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amita 2009-05-14 12:14:20


My son is 3 years old. As I live in Pashan, am planning to get my son's admissions done in Loyola. This school seems to be having very good infrastructure. But any idea on its academic performance. Is there any other school that I should look out for?

excelser 2010-11-22 12:20:47


 Loyola is all boys. I personally feel that kids going to either all boys or all girls school tend to be socially dysfunctional over a period of time. But again this is something I feel.

Since you are in pashan, you can try for Orchid or Sanskriti. Even Millenium is a good option.


amita 2010-11-22 16:56:40


Highly appreciate the information provided. I have got my son's admission done in Gurukul, ILS campus. The school is a co-ed following the cbse board. Thank you so much. 


care4parent 2010-12-01 20:17:28


My son is 7yrs and in std II in Loyola. Your son needs to be 6yrs to seek admission to std I. By far this is one of the best schools in the vicinity. Since it is run by the Jesuits they are quite disciplined.

They have lots of activities besides studies and fees that they charge are pretty reasonable vis-a-vis the new ones(e.g Orchid, Sapling, Jumbo Kids etc) who are money minting machines.



Poonamtp 2010-12-18 11:04:10


Hi Care4parent

As your son is in Loyola high school Pls can u just provide me the following information Since I am here in USA  I am not able to go to school to do the enquiry

I am seeking for the admission in 1st std and this school is from my permanent address in Pune

1) I think they distribute the Admission forms from Jan right? What are the next procedures for the admissions. When will they call for test/interview in which month

2)What are the school timings from std 1 to 10

3)How are the teachers?

4)Is your son happy to go to school

5) Do u satisfied with your son's performance( I mean school point of view)

6) Do u ever thought to change the school 

7)What do u think if I will get the admission for 2nd std if I will not be able to come 

I know These are lot of ques I asked but if u will guide me then it will really be a gr8 help

Thank you so much. I am waiting for ur reply  




vshree 2012-12-03 15:30:54


Hi care for parent


Could u please tell me me the detail process for admission in loyola shcool


UnmeshP 2012-12-06 10:22:04


Last year the process was to fill up and admission from online and then submit it to the school with the test fees. This online form was avialable on 21st Dec 2011. In January I payed the test fees. The written test / orals was conducted in Feb. Then the list is published in the school and you get the schedule for payment of admission fees.



vshree 2012-12-06 11:48:46


thanks Unmesh

what are the fees tentative



tecPriyanka 2015-07-22 18:53:33



tecPriyanka 2015-07-22 19:17:10


Hello everyone,

 I am surprised to see peoples are running behind famous school without discussing with parents whose kids are studying there.

Every school has positive and negative points.

We should not look for best school so called from generation to generation without verifying on which terms.

We should look for the school which is best for our child.


Positive points-

Loyola is old strict school

Has big ground and good physical activities


Loyala is

A State board school

Very few school  attenders(Kakas) are there. Only 2 or 3 persons to handle such big population of students(1000).

So every now and then there are fighting and all other things happens as nobody is there to pay attention what students are doing when they are not in class.

Teachers are strict for reasons it is good but they are Rude towards students and parents using very harsh words.

School does not authorized Private school transport .School has denied any responsibility regarding this.

And lots more.

I wud request you to please find the facts before taking admission to such schools.

Thank you.


Chet123 2015-11-05 12:13:13


My Child going in 1st class so i want more info Admission processes in loyola school.  Parrent interview compalsory in loyola? which question ask in interview?

Amzi 2018-01-29 15:53:56


My experience with Loyola€™s admission process is as below. Today I and my husband have come for admissions here

I am totally hating their admission process. Zero transparency in the way they are carrying out .. 

they separate kids kids as young as three or four years old and they take their interview. How will a child open up to strangers when we have taught them not to talk to strangers. I have heard they '"get back' to us with list of student who get '"selected' without declaring or explaining criteria of selection in any manner. 

I have come here today only because of my husband. Personally I don'"t at all endorse such an admission process no matter how good your school is. Whether my child gets admission here or not is immaterial to me looking at their admission process 

comparatively I feel vikhe Patil has a much transparent process of admissions ! 

All the best eeryone cheers ! 



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