Which is a balanced school in East Pune?

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 Former member 2015-10-20 15:55:26


Hello everyone, 

We've just moved to Pune. I am looking for a balanced school for my 3 year old. By balanced I mean a school which places emphasis both on academics as well as co-curricular activities such as music, art, drama etc. 

I have shortlisted an international school which offers the above, but the fees is prohibitive. 
Do convents such as Bishops/St Arnolds provide balanced schooling, or they are focused solely on academics? 
How about St. Mary school for boys? DPS?
I live in Viman Nagar. Any inputs or suggestions will be very helpful. 

avishi09 2015-10-28 16:00:36


Can sumone suggest me good CBSE schools near Wagholi/Kharadi/Viman Nagar.
Iam looking for 1st standard admission for my daughter. i have zeroed on Lexicon and Sanskruti wagholi..any reviwes for same..??

Have u decided some school..??

 Former member 2015-10-28 17:39:31


You can check St, Arnold's near Vadgaon Sheri, Kalyani Nagar. I have heard good reviews from parents from my apartment complex who send their kids to this school. check the website for details. 
I am also planning to visit Sanskruti this weekend. Also check The Kalyani School, Manjiri, near Hadapsar. New school, but they have academic guidance from Shri Ram School, Delhi. 
I don't know about Lexicon. 


avishi09 2015-10-29 11:52:05



Checked with Arnold's theyont take admissions for 1st..I have to wait till Jan-feb if any vacancy. Iam keen for Sanskruti..heard gr88 reviwes from my frd whose son goes to Manas camp. As i stay in aundh not possible to visit all schools, we will be relocating in March near Kharadi or Viman Nagar.
If you are able to go Sanskruti on weekend, do share ur reviwes with me. I will try to visit Sanskruti, DPS and Kalyani on Monday as admission process is starting for them. Kalyani I need to give a buzz to check for their process procedure.

Lexicon said that they will start process in November end or December begining.

Any other school you are aware of...do share with me..as travelling from Aundh to check schools that side is not possible, u generally go with others viewes.

Thanks in Adavance.

 Former member 2015-10-30 16:30:06


Hi Avishi09, 
I visited Sanskruti today. 
A part of the school building has been constructed-the Nursery, LKG and UKG classes were bright, airy and colorful. The library is of a decent size. Couldn't check the books. 
Auditorium is under construction. Play ground is quite big and green. Proposed activities are horse-riding, football, basketball from Standard 1 onward. 
For Standard 1 and above, one time registration fee is 22500. Monthly tuition fee is Rs 4500. Additionally, there is a term fee of 4500, payable twice a year, Fees do not include books, transportation, uniforms. 
School looks okay. Not a big campus. But there is space to expand. Experience of managing the Bhukum campus will help. 
Lexicon is right opposite, but I haven''t heard good reviews. So I did not visit


avishi09 2015-10-31 12:02:38


Thanks a ton..how would u rate that school as it is still in building process. I know since no kids or teachers..u cant tell how was it.
But in general what is ur viewpoint..i have heard gr88 reviwes abt Bhukm campus.

I will be visiting that school on Monday for sure will try for Mid term admissions as we r planing to shift an no use changing schools again n again.
If any parents kids are sctudying there..please share ur reviwes as there is no single reviwe about that school.

 Former member 2015-11-03 14:20:07


Did you visit Kalyani School? Any feedback? 
Did you visit Sanskriti?

avishi09 2015-11-05 14:38:14


Hi,, Was keeping bit busy couldn't reply back... I visited both the schools on monday.. Both are excellent schools academic n sports wise. First kalyani...in sink with Shri Ram school of Delhi...one of the best schools in delhi.. Only minus point waa it was too much in interiors..n if u have travel yourself. .it is not feasible. .definetly admission fee is a alot..but school is built in a huge manner..I really love when there is playground for kids..sports are as much required as studies...

avishi09 2015-11-05 14:51:12


I liked onething tat had sports or craft activity planned for each day n after 5/6 standard they can choose anyone which they like...tat was definitely a plus point..which iam sure no other school has...gymnastics, footbsll, karate n many more... I saw almost each n every class too..labs n music rooms too..even their toilet..yes my daughter is very particular abt cleanliness in bathroom...n wow..dam clean...beautifully done.. But it was too far away from KHaradi or viman nagar..If I have to go on my own it wont be possible 4me..tstz y it was out of my list.. Sanskruti. ..I loved the classroom...library...washroom too..I never miss chcking it out. My daughter was happy meeting horses n pony. I liked their concept of kurts pyjama..met their mausi. .she was sweet enuf to tell me..tst mausis are there on stairs to take care of kids n in washroom too.. So finally I decided Sanskruti,she cleared the test as well.. Got her admission done tomorrow. .few formalities are left.. So now next job is to search for good socities near Kharadi. ..as I have heard wagholi n viman nagar has water problems..any suggestions for good societies are welcome.. DPS was very far away..n I felt it was too expensive n didnt like their points system online...u want kid or my admission in school...hav u chckd it out.

