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akshu 2009-05-02 16:15:54


hi all pune moms,

my son will be 3.5 yrs by june 2009.we r shifting to pune by july probably,right now we r at chennai.i heard that admissions are over in most of the schools.Anyhow can anyone help with suggestions like which area is good to live ,how much is the rentals for a normal 2 bedroom flat,also good cbse schools or playgroups nearby?kindly share ur views


RMA 2009-05-05 10:49:05


Hi Akshu

Your queries can only be answered if you tell me where in Pune are you planning to move to. A 2-BHK rental can vary from 6000/- to 18000/- depending on the area and the amenities provided by the society. Don't worry about schools. You have plenty of good playschools around for your son - Eurokids,  Zeekids, Saplings, Sparkles and so on....After 6-8 months you could start seeking admissions for your son to any good school you like. This will give you enough time to get acquainted with the place also.

If you are particular about CBSE, I would suggest DPS. This is in Kondwa - Mohammadwadi, Pune or DAV which is in Aundh, Pune.


akshu 2009-05-05 15:24:40


Thanku RMA for ur reply!

we haven't decided the place yet.since we r moving a bit late i know admission to a good school is going to be depending on the school we wud like to select the house locality.we can afford 10.000 rental max.also heard viman nager is a good locality .will my son get admitted into lkg in a good cbse school bcos when i browsed i found his age is less ... he will be in nursery i guess,whereas in chennai this age he can easily get into lkg!



RMA 2009-05-08 10:59:48


Viman Nagar is a good place..

You could check out at City International School there..It follows the CBSE board but I cannot comment on the school. Then there is Army Public School -Viman Nagar, again a good school but you may not get an admission now..

Take care.



akshu 2009-05-12 11:11:25


thanks RMA !will check out these schools



Srichi 2009-05-13 19:33:09



I work in Viman Nagar and its a good place to live. I am sure you can get a 2 BHK for rent for 10K. (maybe lesser).

As far as schools are concerned, admissions are over for this academic year. I can suggest you a school where you can still try . the name of the school is Vatsalya, located in NIBM. (close to Viman nagar).

This is a CBSE board school started last year. Check it out & welcome to Pune




akshu 2009-05-14 15:16:45


thanku Srichi,

will checkout that school...also looking for a flat in viman nagar


kav 2009-11-18 23:25:26


Hi akshu,

Have u settled in Pune? I am basically from chennai and staying in Bangalore. I  will be shifting to pune in March next year. Can you please guide me to a good cbse school in pune. I have 2 kids one in 3rd and another in ukg. Please add on your suggestions. thanks waiting for your reply.



akshu 2009-11-19 11:15:09


Hi Kav,

i was in pune for 6 months only.My husband requested for a transfer to Chennai and luckily he got that.Now am in chennai,kind of settled now.But Pune was an excellant city u can enjoy the climate,shopping,parties,visiting spots,multiplexes...I stayed in Ganga Orchard,Mundhwa road,Koregaon Park ext..,I thoroughly enjoyed living in that colony and my kid too..all amenities available.

My kid is studying lkg at EuroKids.That school is transferable anywhere in India.He is now transferred from eurokids pune to eurokids chennai kottivakkam.But majority of the kids in that colony (around 350 -400 flats there) were studying in Bishop's and in DPS.The kids were really smart from what i observed.I also heard good about Kendriya vidyala cbse .U can check out from other parentree friends at pune.




kav 2009-11-19 21:14:30


Hi Akshu,

Thanks a ton for ur immediate reply. I would check with others also. Have u heard about millineium national school ,karvenagar? How far is Koregaon Park to Dps? How is this area? Do you have South indians here? How much you have to shell out for 2 and 3 bd apt here.  I heard Audh is quite expensive.  Expecting your reply. Thanks a lot. Keep in touch.




NJ 2009-11-20 09:57:47


kav, there is more concentration of south indians in Rastha peth and Khadki. Rasta peth has more tamilians and khadki has more malayalees. There is also a good concetration of Tamilians in hadapsar. Koregaon park is hip and cosmopolitan. I'm south indian too and I stay at kothrud which is a typical maharashtrian area, puneri basically due to its proximity to my workplace. The area mundhwa was considered a bit remote earlier. It comes after koregaon park, but now it is one of the upcoming areas. DPS is in Kondwa. It will be about 12-15 kms from Koregaon park to Kondwa.

