VPMS Lohegaon LKG admission are opening on 10th Dec

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palli2005 2016-12-05 11:35:35


Visit the link to get more details:

palli2005 2016-12-06 16:42:58


here are my reviews about same:
To be honest i have been extremely happy with the school so far. Here are few factors which makes it entirely different from other schools:
 1. There are no exams, interviews of parents or kids (atleast not for pre-primary). Its purely based on lottery. Fill your form right & wait for the lottery day. It removes all kinds of bias & gives equal opportunity to all parents & kids. Its wrong to assess skills of kids at such young age & make decisions about them.
 2. School provides food. For pre-primary its mandatory. It allows kids to eat everything that is being served. Kids gets encouraged seeing other kids eating. All kids gets to eat the same stuff. You can send your own tiffin if you wish to, but we prefer not to send tiffin. It is a good way to make sure your kid is eating healthy stuff thats been planned by professionals. We being working parents, it has come as a great relief for us. We no longer need to decide what to cook for kid, pack it etc.
3. School has good mix of academics & co-curricular activities. They have Movie times on mondays, PT on tuesdays, Dance, Karate, Skating all in the curriculum. So you don't have to send your kid for any extra classes. They do have sports & swimming classes, but swimming is only for higher classes. Its a matter of safety i assume.
 4. Buses have been equipped with GPS devices, so no need to rush & wait for bus. Just keep track of bus through your mobile & go when required.
 5. More play & less homework policy. School has more emphasis on overall growth rather than only academics. Kids do get homework but that is minimal. Once/twice a week, that too of 1-2 pages. Yes there are schools which run like factories but think about it this way...these are the primary years of kids...will it so happen that if they don't learn to write right at the moment they will never ever write? No. Every school going kid will eventually learn to write & read. But this time will never come again. Let them have more fun & learn. Disclaimer: In no way i'm suggesting that school is not focused on studies, they are, but not to the extent where it becomes overwhelming for both parents & kids. My kid has learned everything that he should have, but real satisfaction is when we see him happy about going to school. School is under able supervision & teachers are good. Overall it is a very good school. You have good mix of kids from all strata of society. School calendar is well planned. Recently school requested students to bring a plant to school on their birthdays. They aim to plant them around school campus. isnt it a wonderful idea. No doubt there are few areas that can be improved, like, english speaking is still not mandatory in classes. School has seen only first batch passed out from std 10th. Not good directions to reach school. Parent orientation at start of school needs improvement & more planning. But the primary needs of any good schools are being met, so we are a happy lot. **Disclaimer: These are my personal views. I love writing reviews & hence such a long review. Thanks for reading.


30pri 2017-02-13 12:23:49


Hi Thanks for the review. I am moving to Pune in a couple of months and was trying for this school. However they have asked me to contact in first week of March. My sons are in the higher grades so admission maybe difficult. Do you know anyone who studies in the secondary section? If yes, pls do get back. Thanks

007trups 2021-01-13 13:38:39


Hii can u please give detailed review of school studies n teachers quality which one to select vike patil lohegaon or bishop plz help anyone if know in detail


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