Indus International School (IB Curriculum) - is it better than CBSE / ICSE?

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iDAD 2016-09-22 18:47:42


Dear Friends,
My son is studying in Sr. KG (UKG) Millennium National School which I find to be fairly good CBSE School!
However, when I start thinking of the competition in today's world, the overall development which we aspire to provide to our kids and....... may be an attraction of something that you dont know exactly but feel must be better..... then a thought strikes am I giving the BEST to my son or is he missing out something? 
We all aspire that our kids should get what we didnt get..... but then we should also ensure that we are not running after a mirage!
May be for overall development of my son, for efficient Communication skills, for a wider vision of life, for them to develop self-confidence and become street smart its good to expose him to IB curriculum. Then looking at the fees a thought strikes is it value for money? Will my son stay grounded after studying in a top notch IB school like - Indus International School 
Nobody, including me, would like to play gamble with our kids future
Are there any other parents like me with this kind of dilemma?
Can someone share some benefits / negatives of being in Indus International School?
Please share your views.............


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