If you choosing Millenium national school, staying in Kothrud/Karvenagar/Erandwana is more approachable. The rentals for 2 bhk in kothrud and Karvenagar is ~10000 and for Erandwana it will be about 2 to 5k more.

If you are choosing DPS, then staying in Kondwa, Hadapsar-Handewadi road, viman nagar (sakore colony) will be accessible. The DPS bus comes to these locations. If you decide on Kondwa stick to NIBM road. Hadapsar-Handewadi is a bit congested, but you get very cheap rentals there even for 4 to 5k for 2 bhk. Viman nagar sakore colony is a posh place. You can also try Magarpatta. This place is a city in itself, very good lifestyle. The DPS bus comes here also. The rentals for 2 bhk will be about 8 to 10k and you get more choices of rentals in this place.

Other CBSE schools are Vikhe patil which is in Senapati Bapat road( khadki is accessible area, rent ~10k for 2 bhk), DAV which is in Aundh(Areas accessible to this place is pimple saudagar, pimple nilakh, Aundh itself, Baner-Balewadi and Rahatani).


NJ 2009-11-20 09:58:47


Pune is a lovely place. You will love it!!!. Except for its proximity to our home towns, the rest is too good. People are friendly, helpful, broadminded and give you your space.


NJ 2009-11-20 10:05:42


Another thing to add is Baner-Pashan link road, Sus-Pashan link road will also be very accessible to Aundh. Aundh is quite expensive, about 15 k for 2 bhk. But Pashan is cheaper. It will be about 8 to 10k for 2 bhk.


akshu 2009-11-20 11:48:59


hi kav,

To make things easy,first shortlist few schoolmay be 3 schools.Once u get admission confirmed ,decide on the recidence area.I payed 13k for a double bhk posch flat .But u can get diff ranges from 8k to 13k.I think NJ has shared in detail  for you!that should help..


kav 2009-11-20 20:55:55


Hi NJ,

thanks a lot for your details.It would be great if you provide me some more information about cbse schools. I can't just depend on DPS,  I heard  DAV is crowded. Please tell me Whether Millenium National is cbse or state? How about vatsalya?Any other good cbse schools? I need to have atleast 4-5 options with me because i have to get admission for both my kids in one school (which is not going to be easier). I enquired DPS they said they give applications during March. How about other schools?I want to come one shot and finalize the things.

I'am not familiar with the places in pune. I had visited once couple of months ago. Office would be some where in chinchwada (hope i spelled it correct). i visited Pashan and Audh area I liked the place. How far would be Kondwa from office?.

Once again I would thank you for patiently replying for my mail.

take care. Bye



kav 2009-11-20 21:06:11


Hi akshu,

thanks once again. NJ had provided me with over all information  about pune residence. You are right I have to short list the schools. My only worry is not many cbse schools are there most of them are icse. If i get through the school 3/4 of my tension is gone. Adjusting to the place and the area is not a problem. My only concern is the admission. 

Are you working in chennai? My regards to the little one.bye

keep in touch



NJ 2009-11-23 02:25:24


Looks like Millenium national school is exclusively SSC. I just checked their website. I had thought earlier it was CBSE. I do not have any feedback about this school. I have not heard of Vatsalya school. I do not know about the admission procedure of any of the schools. Other CBSE schools that i have heard of apart from dps and dav are -

- The Orchid school in Baner. But my friend did not put her kid there since they do not have playground. Other wise its a hip school with spacious classrooms and low student to teacher ratio.

- Vikhe patil memorial at Senapati Bapat road.

- Army public school at camp.

- Airforce school at viman nagar

- Kendriya vidyalaya at dehu road(they probably have other branches also. probably in pimpri or chinchwad itself. You probably can call one branch number and enquire if they have branch in pimpri , chinchwad also)

If you are working in chinchwad, apart from pimpri and chinchwad itself, Pashan, Aundh, Pimple saudagar, Pimple nilakh, rahatani, wakad, End of Baner will be accessible places to stay. Among the cbse schools, DAV and Orchid will be the most accessible. I know one of my collegue has put her kid in DAV and is very impressed by the school. But I heard getting in is tough. I heard they distribute only 100 application forms. I suggest you visit DAV school anyway and decide for yourself before you write it off as its a very prestigious school in Pune.

Kondwa is too far from Pimpri Chinchwad. Its the exact opposite location and you have to cross the entire city traffic to get there from chinchwad. Makes sense to stay there if you are working in Magarpatta, Nagar road, Viman nagar or anywhere in the north or east of Pune.




