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Induslover 2010-06-21 19:58:28


Hello everyone

I'm one of those NRI's moving back to India for good and reason :

"the good education system of India".

As many parents I'm now little confused by this overencouragement of international curriculum in India, I'm mom of two kids 2.5yr and 7yrs old, looking after international standard of education here in England we realised that education we had was much more effective as now inspite of being a foriegner here we are able to do much better in these foriegn companies compared to local crowd here and came to conclusion that the way we were educated though with a strength of 50 students per class, our threshold to withstand pressure is much higher than those over here who have only 15/20 students per class with individual "attention".

Now we want to give similar education to our children also as we belive in that system (from our experience),this choice of having international education back home(india) which is becoming very popular as well, is not very convincing,I want to have the feedback about the whole concept, is it the same way as GCSE here in UK? What if the child want to go to local university in future?

Also is the pressure in school with local board too high for the child to cope??

Is it very hard to get addmission there, in pune (Kalayani nagar where we will be moving), and any possibilities of in between term addmission?as we have plans to mover by septmber this year.

Any feed back will be much appreciated.


Sho 2010-07-01 17:57:37



Admission though is tough, the good thing is that India has introduce a new law which says a child upto the age of 14 will have compulsory education. No child will be deprieved of it no matter from which strata s/he comes from.

I'm unaware of GCSE? If u want to send ur children in international schools, u can do so as Pune now has a few IB schools, similarly, we have ICGSE schools, CBSE and state board.

options r plenty, right choice is needed.




ad6 2010-07-15 08:56:26


I am in the same shoes as Induslover. For the children's sake what I am doing is starting them in an International school to ease the pressure to cope and then after a year or so I will decide if I want to change the school. By then I will have much better idea about the choices we have. Induslover your kids are still very young and you have plenty of time. Each child is special and I would not decide for my child based on someone else in a completely different environment.


splinetol 2010-07-15 12:12:52



                Where do i begin????

"the good education system of India" that u refer to is not ancient scriptures or any great wisdom passed around in a secret conference. It was CONTINUED in India from 1947 when the british left. They uprooted indian education to put their system when they ruled. WE are STILL FOLLOWING it. What we teach in the 3 national boards and 34 state boards is second hand. Secondly, children are not RICE where u boil them or steam them in immense pressure and beleive that "Pressure' will lead to success.

The indian kid comes out smarter not becuase of "the good education system of India" nor the "pressure", but becuase the civilization is older, the natural genius is embedded in him, it is submerged but not detroyed.

Now the technicals....GCSE is the same(similar) as IGCSE which has been adapted for the international exams in India, and is widely accepted in colleges in India and worlwide. IB is only popular in grade 11 and 12 (IBDP) in India as they dont conduct exams in classes earler.  Among all boards IGCSE is gaining huge popularity in urban India for the permutation and combination of subjects and choices the board offers.Those cover international boards.

ICSE and CBSE are national boards. ICSE is a private board(it is the continued board of the british, although now more foward thinking)  and is more english and literature centric and known to be more in-depth with parts of their curriculum and some flexibility in subject choices. CBSE is cetral govt run and sort of 'politicized' but suits those with transferable jobs as CBSE schools are all over and those that want to get into taking nationalized exams later as the style of academics is very angled towards national exams. yeah theres NIOS but thats open schooling.

Lastly u have maharashtra state board (since ur moving to pune) ......!!!!!!

Finally a word of caution.... the school is more important than the board u choose.

A school is practially autonomous till class 8. It creates its own curriculum. Only in class 9 and 10 it follows a board curriculum. So pick a school over a board. 




Nshah 2010-09-29 00:27:30


 Hi Induslover

I was wondering if you'd moved to Pune now and how you were getting on.  Have you chosen a school for your children?

We are moving from the UK to Pune in November 2010 and would appreciate any advise you have with regards international schools.




pagpri 2018-03-19 20:04:25


What school did you choose for your kid? we have a 7 year old boy and we plan to move in a years time. 

pagpri 2018-03-19 20:05:10


What school did you pick for your child?

A0601 2021-03-13 21:35:49


So are the IB schools better than the regular school. Feels like too much commercialization around IB. Is IB a good option for locals if looking for quality education?


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