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aparnab 2011-02-04 17:33:28



i am not a WWS parent, been getting the updates of the discussion. i am just interested to know abt the school as i'll be trying for admission for my child soon.

Meena: you said that you'd given up on WWS before this concert incident due to some disturbing news coming out. Can you please give further details of what you've heard. I understand it might not be the whole thing, but its important I guess if I can know it, will help parents like me make a more informed decision.




VrushaliChaudhary 2011-02-17 13:45:06


Hi ,

I have taken admission for my kids in Akshara . I really liked the school and the people out there. I have visited many schools in Wakad area and found this one very suitable for my kids  .

Yes, there fees seems to be high but its all because of day boarding + extra activities. Which I found to be very interesting concept . The school will be from 8:30 to 5 ...other schools generally close by 2:30 .. so its just a matter of ~3 more hours where you child can enjoy with his hobby classes . Also kids will not be given any homework on the week days , it will all be taken care by the school. All these facilities are a boon for working parents.

Fees wise if we see other schools take the fees , then for travel , uniforms and (lunches, homework) we have to pay extra money and time. Akshara provides everything for 83K year and we have nothing to worry about .

Check once before you decide




meenas 2011-02-18 12:59:00



Was logged out for a while. aparnab..the disturbing news was from one of ex staff members...the principal's high-handed and dictatorial behaviour was the sore point...but again...I can't be very sure if that is the general view point.

Vrushali....are admissions still open at Akshara?



kav 2011-02-18 15:12:49


Meena admissions are open in Akshara.


Geetzz 2011-02-18 15:12:54


Hi Meena,

Have you heard anything in particular that can be disturbing?





meenas 2011-02-18 21:28:12


Actually no..nothing really disturbing...but somehow most of our bloggers seem to be prep parents..Where are the higher classes parents...Would love to talk to WWS parents having kids in 2nd or 4th



SHP 2011-02-19 12:11:24


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Hi gauri

Thanks for the information about the admission rounds at WWS

Vrushali Have you talked about the food served in Akshara? The officials are not ready to disclose the caterer, food from home is not allowed at all (it isnt economically feasible if food in school is opted out---?? ???

We had checked out Indira national, Podar, akshara, BG academy none of them are convincing WWS is still a better option maybe... so we tried with WWS , however I agree that most parents in this forum are having kids in the Prep or grade 1 we would like some inputs from the elder class students and parents.

Personally we are very dissapointed with the "concept schools" all above are concept schools they are as one parent rightly described "Costly creches- they have identified the working parents difficulties" they cash on it, education at the higher grades is uncertain.

Looks like most of us are in the same boat so we will keep helping each other through our experiences.

Thanks all


meenas 2011-02-20 10:55:41


That's a good analysis SHP "Costly creches' ...I have now added GIIS Chinchwad into my ambit...reason being...no school can guarantee anything..GIIS Chinchwad gives me flexibility of being very close to my husband's place of work...such silly reasons...but why not? Can WWS or the others guarantee me holistic approach or whatever my requirements from a school should be? I may have to choose my school using such 'non-academic' related criteria then.




SPats 2011-02-28 17:20:30


 Hello Meena, But GIIS is charging high fees and they dont even have building ready as yet..Have u gone for WWS test?MY son also is in 1st in GGIS. Im also totally confused.



meenas 2011-03-01 11:32:04


Hi Spats,

Yeah! You are right! Infact even I cancelled out on GIIS bcos of that...seems unfair to pay that high fees, when you can't even see the amenities. And the builder...well...notorious...checked out blogs about Metropolitan...people are very unhappy and convinced that the builder has cheated them...The school might be different...but one never knows!

WWS has called for a test for my son on 5th Mar..what about you?



cc1236648088us34094 2011-03-01 14:31:22


Hi Meena,

  YOur child is seeking admission for which class?



Nitsme 2011-03-01 14:40:12


Hi SP,

Just saw ur post .... if WWS has called them for a  test in 5th march , then it must be for second std.. one of my close friend's daughter is also attending.


Any information on how the test is going to be like ?  my friend was asking  me... i guess u have to carry pencil and crayons.. genearlly schools have numerical ability, missing letters, english grammer , some logical sequence/puzzles.., colouring  and  some schools have subject oriented test as well. For WWS please post ur experience after taking the test...






SPats 2011-03-01 14:59:38


 Hello Meena,

Well I didnt take my son for WWS test which was on 26th. I have heard mixed reviews abt tht school so..im not sure about it.

I might look for blueridge public school. reason being its fees is reasonable.

other option is continuing in GGIS.whts ur opnion abt GGIS?

Can u send me your mail id?




meenas 2011-03-04 11:56:17



I too am considering continuing at GGIS...reasons being...not sure about any school...even WWS. As I mentioned earlier, most of the parents on this site are pre primary (that seems to be true for all schools!).

I too have heard mixed reviews about WWS...and actually was going to go for the entrance test just for a lark (March 5th for the 2nd grade). But now I've backed out. Info. is trickling out that there has been an exodus of about 12 teachers from WWS...would like to know why? As you know I did side with the school mgmt re. the concert issue (of course, based strictly on the info posted on this site) If there are some other undercurrents too...then I would not like to take a chance...seems very silly and dangerous perhaps...but GGIS is a known devil ..who might just spring a surprise with a new Principal and host of new teachers...yep...there would be an exodus here too...but wouldn't that be actually good for GGIS?...we did have a prob. with teaching stds. ..so maybe a new dawn! I do not know... while WWS/Indira/Blue Ridge/new GIIS all seem to be unknown devils...with already a few negatives.

