School Admission 2017-2018

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041711 2017-05-28 15:32:23


Hi all... Just read the posts regarding the school admissions for current academic year, till now my daughter was studing in treehouse school she will be in grade 3 now... But due to the management issues i decided to look for another school since its for grade 3 it becomes v difficult for lateral adimission. I stay at pashan so was interested for a school close to my residence, after a rigorous hunt i came across Suryadatta national school, which i found to be good but quite underated, i went to the school met the principal in person saw the premises and was really happy with everything. School is cbse board with affiiliation in place, the infrastructure is good and its well equiped, teachers r supportive too. Location is Bavdhan School it till xth garde Fees around 60k + depending on the grade. Bus facility available. On top of everything as of now there r qyite lesa no. Of students and the dont even intend to cross the no.more than 25 per class. Which is an additional benefit for children that they get personal attention by teachers. Apart from regular school studies it also provide various extra curricular activities with 1 hr dedicated for it every single working day.2nd n 4th sat is no bag day so ita again activity time for children. In all a goos school... Although this is my personal experience, still i wud recommend this school to the parents who r looking for lateral admission or even for the PG kids.


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