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simu19 2016-05-21 13:24:19


Hello Parents,
I need a help from you. I am totally new to pune and shifting to pune on 1st June from Gurgaon.
My son will go to STD-1 this year. He was attending a CBSE school though I am fine with ICSE as well.
My office will be in Kalyani Nagar, So kindly suggest a school for my Son and any pointers towards if I can get admission.
I am fine with 8-10KM radius of Kalyani Nagar.
I will be really grateful for this piece of information.

Poem 2016-05-24 17:41:04


Hi Simu19,
In Kalyaninagar, below schools are famous. However, admission might be a problem
1. Bishops (ICSE) 2. St. Arnolds Central School (CBSE)
You can check Lexicon International (CBSE), which is comparatively new, however you might get admission there. But there's no playground.
Other new schools are Sanskriti (CBSE)-11.4km and The Kalyani School (CBSE)-10.5 km. These are new schools and admissions won't be problem here.
I shifted in month of April, and i took admission for him in the Kalyani school for grade-3.


Zsk85 2016-06-06 11:46:06


There are quite a few schools in the area:
1. Bishops (ICSE)
2. St. Arnolds Central School (CBSE)
3. Lexicon International (CBSE)
4. CP Goenka School (IB)
5. The Kalyani School (CBSE)


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