And anyways, I do believe in having to contribute a big chunk of my time and energy into my children's edu. then why should I incur addnl. exps...in changing schools, residence etc...especially when I'm not confident of the delivering capacity of a school. A School is only as good as its teachers..unless a school learns to take care and hone that talent...we are all doomed. A bad teacher, is not going to start teaching well in a new school....but a good teacher does bring feel-good factor for the parents. So, it is LUCK...if the particular teacher/s teaching your child is good...you like the school and vice versa...Yes...the overall mgmt does matter...but to what extent...considering they are all mostly builder-lobbies. Once the classroom door is closed with a conscientious teacher and eager children inside, every school is good. It's upto the school to hone the teachers.

Let us see




Awk 2011-03-04 21:36:20



Any clue about which standards these outgoing teachers were teaching?


meenas 2011-03-07 09:50:16


No..no idea about that..



SHP 2011-03-18 11:40:51


Hi everybody

I enquired about the details of teachers leaving from the school. But this seems to be a rumour there was only 1 teacher who left due to health reasons . I request all parents to get details right. if any other reasons do share.

the entrance for children seemed to be easy going related to some math and reading activity there wasnt any drawing for the grade 2 exam.

the admissions are more no doubt but arrangements have been made is what is promised and looking at the procedures going systematically I see the indications very positive.




 Former member 2011-03-20 23:59:08


one of my friend's son goes to wisdom world school too. Do you know if there is a parent email group to connect with more people?


cc1236648088us34094 2011-03-21 11:27:32


I guess we can create one. This will be beneficial and form a good WWS parents circle. What Say? Please give in ur votes...

i can create a group.




swara 2011-03-21 16:54:55


Count me for the email group.



gauri25 2011-03-22 10:12:56


My son will also go to WWS from june. Please count me also for the email group. Thnx.


 Former member 2011-03-22 14:15:26


 count me in too.


Nitsme 2011-03-23 09:53:09



Great Idea SP!!!!!

I  would love to be in the  WWS parents group as well....that would help make communications better ..

betwn how was the admission pprocess and tests this year at WWS? my friends daughter had attended for 2nd std and  they will be putting her in WWS frm next academic year....they said it was very systematic and well arranged and  there were  many pple who have turned up for the admissions :-)...

Congrats for all of u who got admissions in WWS....

Take Care




JShukla 2011-03-23 14:05:06


I'd say WWS is a good school for children of housewives. Because the amount of homework the child brings home cannot be completed by a working IT professional like me. So even though I stay in Park street next door to this school I have not even given a thought to putting my daughter in this school. It would have been good if it was a day boarding school


SHP 2011-03-23 21:20:32


Hi JShukla

I agree that an IT professional cannot give more time but a day boarding school is equally risky in terms of seriousness towards the education to be imparted to our beloved children.

I had put my son in BG academy which is a day boarding, initially everything looked fine but 4 years down the line i realised it is only the ladies who look after the children are the ones who performed consistently. with teachers and other staff not happy due to the administration the quality of teaching deteriorated day by day.

Finally if we have to pay someone to look after our child we can very well recruit one at home......... ofcourse there are  "risks involved"   why pay a whopping amount.

We can very well utilize that amount for activities which would give us an opprtunity to spen qaulity time with our children.


This is just my experience which lead me to think seriously  and opt for the traditionally run schools.

This is also an experience of 80% of the parents who have put their children in day boarding schools that I have come across.

The education system also seems to be changing with educated parents around, there is also no alternative to parents' time for a child so we have to modfiy our schedules to some extent.

Any other views all WELCOME!!!

Bye for now







cc1236648088us34094 2011-03-24 10:06:41



    I agree quality education and overall developmen is a must in today's era.

I am sure whether working or non-working mom, u need to dedicate quality time to your child's study.

I know All better said than done!!!!!!!!!!

I am sure there are working mom sending their kids to WWS?????

Working moms please let us know ur there>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Nitsme 2011-03-24 10:30:26



Here I am ,, A working mom and that too an IT professional ...

Education is something that you should not compromise at all .Some schools dont have any homwork till 5th standard -NO pressure on kids and parents u see... but no steady learning also ..the children are not used to having some "regular" study time at home ,HW ensures that..All parents, irrespective of whether mothers are working or non working need to give their child some time...by sparing them the pressure now, u re not training them enough to take the pressures of a competitive world around especially in India.

After a lot of thought, I delegated my daily house hold tasks including cooking to my maid so that after coming home, i get time for my family. It seemed a far better option than compromosing on her education.saturdays and sundays it is still my reign in the kitchen...

Some friends of mine ( their kids are not in WWS)  have a home tutor who comes and a small ganag of kids 4-5( from the surrounding flats also) join together and have small revision and ensures that the kids complete their home work..All those kids have working mothers....

Tomorrow we envision a good career for our daughters as well , dont't we? be it in any of  the fields, arts or science or commerce . For this quality education and overall development is a must , so is homework and the hardwork that parents put in their children....

this is not only my opinion but what i am doing currently and will continue to do in future as well....









cc1236648088us34094 2011-03-24 12:15:52



 I have created a WWS parents group.

Please send me ur email id's to send you a invite





 Former member 2011-03-24 17:34:57


 My email id is amdesh22@yahoo.com



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