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kkss21 2017-02-09 21:54:18


Hi. My daughter is July 2011 born. We are currently in UK where she is in Year 1. Curious which class will she be admissible to when in India , say around April 2017 session. Thanks in Advance.

NeedsEdu 2017-02-10 11:23:24


So she will be 5 years and 10 months when joining school in June 2017. With this age, most schools might not accept her for STD1, as the government norms are changing now, and the guideline is for kids to be 6 years of age when starting STD1.
Some schools though are still not following the government directives, and you might get admission there. For instance St Mary's. 

My personal opinion though is to send her to UKG in some good school, so she can get time to accustomed to India, education and otherwise, else it might be too hard for her. 

HTH and good luck!


Brijesh81 2017-02-10 13:28:24


Hi kkss21,

She will be eligible for STD 1.


DeepaliPd 2017-02-14 02:26:31


@NeedsEdu thanks for your input. I too want to understand the age criteria. My daughter is September 2010 born and goes to Grade 1 here in USA. We would be relocating to Pune in September 2017. And since we will be moving in middle of the session would want her to be in std 1. Will she be eligible for Std 1? Will schools allow that? The reason is same as you mentioned to get her accustomed to India and education. Everything will be new to her.


NeedsEdu 2017-02-14 09:46:09


Hi Deepaipd,

Your daughter will at a perfect age for STD1, like I said most schools will accept her into STD1 at her age. Obviously since this will be a mid-term admission, you will have to apply to various schools and keep your fingers crossed.

Many parents in India actually put their kids into STD1 when they are not even 6, but I have noticed its much easier for kids (specially those returning from abroad) to have some time to settle down. I went through the same process, so know how you feel!

Do you have a preference for board, and which area would you be staying in?



DeepaliPd 2017-02-15 00:57:55


Thanks NeedsEdu for your prompt response. We would be staying in Wanaworie.

We would want her to have a smooth transition and also don't want her to be among youngest in her class. I personally know a lot of parents who do not want to waste a year so they start school early. But again its their personal choice, it works for them.

For board our preference is ICSE but again have lot of other things in mind too like
  * Most importantly distance from home. ( Cant change location so near Wanaworie only)
  * Infrastructure of the school.
  * Quality of Teachers.
  * Student Teacher Ratio
  * Modern approach
  * Child centric
  * Safety and Security
  * Extra curricular activities 

I know you must have done a lot of research on these. Your inputs are valuable.

As of now have heard good reviews of VIBGYOR high. Any idea about this school?



mrushi 2017-02-15 12:20:31


my son dob is 17 dec 2011 .will he get admission in class1 in pune school as some school showed age excuse already


mrushi 2017-02-15 12:23:29


he studying in UKG in Hyderabad school

NeedsEdu 2017-02-16 09:15:58


Hi Deepali,

Close to Wanowrie, you have loads of good ICSE schools, so that should not be a problem. Mid-term admission again is a hit or miss, so something you will have to wait and watch.

From the factors you have put up, if I were to summarise from my experience

St Mary's (girls only school) - Very good school, coveted by almost everyone. Everything else will fit your needs except modern approach, I believe it is a bit traditional still. But hey look at the positives!

St Helena's (girls only school) - Again very good, second only to Mary's in my opinion. Good extracurriculars, with indoor swimming pool, so children mostly go for swimming classes every Monday. Again, may not be that modern in terms of teaching methodology. Infra not as great as Mary's, small grounds etc, sports day is held on Bishop's ground.  

Bishop's Co-ed Kalyaninagar - An OK school in my opinion, infrastructure not that great, not sure about extracurriculars, maybe others on the group can chip in. But it is a lot further away from Wanowrie, so may be a travel headache. 

Hutchings - same review as Bishops, not as good a school though. Would recommend only as a last temp option.

About schools like Vibgyor, and other new age IB-like schools, in my experience they are never as good as they claim, also they always have vacancies, contrary to what they will have you believe. 

So my advice, do not rush to put your kid into these new schools, that can happen a month or 2 later as well. Just come to India and try approaching the schools above for a mid-term admission. Who knows something might work out, all the very best!


DeepaliPd 2017-02-24 23:17:05


Thanks a ton NeedsEdu. Really appreciate it. Sorry for reply so late. Will keep these schools in mind. 
I too feel should not rush in this matter. Will keep the new schools as my last option.


sonm 2017-02-25 12:26:07


i want genuine review about bishop school..why it is ok school.nt good..please explain in brief


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