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Rajesh23281 2016-01-29 11:48:08


I would recommand parents to give feedback about this school.

Rajesh23281 2016-01-30 13:42:39


Hi Concerned,
This is Rajesh Choudhary and its my feedback for My Daughter in The Lexicon International School, Hadapsar, Pune. A three year kid.  
I want to share my feedback with this school. Its regarding New Admission process these guys have, which is really pathetic, they should improve it. 
I did not feel anywhere in these three days that I reached to a school where they will take good care of my 3 years Child, I strongly felt they are money making machines only. My question is should I really believe on this International Tag School.
If you felt same echo it, community voice is best voice.  

vbpune 2016-02-01 15:33:41


They do not use "international" in name. Please recheck.

What information you are looking for in particular? 

I can say its not that bad. At least they do teach their students. 


vbpune 2016-02-08 12:19:12


I would request for a balanced view. Not necessarily when you go for another school will not have an issue that you would not be worried about. I hear many feedbacks from renowned school of getting no appointment with principal, behaviour of teachers, having no subject teachers, unfair allocation to sports group, charging unnecessary money, etc. I remember that St Mary was in news around a year back for returning many children for they were late.


son1234 2016-04-04 09:31:28


@vpune, Are you blogger for lexicon school :) . If not I would like to right one story and you judge your own. 
I had appointment for Nursery admission. I was late for 5 minutes, school took this personally and had to wait for 1 hour, as in 5 mins its Principle had given that slot to someone else. 
I felt that it I did blonder as I missed 5 mins. In that one hour I was called 3 times by receptionist with a look that why I am here. (1 Time). Fill this form, I filled that and submitted to her. (2. time) Go and submit 200 rupee to accounts for interview fee  (3. Time) Oh.. you are waiting for administration (4. Time) You got appointment, submit your mobile at reception, you can not take mobile inside principle cabin.

My questions to Lexicon.

* Is this necessary to declare Annual CTC in your admission form. What you achieve from that ?
* how you justify you increasing fee every year ?
* When you will clean a Garbage near to your School Premises, How you justify your school hygienic Tag with this Garbage ?
* Are parents coming with Bomb in there Mobile so one need to keep that at reception ? Are you trying to get donations based on their CTC ?
* Are you in Education Business for making money only or have a vision to increase quality of education ?
* If you are confident about your quality of education service, why don't you open/link a social platform with They will show you real face of your education :) 



son1234 2016-04-04 09:40:34


@vpune they do not use for Hadpsar school but for reset all see link These schools I did not visit so I should not comment, but I can guarantee they have a plan to use international tag for this school too soon. 

son1234 2016-04-04 09:43:21


@vpune they do not use for Hadpsar school but for reset all see link These schools I did not visit so I should not comment, but I can guarantee they have a plan to use international tag for this school too soon. Such ParentSpeak's do not work. Make it discussion forum.

Ashish390 2016-10-10 19:26:34


I went to inquire for admission in this school at Hadapsar. They have asked me to pay Rs 500 as interaction charge to meet principal. What do you say about this? Is it pathetic?

babuaditya 2016-10-14 15:06:07


I went to inquire for admissions of my daughter in lexicon school, first time coordinator tell me please wait, after some time she call then gave me a form to fill then again wait , actually I had to meet to principal, then I said mam I have to meet principal then she asked me to pay 200 rupee.I said for what , she said this is interaction fee with principal, what is this I never heard this tipe of fee. The are trying to take money from anyway.

pihu1 2016-10-24 15:09:32


Dear All,
   Its true they are only money making school under international brand,quality of education is very poor.

Pratik Kapse

pihu1 2016-10-24 15:13:10


Dear Parents,
   Do you have reviews of Tree house school & Green woods school hadapsar.

Pratik Kapse


240316 2017-04-26 00:44:20


Hello, I was seeking admission for my kid in 8th class. I tried to contact with school for a week but no one was keen to pick the phone. At last i visit to school from moshi to hadapsar around d 35 km for admission enquiry. Security not allowed me to go on reception as it was 11.45 and told me that tomorrow before 11. None of school staff is having value of other time. Think from 35 km they are saying come tomorrow for enquiry. What the school. I visited almost all of pune schools but this school is too much pathetic. This happened on 24 Apr 17

240316 2017-04-26 00:45:02


I am talking about lexicon school hadapasar


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