NJ 2009-11-23 02:37:12


I just remembered, one of my colleague who stays in pimple saudagar had put his daughter in Podar International school. She studies in LKG. I looked up the link and found its CBSE syllabus-


kav 2009-11-23 22:51:14


Hi NJ,

Thanks a lot. I will check with podar. Regarding DAV I heard the ratio of student  and teacher is more, Is it true?




NJ 2009-11-24 10:21:56


In my collegues daughters class its 43 students. She is in 10th.



kav 2009-11-24 21:15:19


Hi NJ,

I browsed the cbse schools, I have a problem now most of the schools have marathi as their 3rd lang compulsory. My elder one here has got only 2nd lang they don't have 3rd language. My hope of getting a school is deminished now. I really don't know what to do? I don't have many options with me.



NJ 2009-11-25 10:15:08



Yes, All the schools here have compulsary Marathi as the 3rd language except for the international schools like Sharad pawar international , Mercedes benz , symbiosis, etc where they follow the cambridge curriculum and not the indian boards like SSC,ICSE and CBSE. I'm not sure if you have long term plans here since in that case learning the local langauge is a good thing. Secondly since this is only the 3rd language, you dont have to necessarily score high marks in it and just a pass will do in the school term tests, since it will not be a subject for the Indian board exams. So your kids do not have to concentrate much on it. Also since your kids are in the lower classes only, they will be more flexible in learning new languages. You can keep some tuitions for them for few months if required for Marathi till they learn the basics of Marathi like alphabets etc.  


kav 2009-11-25 15:24:49


Hi NJ,

My elder one is already in 3rd and will be in 4th next year. She can't learn Marathi alphabets because the other kids had been learning it for the past 3 yrs. I don't mind learning another language but she won't be given any preference when she can't even understand basics. I don't think i will have problem for my younger one he will be moving to 1st only next year.


NJ 2009-11-25 16:08:11



I am not understanding on what you mean by "but she won't be given any preference when she can't even understand basics". Do you mean to say that schools will not give her preference for admission because she does not know Marati?. If thats the case then the schools here does not give admission depending on if one knows the local language or not. If she can communicate in English during the interview then that will be fine.

In case you were worrying from the point that she will not be able to cope up with a new language since she is already in 3rd standard, let me tell you, that I started learning Tamil only when I was around 8 years old and that too as a 3rd language in my school, since till then I was in Libya and Kerala(Alleppey). My 2nd language was always Hindi or French. The 3rd language syllabus was very easy, like just alphabets , some words etc. Me and my brother went for tutions for some time and thats about it. We just needed to pass the 3rd language test to get a rank in our class. And we never had the 3rd language for higher classes(I think from 8th std onwards). What I am trying to say here is that your daughter will be fine, just give it a shot and see how it works, I have been there.


Nishali 2009-12-08 13:40:16


I am looing for a good cbse school for my son. I stay in warje. please guide me. I went through the posts but could not get much lead. how is City International school in Kothrud?


NJ 2009-12-08 14:56:10


I'm not aware of anyone going to city international school, so sorry cannot give feedback on that. One of my collegues son used to go to Rosary school at warje. Its ICSE board. They have got cent percent results in board exams for the last 5 years atleast. They stress a lot on academics and send lot of homework for the children. But he was anyway happy with the school.


NJ 2009-12-19 13:32:33



I just got some feedback on citi international in kothrud from my flat people, so thought to post it here. It seems the teachers change frequently in that school even during the middle of the academic year. This is very difficult for the children for studies. Most of my flat mates send their children to Karnatak high school, abhinav vidyalaya or New India school. But these are SSE board. If you are staying in Kothrud, the nearest cbse school of good repute will be Vikhe patil memorial.


sawant 2010-12-07 04:06:50


 Hi ,

Please can you tell me if Delhi Public School has a playground or not.

Im in U.S currently and will be soon coming to Pune.

I have heard DPS is a very good school, and has lot of extra curricular activities also.

But I couldn't find any playground in the photos put up in their website

Thanks in Advance,





 Former member 2011-07-01 14:31:21


 2bhk flat to be rented out in Vimanagar,for families from july 2011,direct militoonatgmaildotcom.


smartkid 2011-07-08 17:00:31



we r shifting to pune from bangalore in august, my daughter is going to vibgyor bangalore we can get transfer easily but through revivews i find that it is not worth to put the ward in vibgyor pune, can u pls clarify my doubt soon as possible..



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