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starmommy 2015-12-29 14:18:44


Hi all, We are looking to buy a property in Pune where we will be staying. My son will be 5 years so i am looking to get a house at area where there are more no of schools to choose from. I am preferably looking for CBSC or ICSE board. It will be great if any of you can guide me on the same. Thanks.

kunjoos 2015-12-29 22:00:03


Camp area has more number of schools mainly convent schools either ICSE or SSC board. NIBM and Undri,  Kondhwa are having CBSE and ICSE schools. Am staying in Undri only coz of the schools options in this area. Camp is almost 5-6 km from Undri. NIBM to Undri is 2km n Kondhwa also same distance. 

PoonamG 2015-12-30 11:47:32


I would suggest you to finalize school first. There are many good CBSE schools near nal stop/Kothrud too. There are a few in Aundh Baner area.

tatvamasi 2015-12-30 16:08:26


A number of CBSE/ICSE schools are on the western side (Aundh/Baner/Balewadi/Wakad); Orchid, Vibgyor, Indira Kids, Akshara, Wisdom World, DAV, Vikhe Patil. These are relatively newer compared to the schools in Camp (Bishops/St marys) though.

starmommy 2015-12-30 18:57:02


Thank you people for your prompt replies. My concern is we are currently residing out of India. We will be coming there only in 2017 at that time my son will be 5 yrs. Hence i m not able to zero down on any particular school as of now. But however need to buy the property by 2016 that is why i m asking for favourable areas for schools. I will appreciate your responses on the same. Thank you.

vbpune 2015-12-30 21:36:35


If I just go with your original question; Wanawadi is answer since its nearer to camp with all old schools and also nearer to nibm with dps, bishops, vibgyor, euro school etc.

However, I guess you should just not look at the list of schools but rather should look at schools where your kid can get admitted to. In 2017, you might be trying for std-1 or std-2. Taking rational view, you may have thin chances of admission in old reputed one and may end up in newer ones which has fees on a bit higher side. So even if you go new IT hubs like wakad, magarpatta or kharadi, it will not hurt you because there will always a school nearby.

tatvamasi 2016-01-01 10:28:49


I would suggest school admission in a reputed school is more difficult than buying a property, so make that a higher priority. There is tons of construction everywhere in Pune, and prices have stabilized (even decreased in some cases), so first shortlist a few schools, see where you get admission, and then buy a property nearby.


kunjoos 2016-01-01 20:24:28


If I want to buy a property in Pune then finalise a place which u can afford + quality construction etc. Places like Aundh Baner Balewadi Kothrud are in crores. It's already a developed and crowded place. Wanawadi is good but it's costly and crowded now. That's y I recommended Undri which is also less expensive for buying a property. Wagholi is okay but not much of school options. Bavdhan is good but it is becoming expensive now and they have few expensive schools like Mercedes Benz school, Sanskriti school etc. Kothrud is near to bavdhan so u can try that place too. Getting admission in 1st std is difficult in convent schools but u can try there also many schools give preference to ppl who come on transfers. 


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