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The Bishops School - Kalyaninagar

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Colours 2010-06-11 20:04:07


Could anybody give some ideas about this school please...  planning to move to Pune, so thinking about this  school for my 6yr old son..  anybody there, whose littleone  going to this school???  he doesn't know Hindi, will that be a BIG issue???  At what stage(year) they'll start writing and reading local language in this school?  How hard is it to get an admission?? when is the time to apply , for June2011 session?

what are the good international schools near this area??  your inputs will be much be appreciated...


karialeena 2010-06-14 21:59:57




I have a daughter in Sr. Kg and have done a lot of research on Pune schools last year.

I am not very impressed with Bishops - they have large class sizes and your child will get attention only if he/she is super bright. Else the child gets lost in the crowd. 


Reg schools - it depends on which part of Pune you plan to live in. 






ad6 2010-07-15 09:02:47


check out symbiosis international school.


AartiR 2010-07-15 09:09:34


Symbiosis school might be good as a pre school but starting 1st std the fees is huge somewhere in the range of 4 lacs per year, last year entire batch passing out of Sr Kg moved out of Symbi because of this and secondly because of the crowd that the kids see around them in school. If you really belong to really really rich business class then should not be a problem but still when I visited it that day College exams were and there is a tea tapri bang opposite the school main gate wherein all students (mostly girls) were hanging out SMOKING and enjoying with their BFs , if this doesn't hurt you and you are able to manage the fees then no issues. MAinly I felt it is a school for PAGE 3 types kids coming from affluent families.


Colours 2010-07-16 21:15:39


Thanks alot, Aarti, that was a  genuine reply..  What you said is true, kids will change as per their friends and classmates, the environment, and the people around will have a great influence on them.  and then the fee,  I might be able to afford the fee at this point, but its not going to end there in KG and STD1, right?  next 12 i don't think thats going to work...  So thanks a lot, let me know if there is any other good schools in that area, which won't pressurise the kids that much.  Because for me, i want him to enjoy his childhood as much as he can now.

Thanks again



aparnab 2010-07-21 16:39:56


hi colours,

i am not sure of bishops, hv not heard very many good things abt it. a lot of children from this area go to Vibgyor. you might want to check it out. i don't hv any first hand experience, as i'm still in the searching for good school phase.




Colours 2010-07-21 20:54:10


Thanks ab...  please do update, if you find out anything good at the end of your search   I think its gonna take a loooooong time for us to find a school which will tick all our boxes....  I can only be hopeful.....Thanks once again...and good luck with ur search.


srsavi 2010-08-26 11:20:47


I joined the Pune group and here I am on this school section !

I also got my son admitted to Bishop's Kalyani Nagar in Nursery this year . I was very apprehensive about asending him to a big school so early as to how will he cope in a class with so many students , he was not toilet trained will he manage .

There were days initially when I actually came home and cried ! Because I thought he would have been better off in a smaller school :) But its been 2 months now and I find that he has settled in well .

He is very small , so obviously does not tell me everything that happens in class verbatim but they do a lot of colouring and ABC learning and lots and lots of rhymes which he likes and recites as per his mood .

Though the number of children are more but when I spoke to the teacher she seems to know what each student does . I still feel the expectations are too high , for instance his sheets come back with practice colouring remark on every single sheet and that puts me off ! They probably need to realize that a kid  who is not yet 3 will not be able to colour perfectly but I have learnt to live with it and not pressurize him .

We had also taken admission in Symbiosis school as a backup if he didnt get through here , but we were looking at that for only the first three years till UKG because I believe the foundation a kid would get there with the personal attention would have been great ! But since you cannot afford it from 1st onwards   a long term school was better .

Around Kalyani Nagar Viman Naagr you dont have too many options anyways .


vaidyasomesh 2010-10-18 14:38:02



Could you please  list the fee structure. I want to admit my daughter to Bishop's or Pawar public school. Want to know about fee structure before hand.

Also does anybody have idea about Pawar public school and teaching facilities there.


aloknandan 2010-11-15 12:26:03


Can some one give little idea about fee structure of Bishop's Kalyani Nagar for Nursery ?

Thanks in advance




amitpatole 2011-02-28 02:54:21




can someone please post about fee structure and ;) (Donations)

I am planning for my 2.5 yrs daughter for this school


srsavi 2011-02-28 13:02:07


They have hiked the fee by 15% this year onwards.

I think we paid 22K as the term fee -  twice and a one time admission fee of 12/15K .

I am not too sure.

Donation - I dobnt know I thiught everyone got threough just the interview. But I have heard people say they sometimes ask for 2 l Rs donation but I dont know about it.




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