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r12345678 2016-11-10 11:58:39


Hello all,
My daughter is studying in Millennium national school. Initially I was very happy with the school. Recently there was a change in the management. Now I am having second thoughts for the following reasons:

1)  Revisions - Though there is no homework and they claim that all revisions are done in school, when the exams neared I did not find any revision taken in school. I had to take some revision at home
2) Academics - They send the daily work sheets home. Many times I find many mistakes in my daughter's sheets which teachers fail to notice and mark everything as correct an even award a star on the sheet. 
3) Hygiene - Many kids complain that there is no handwash or soap in the washrooms
4) Food - My kid fell sick with a severe stomach infection after school reopened after vacations. I'm not saying it was due to school food, but just gets one wondering.

Wondering if any other parents feel similarly. Any thoughts?

SWATISJ 2016-11-10 12:19:29


I am looking for my daughters admission in nursery but skipped Millennium for two things....No homework and home food

One of my friend purchased another set of books just to take revision at home for her son who is going to millennium. I would also love to teach my daughter at home. I can not entirely rely on school. 

I am looking for school where we can provide lunch box ..bcoz i prefer to give homemade food to my daughter .
But again these are my personal preferences.


champan 2016-11-10 12:21:57


I have heard that the people who used to manage and set up the processes in Millenium now have seperated and started Walnut School. Have also heard that Walnut is quite good. But Millenium standard has decreased a bit although one of my colleague who's daughter is in Millenium is quite happy with it.

champan 2016-11-10 12:27:39


Swati its seems we are too much active in this forum. But there are few other people who are replying regularly ;)

r12345678 2016-11-11 10:28:30


Thanks everyone for responding. So swati, which school did you choose over Millennium? And are you happy with the school?

SWATISJ 2016-11-11 14:23:48


Not yet finalized the school...still confused 

gayatriamit 2016-11-15 09:22:30


Hi swati. ..r u looking for CBSE school Near kothrud? Can u list the names of school which u have shortlisted

SWATISJ 2016-11-15 11:00:46


@ Gayatri

Millennium was my first choice but  i thought it would be too hectic for my daughter 10 km away from house + day boarding
As we stay in bavdhan ...I have explored options in Balewadi and pashan also
1. Vibgyor high, balewadi
2. Lokseva, Pashan
3. Suryadatta , Bavdhan
4.Oxford international , Bavdhan
5 City International Kothrud ( Only constraint is its not glossy school...infrastructure is not so attractive)
6. Ryan International, Bavdhan ( ICSE)


champan 2016-11-15 11:03:44


Vibgyor and Ryan International are good as far as my knowledge goes.

gayatriamit 2016-11-16 09:04:50


Thank you swati....actually we will b shifting to pune from nagpur..we will b staying in kothrud.. We don't have any idea abt nearest localities pune us totally new city for u have any idea abt sri sri ravi shankar school in bhugoan..whether it is far away from kothrud..also want to know abt Karnataka high school and vikhe patil school.. We are searching for CBSE schools...even I am of the same thought as u for the millennium school..I have heard mixed reviews abt that not willing for millennium school.

champan 2016-11-16 11:17:21


@ Gayatri Sorry to jump into this.
If you are going to stay at Bhusari Colony/Bavdhan or nearby areas, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a bit closer. But if u are staying at any other place in Kothrud its quite a distance. Its a good school but fees are very high i have heard and many people prefer Sanskriti over Ravi Shanker. Dont have more info than this. Karanataka school was a bit towards bad some years ago but now many say it has improved a lot. Also its going to be CBSE now on. Vikhe Patil is also CBSE and is a very good school.

