Need to speak to some parent whose child is already studying in Sanskriti School Wagholi Pune

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palli2005 2015-12-01 14:50:43


My 3.5 yr old son is already attending a school in Wagholi, Pune in Nursery class, but i wish to change the school, as i don't feel teachers are that mature to understand how to deal with kids in tender manner.
I have zeroed-in on Sanskriti School Wagholi. Can someone please let me know, how is the behavior of teachers with kids? Do your kids love to go to school? How are the studies, is it practical oriented or just mug up things???
I wish to talk to some parent regarding my concern as i have had not so good experience with current school, despite it being very popular.
I would wish to know the real environment of Sanskriti School Wagholi.
If you wish to call me, please call me at +91 9881697075.

raja401 2016-01-07 16:52:33


Hi Am currently in Germany but can share my experience with you (Will try and call when back in India)

We moved to Pune (from Frankfurt, Germany) 2 years ago and initially shifted to Baner. We have 2 kids â€" Boy (4) and Girl (6) who joined the Lavale Campus first and then we moved to Viman Nagar so transferred to the Wagholi Branch

Here are our experiences for the Wagholi Campus

a)      Large open grounds and facilities like horse riding (from higher classes) are a big plus for us because my wife and I were looking for a school with access to good extra- curricular activites and are quite happy on that front

b)      The school seems to have a personal touch where the senior team of the school knew the name of our kids and their prior history well in each of our interactions. We can only hope that the same continues even when the school strength increases

c)       Our older child (Daughter) could only speak German, English when we moved back but has very quickly picked up Hindi and even though she is bright child and we worked hard but the school also put in efforts for extra attention to help her cope

d)      We like the fact that the parent community in both school campuses seems like a diverse and cosmopolitan bunch with similar views as that also helps in creating the right environment

e)      We wish the school had a cafeteria but upon interacting with the Headmistress and getting their take we understand their viewpoint and rationale

f)       Most importantly our kids are very happy with the school and seeing them happy and motivated is the most important factor for us

Ultimately I guess we would give Sanskriti Wagholi an 8.5/10 , There are of course some areas for improvement but overall we are quite happy with our decision so far



avishi09 2016-02-03 15:03:16


Hi.. How much time does ur child take from viman nagar to wagholi. .as my daughter will be starting from this is the bus service from viman nagar..does it take too much of time. How many kids are there in bus.. .I am still in the process of moving from Aundh to Viman nagar/kharadi...any updates would be helpful..

Paresh123 2016-12-08 20:44:12


Sanskriti school of wagholi is asking me to submit original birth certificate for LKG admission. should i submit the certificate ?

rs18 2018-11-27 12:46:12


Hello @raja401. Very good review. Thanks. I am also looking for my daughter's admission in jr kg next year. I am exploring two areas either PICT Model in Baner which is near my home or any other good school nearby kalyani nagar/ wagholi. which is nearer to my office. We are open to shift near daughter's school in future to reduce her travel time.

Hoping you are back in India. What is your current experience with the school? do you recommend any other cbse school near by?



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