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baarish 2015-10-31 17:12:53


A couple of weeks back, I started searching for an international school for my 5 years old. As many of you are aware, basically there are 2 international boards namely IGCSE and IB. Out of which IB is known for the most premium quality education.
I got to know that IB has 3 divisions for different age groups. i.e. Primary Years Program - IB PYP (upto grade 5), Middle Years Program - IB MYP (grade 6-10), Dimploma- IBDP(grade 11-12).
I had discussions with few branded schools who claim to be providing IB. Also there are schools which provide IB education for PYP(grade 1-5), IGCSE (grade 9-10), and again IBDP (grade 11-12).
It was annoying. Why a school would not provide IB MYP(grade 6-10). Possibly because they have a to pay huge royality or there are strict guidelines from the board which is difficult to follow.

I took a deep dive into my research and found websites from IB and IGCSE where I can find the schools affiliated to their boards. Here are those.

IB -

Surprising I found out that many schools who claim to provide IB through out, do not actaully have affiliation for MYP. And also I found these schools among India's best IB schools. I doubt whether we have an inspecting body in India to ensure that the schools provide the certicaties they claim.

I was really disheartened after finding this and started searching for IGCSE schools from the above website. When I called few of them they said that they only provide IB boards and do not provide IGCSE education at all, they follow Indian academic cycle instead of Aug to May etc.

I didn't mention any name here as I don't intend to defame any of them. However when it comes to IB schools, I felt Mercedes-Benz is the best in Pune.

I still believe there are good ones who cheat on this info but still provide quality education. But as parent we need to take an informed decission before enrolling our child.

 Former member 2015-10-31 18:04:55


Hi Baarish, 
I've been doing a similar research. I have visited the school that you are alluding to.  I had my concerns about their own integrated curriculum for the MYP. I spoke to a parent whose children have completed the schooling from the said school. He said the integrated curriculum was well-designed and executed. 
I visited the school, and the curriculum and pedagogy seemed satisfactory, But I wasn't happy with the infrastructure of the school. It was nowhere 'international'. My own state board school boasted of a huge campus with many facilities at a nominal cost. I know it is an unfair comparison, but I think if I am paying such whopping fees, infrastructure should be a given. 
Merc-Benz is undoubtedly good, but out of reach for many (most!)
I have found 2 IGCSE schools near my area (Viman Nagar). I was happy with the curriculum. Again I wasn't impressed with the infrastructure. At least they follow the IGCSE norms when it comes to curriculum. I cannot comment on teacher quality. 
Have you shortlisted any school? I am still in the process. 


baarish 2015-10-31 20:45:56


Hi Joeysmom,

I think you didn't get my point. So, lemme clarify it here. I am glad about the schools who honestly inform us about what accreditations they have. I am talking about the ones who do not make it very clear. For e.g., visit TISB website. They have mentioned about PYP, MYP and Diploma where in they have not used the terms 'IB' for PYP or MYP. And if you check about hem at, it would be clear that they don't have accreditations from IB for PYP or MYP. Similarly, when I searched about Indus International Pune, they have only PYP and MYP which are IB programs. Also I found Indus International school under CIE accreditation in cie website where as they don't mention about CIE/IGCSE at their own website.


RoshMom 2015-11-06 18:54:16


Hi Baarish, probably they are IB candidate schools. 


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