SWATISJ 2016-11-16 11:21:11


SSRVM is about 8-9 km from are ok....the only thing is more focus on spirituality of course due to sri sri ravi every day kriya/yoga and guru nam smaran etc etc I guess they dont have big play ground. 
Location is remote area where not much public transport is available. It is in opposite direction of main Pune city
Vikhe patil is best option but admission are on online and lottery depends on luck
Karnataka is good school bear to kothrud but not sure about CBSE afficliation that you have to check on CBSE website


gayatriamit 2016-11-17 09:34:07


Thanks a lot parag and swati for such a detail and valuable information.. Actually we cancelled sanskriti from our list as it is very far away we heard and I think same is true with sri sri Ravi shankar..As millennium is bagless school I am not preferring that we r left with very few options for CBSE schools near is city international and the other one is vikhe patil...problem with vikhe patil is ,nursery is not there so can't tk admission for my younger kid ..for my elder kid senior kg admission in vikhe patil will come to know only in march and that too against vaccancy.can u add more schools in my list?

SWATISJ 2016-11-17 10:13:55


OMG.Gayatri..I am also sailing in same boat :-)

Left with very few options as I have already striked off Sanskriti/SSRV/Millennium and VPMS being too far .

Only city international is the school which is just 5 km from my place i.e bavdhan ...but I my self is not convinced with infrastructure though reviews are pretty good and i personally know atleast 5-6 city international parents...they are very happy with school. 

Vibgyor high and Ryan (ICSE) both buses ply to you can explore that too. In these two school you get admission very easily as both are new schools and fees are high due to brand name/ excellent infrastructure. 

There are two new schools in bavdhan as well which is the closest area of kothrud

Oxford international public school (CBSE affiliation not yet done)
Suryadatta national school.(CBSE affiliation received) . Fees are moderate in both schools as infrastructure is average and no brand name.
Hope this will help you.


Ketjax 2017-01-06 06:33:16


Can anyone give information on good state board school in city side.i born and brought up in Pune so know which are good n ok kinda school.will be moving from abroad and wanted to know if state board has still maintained same quality of standard and also abt fees n donation..donation I am totally against.we stay in pimple saudagar area where schools r money minting machines and most of dem itians are ready to pay for it..plz update me on fees ,admission process 

80rits 2017-01-06 16:59:28


By city internationalschool , do u mean the one in Aundh? Also, do you have any idea abt lokseva school and mitcon school. 
I am looking for admission for my son 1st std. We live in baner and prefer school which are nearby.


SWATISJ 2017-01-07 10:04:08


City international kothrud i was talking about
Lokseva is also good school ...atleast i have heard good reviews from friends . Its a new school and there is no glossy brand name like vibgyor or akshara etc
MITCON is IGCSE board i guess ...but no more information.


ns79 2017-01-19 15:22:10


.. so which school did you finalize ? or still searching ?

MaxRP 2017-01-19 19:51:06


Ketjax State board has maintained its quality, however our good old reputed schools have not evolved so much; compared to the new schools set up for international parents.
New schools set up in new suburbs charge on an average 1 lakh per year fees. That has become the new normal. IT folks are willing to pay (got no choice).  These are for parents who are looking for schools that provide more than just academic training (which most of them promise, though not necessarily deliver). 
From the older schools, you can consider St.Vincent, Loyolas, St.Mary's, Hutchings, St.Anne and to a lesser extent Dastur 
and Bishops are good ones. Unfortunately, all these are too far from Pimple Saudagar

SWATISJ 2017-01-20 11:09:02


@ns79....I have decided to send my daughter to her current pre school for nursery. 

In Jr Kg I will opt for either of below 

My daughter is dont wanna give her unnecessary stress of travelling. All above mentioned schools are within 5-6 km from my home and there is no rush for admission

champan 2017-01-20 11:41:26


Sensible decision. In my view, however fantabulous the schools are, we should send our kid to a school which is near and good. Otherwise we are subjecting them to lots of boring travel time, pollution, stress etc etc.

AmrutaC 2017-02-02 19:10:39


@r12345678 - Did you change your kids school? I am planning to take admission for my kid in Millenium. Currently we stay in US and schools over here are kinda like bagless so looking for something similar. Have you heard about sevasadan school? How is it?

