Wisdom World School, Hadapsar, Good but money making and rude principal

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wispis 2017-02-28 12:58:00


This review is about Wisdom World School, Hadapsar 


1. Teachers are good and priority is discipline and your children get habit of this.
2. Teaching methods sounds good.


1. Very expensive in terms of other schools as compared in Hadapsar.

2. For KG/Nursery they have fees around 63000.

3. You are asked to pay for ticket to watch the concert of your own kids. Why they ask to buy ticket? As per them, they are charged by vendor for lighting, LED screens and they have AC auditorium. Also if you have younger kid, you are not allowed to enter in auditorium with him/her. And after concert you realize that sitting arrangement is pathetic.

4. When your child goes from Preparatory (they call nursery+KG), you may face 30 to 40% fees hike. They hide the changes going to happen in fees for successive year and gives you surprise.

5. It becomes surprising because, when you take admission they say that you will have max 10% fees rise. But they don't mention what will be base amount for hike. So you may be in question, why we have taken admission here.

6. Attitude changes: When school was new in Hadapsar, management/admission committee was too humble and keep on requesting you to refer some educated parents. But when their strength goes on increasing your value goes down.

 When you question their activities like fees hike/miscellaneous fees and method of collecting it (Cash) , they will start yelling how can you question about integrity of school. If you have such things in mind, the doors are open and you can withdraw your kid from this school.

7. You have to buy the school uniform (3 in number) unnecessarily, evenif it can be managed with two uniforms. You must buy the books from them only. Supporting stationary like book covers folders are also included in it with higher charges than in market.

When privately questioned to vendor about 3 uniforms, his reaction is like:

These are the ways by school to fulfill their requirements by extracting money from parents for fulfilling highly paid teachers, new developments.

8. You are treated like customers by school. They will decide the charges and you have to pay it by hook and crook. One way is emotional blackmail to pupils by sending message through them to parents "Ask your dad/mom to send ticket charges envelope asap, else your parents are not allowed to watch you in concert".

So don't be fooled by the school's glow and Wakad branch results, so that you won't be feeling cheated after some time.

You may prefer the school, if you are rich and you will never have questions in your mind about unnecessary hikes/charges extracted by school.

Some may think that this article is rumor and efforts to hamper the image of school. You can verify yourself by taking admission or contacting any existing school customers.


DNTripathi 2017-03-29 23:34:21


Is your child still a student of Wisdom World, Hadapsar?


sangram82 2017-03-31 14:08:49


I which class your child is?


Skspune 2017-05-25 17:54:41


Very soon I will be posting full review so that only those who have gud money n can pay should take admission...

Bgvora 2017-11-11 16:44:08


I have visited Wisdom World School Hadapsar last week & was quite happy as it perfectly fit into our criteria for our child. And then I came across the above posts. Now I am utterly confused. Please guide.

2902 2018-06-23 12:04:13


Both of my kids study in Wisdom World School Hadapsar branch since two years, currently third year. The reviews I read here are total rubbish. The principal is a genuine lady with a good sense of humour. Ofcourse she is strict as the post demands it but she is never rude unless it is called for. There is no abrupt fee hike. Its in two years and 10-15% as ICSE guidelines. Nobody is forced to buy extra set of uniforms, you can buy as per your choice and budget. Teaching pattern is good. I have seen tremendous growth in my kids after joining the school. Yes they charge for tickets for concerts but a) its minimal like 100/- b) The school is just 4 years old, things are settling down. These things won't be an issue in future, that's what I think. All in all 5 stars for the school ˜€˜€˜€˜€˜€

Chet2 2019-12-26 16:47:03


Any review on WWS Hadapsar


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