avishi09 2015-11-05 14:56:56


Bishops n Arnold I called..they said Dec/Jan if any vacancy are there then they will consider ur form..I didnt want to wait for so long n take risks for my daughter..CBSE schools are really less in pune..I chckd Lexicon from outside. .sumhow didnt get good vibes..so didnt went there..Poddar was on my way..but didnt visit as they didnt pivk up phone. All in all I will recommend Sanskruti. .I really like it..fees seems to be in control...n good facilities. ..otherwise theses days school charges like anything. . If sumone stays near Kslyani...then definitely go for it..I really liked tat school. ..

 Former member 2015-11-05 15:12:15


Hi avishi09, 
Thank you so much for the reviews. 
Congrats on taking admission to Sanskruti! Wishing your daughter a wonderful academic journey. 
I also check washrooms :)
Even I am not planning Bishops/Arnolds. 
I stay in Viman Nagar. Water issues are there, but most societies have tanker supply. So it is manageable. 
Kalyani school sounds very promising. But I don´t want to make my child travel so far. Maybe I will continue in a pre-school nearby and take admission in first standard. 
Could you please let me know the fees for Kalyani school? I was planning to visit, but unfortunately my child has been unwell since a week. 
Thanks again, and wish you a happy diwali!


 Former member 2015-11-05 16:16:15


DPS, my child is not eligible even for nursery next year. 2 months short of the criteria :( He is November born. 

avishi09 2015-12-12 19:26:13


Extremly sorry was out of town with no acess of mails...do u still require the structure..it is around 1lakh..pretty expensive..
actually my daughter is also December born..tatz y admission problem was there she will be turning 6 this year..she repeated LKG in same school as she was younger then others...but no regrets..she has an edge over others..she is very bright n active in her SKG class..unlike others who are turning 5 but not ready for 1st class yet...she is fully prepared n given a chance could compete with 1st standard kids as well..

I totally believe children never loose years but gain in all those years....

 Former member 2015-12-12 21:54:42


Hi Avishi09,
Thank you for replying.
I visited Kalyani school. LIked it a lot. However it is too far. 
My child will also have to repeat LKG, but I am okay with it. 
This year I have decided to continue at his current preschool. Will get in touch next year for your views on Sanskruti :) 


zaff 2016-01-08 19:07:48


Dear Avishi09 & Joeysmom, Glad to have seen yr posts! Relocated recently & stay near Viman Nagar (airport road). Hv a 7 yr old who wl go to the 2nd grade. Read yr reviews abt Kalyani as well as Sanskruti. Question - aren't both Manjri & Chandni Chowk far frm East Pune? Do their buses come this way? Tnxx! N

 Former member 2016-01-08 22:13:15


Hi Zaff, 
The Sanskruti school we were referring to is located at Wagholi. East Pune. (11 km away from Viman Nagar)
Kalyani School is far from Viman Nagar. Buses from Kalyani school ply in Viman Nagar. 
I am not sure of Sankruti´ś buses. You can call up the school and check. 
Welcome to Viman Nagar :) I am put up on the airport road too. 


Priyankaagl 2016-01-12 17:01:39


you've started a really good thread. was very pleased to read it.  especially conversation between you and @avishi09
me too was very  confused in looking for good balanced schools.as all the threads discuss the old list of schools.
 i am living in wakad now,and shifting to kharadi next month.my daughter is 3yrsold. looking for her admission in pre nursery. 
its very difficult to travel 30kms every weekend to visit these schools.websites to these two schools( kalyani and sanskriti) looks promising.
will try to visit these schools in the coming weekend.  can you plz, tell me the fees structure of kalyani 

and @ avishi09 In which branch of sanskriti, your daughter got admission can you help me, with the fee structure and among undri and wagholi which is good. 
thanks in advance ladies!!!

Chet2 2019-12-16 08:56:32


Can anyone provide a review on Sanskriti school, Undri? Is it very expensive?


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