Meghana2017 2017-02-13 11:53:36


Looking for admission for 1st standard. Any idea if any school in kothrud has opening?

iDAD 2017-02-13 18:14:22


Hi son currently studies in Millennium - Sr. Kg
Till now I havent had any issue with the school and probably I was also not too concerned about small things as he is still in kindergarten. However, after reading a lot of reviews etc I think I should really start thinking whether the school is fit for my child or not as he will enter 1st standard soon!
Positives that I consider in Millenniun - 
1) Bagless School - I wonder why this seems to be a problem with a few parents? Isnt this a better way to go to school rather than burdening the kids with a heavy bag? Atleast schools in US & Singapore (where I have been - dont know about other countries) the schools are bagless by default!
2) Lot of sport activities - or atleast facilities which are available for higher classes - ie. 1st standard onwards
3) Extra curricular - kitchen activities / dance / science workshops / acting classes etc
3) Close to my house - 4kms -  v. imp for me 
Now the Negatives which I have noticed till now - 
1) If you consider the overall staff of the school, the level of English (grammar & accent both) of not all teachers seems to the mark - I may be too particular on this topic but just feel that my son should learn correct spoken English since its an International Language
2) There seems to be some management issues due to which some trial & error methods are employed. Change is always good but Consistency is better!
3) May be due to change in management - attrition seems to be a new issue in the school. This can happen with any organization, but its good for the kids to keep seeing familiar faces which brings a sense of security in them at early ages

Now, if I have to change my son's school then which one should I be picking up?
I have cancelled the following options - 
1) Sanskriti - Too far from my place
2) SSRVM - too far from my place
3) City Intl - No infrastructure
4) VIBGYOR - not so motivating reviews from parents who are sending their kids (would rather stick to Millennium)

So the options am left with - 
1) Vikhe Patil - seems to have all positive reviews
2) Ryan - a new branded school which looks promising (dont know the facts though)

Please suggest - especially who have kids in Millennium (higher standards) whether we should take a chance for admissions in these schools?
Please mention any reviews of these schools in comparison to Millennium
I have always kept SSC board schools aside and dont want to go to Abhinav, Karnataka, Seva Sadan etc


iDAD 2017-02-13 18:17:23


Hi....did u choose any school over Millennium?
Can you share your thoughts
Thanks :)

r12345678 2017-07-14 19:20:51


Hi all, I checked this discussion thread after a long time. @ AmrutaC, no I havent yet changed my daughter's school. I do want to change but I cant seem to find any suitable alternative.  I dont like traditional schools like abhinav, karnatak etc. I've head positive reviews about seva sadan but I think its very hard to get in. 

What are good school options in kothrud, sinhagad road area?


iDAD 2017-08-02 19:06:43


I somewhere agree with you. We hardly have choices in our area. I am not sure how good is seva sadan.
Vikhe Patil is good but no vacancies!
I am thinking of Ryan International School which is close to Kothrud. Its ICSE and has a good brand value but at the same time have heard mixed reviews. Infact the school is quite new so if anyone has first hand reviews on Ryan - pls let us know.


MKTK1 2017-08-03 03:14:59


I would like to add Walnut school Shivane branch. From the look of website and founder Arpita karkare who was core member of Millennium earlier school supposed to be good. Any thoughts on Walnut ?

Pravda 2019-08-29 17:31:28


I am shifting from Bangalore to  Pune next year and am in the process of shortlisting schools for my son who will be in grade 4. I would like to get a feedback on Millenium. Also do they have Hindi as second langauge?


chitraarun 2020-02-04 11:49:44


Hi, Was following the thread abt Millennium school as I am looking for a admission for my daughter for the 7th grade. As we are from Mangalore wherein the pressure of bags ,books and studies broke tge morale of my daughter as well as me, millennium attracted me , but wud like to know how good are they 1) infrastructure (I heard they don't have a decent building nor a playground) 2)quality of teaching 3) fees Please do help me with this at Regards Chitra


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