convenience and comfort from all aspects to make a decision.



Rame 2011-05-18 14:06:17


Thnaks a lot srsavi, I have some other queries

1. do they provide meal also and

2. as your kid is also going to Bishop KN , will u be able to tell me about tthe timings of Bishop for nursery class.


srsavi 2011-05-19 10:46:33


They provide Lunch & Evening snacks yes.

Bishops timing for Nursery will be from 8:45 am to 12 pm.


tomarpoonam1904 2011-05-20 12:32:12



I have visited almost 10 - 12 day care in and around viman nagar. I have nt find even a single day care for which I will say this is best and I don’t have to compromise on anything here.

·         Root to Wings (Viman Nagar): there was only one room and balcony for the day care kids. The same room they use for sleeping and same they use for play. As the kids in day care of diff ages so there sleeping and playing time cannot be same.

·         Brianworks (Viman Nagar): same problem even with brian works also. there was very small room and area for day care children that too on the entrance itself so called near to office. So whenever anyone comes children will get disturb  and the lady was like oohh..Does she cry alot or she is playful child na....means to say that staff should not have to put much efforts with kids.

·         Kinder brook (Viman Nagar): the moment u enters inside the day care it will not give any sign of liveliness...the place was so dull and boring...

·         One more( manage by asha gupta in house opp to joggers park): the lady was so outspoken and loud...and i did not understand that how she manage to run day care in the house where she stays...The reason is I don’t find any toy inside the house. The ways things were so properly manage inside the living room and the bedroom where kids are suppose to sleep. It gives me the feeling that kids must be play either outside the house or the common area of the society.

·         Intelligence Kids (Make best of childhood) (Viman Nagar): The lady and their concept is good. But the only problem I had visit there is the cleanliness of the place. The bungalow was not clean at all. They allow everyone to come inside with footwear. We visit their twice. By evening the main hall where kids use to play, floor was full of sand ...u cannot walk without footwear. They even do not have the safety doors on staircases and kids are climbing up and going down without any supervision.

·         Seera International (Viman Nagar): There day care starts at 11:30, after school. So if we want seera then forcefully we have to take admission in school. We were ok even with that but the main thing which bother me there this is newly started so I don’t saw the maturity in the staff. First we visit there on Saturday there we met with one lady who use to manage office. Till that we were in the mood of putting our child in seera itself but we thought that let go there on weekday around lunch time and meet with the day care supervisor once. There office timing is 9 to 1. We reached there there at 12.30 but what we found that daycare supervisor and the lady who manage office was already left for the day. There we met with Mr. Kapil. Means now for rest of the day kids will be only with mausii and the man. So I did not find the maturity in the staff. How can day care supervisor left for the day at 12.30 itself leaving kids only with mausii. Allthough it is independent bungalow but of u see area wise it is not so specious.

·         Kinder land (Kalyani nagar): Everything was good there. In our list that daycare was leading candidate but when we visit there again to clear some doubt then we came to know that they keep kids all the time in diper. Even if the kids have having rashes then also at least at the sleeping time they keep him/her in dipper.

·         Kider brook (Kalyani nagar): The place is so crowded. Including school and da care they have around 100s kids. So what would be the situation there at morning time? They have divided kids with age group. Each group have 10-12 kids manage by 1 teacher and one mausii. Teacher kid ratio is very bad. They also put the baby in dipper in morning and evening time. During sleeping time they remove dipper.

We did not find even a single day care like apple blossom, which is in baner at pashan sush road. Last time I have put my daughter there for 15 days because at that time my requirement was only 15 days. But this time the time frame is 6 month and it is 9 km from our home. So i can’t sit in the office more then 10 to 5 which is not manageable for 6 months. We stayed in aundh and our office is in Eon and magarpatta so baner is completely out of the way.

Apple blossom has huge bungalow around atleast 5000 sqft area. Morning time 4 teachers evening time 4 teachers and at afternoon they overlap the time. Teachers are so educated and polite. They prepare food morning breakfast to eve snacks. You need not to worry about the food.  They prepare variety in the food Indian food plus English food so the kids will get use to every type of food. Allthough there charges are also at higher end Rs 9800 for full day but at least u will be satisfied that ur kid is in safe hands.

Finally I found one more daycare cum school, which is in amanora in hadapsar. Till now i have not visited there but my husband has visited there and he likes the place, Innovera international preschool. The place is newly constructed, very much clean and gives you fresh feeling. Much bigger bungalow then seera.  They don’t put kids in dipper. They have CCTV camera facility so that u can watch ur kid and because of CCTV i m hoping that staff may be takes good care of kids consciously. Rest i will come to know later. Till now it is kind of finalise.

This Saturday we are planning to visit the place again and keeping my figure cross that I should not get any surprise. The only thing is they don’t provide the food. So I think that instead of compromising in hygiene and dipper lets compromise on fresh food.

None of the day care I have mentioned above provides full day meal. Some provide only lunch some provide lunch and one snack and some does not provide anything. If ur kid has milk in the day time then by default u have to provide none of the daycare provide fruits (as they are very costly) and milk.





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