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somiya 2010-12-01 11:46:30


hi every one

  i have talked to office person in wws .he told me that 44k annual fee&20k is probabaly non refundable deposit.  he told me security deposit is included in 20k. he did not mention any fee hike



amita25 2010-12-01 12:45:24


 Hi Nitya,

I did not talk to Principal yet. We got this info when we inquire for new admission in LKG for 2011-2012 academic year. I had also inquired @ it last year and it was 50K last year. 

I am not sure if that is applicable to old students as well. They might have just increased one time admission fees and not tuition fees..  Tuition fees is 44K and rest is one time payment. How much is the current tuition fees for your kid?

You might need to check with the school for this. Do let us know if you come to know correct info.




Nitsme 2010-12-01 12:52:02


Hi friends,

Just called up my friend who was wanting to put her daughter in WWS from this year.she confirmed the hike in fees.

I am afraid that the fee hike news is true...  the non refundable fees is increased to 20,000/-   from 10,000/-  and the genearal fees hiked by 10,000/-  is what i heard ...

Thought of sharing this info here .







somiya 2010-12-01 15:34:43



     today i went to wws .i have met a lady there she told me same thing.if anyone interected with princi pls ask



Awk 2010-12-02 14:45:41




Can anyone comment on Indira Natinal School? The school is started quite a few years back. It seems that they have good infrastructure as well.

Any feedback on their faculty and teaching would be highly appreciated.




Geetzz 2010-12-02 17:03:24



The fee hike is 10 percent. Last year out of a total of Rs 50,000 the tuition fee was Rs 40,000. In the new session, we will be paying a tuition fee of Rs 44,000.  The hike in admission fees is for new entrants. Compared to MANY schools in Pune, I think the fees are still reasonable. But there is no guarantee abt how expensive it may get over the years. The major concern remains that the builder owns the school, and builders are definitely not known for being fair in dealings. WWS is owned by the Park Street Management (pride Purple Group).




stronganu 2010-12-02 17:13:16



Just joined in. Very informative forum. I am planning to shift my kid from Vidya Valley to Wisdom or Blue Ridge next year in std 4. I am not satisfied with the approach towards academics. Also I experianced that the parents are the most neglegible entity there.

Planning to visit both the schools this week end. Need the inputs to choose the right school. TIA.

Strong anu.


meenas 2010-12-02 19:42:47


Hi all

So, does this fee hike suddenly make WWS a little less attractive..?.blue ridge is still charging a lower structure right? But then again, a builder is involved there too...fee hike could very well be on cards there too.

Akshara is too expensive...82k I believe..I'm a little confused right now.


PS: WWS gives last date & assessment dates only upto class I. That itself will go on till Feb 2011. So when will they let me know for Class II ? Would it be too late by then to even contact other schools?


Geetzz 2010-12-02 19:52:46


I think spending a packet on education has become a norm for us. We are at the mercy of pvt individuals. Honestly speaking, from a builders perspective, his land is expensive, he has put in a lot of money upfront for the infrastructure and is doing this activity only bcos he sees good profits in the 'business'. no one is in the line of education for the betterment of society etc. The only thing we can do is choose the lesser of 2 or more devils.

I had an interaction wid the principal of vidya Valley School last year. She also had a valid point. Infrastructure/maintenance is expensive. Staff wants a pay hike every year. Parents want that  fees should be frozen for years all together. They are also caught between a rock and a hard place. And obviously, as ever its the middle class like us who are getting rogered.....


Nitsme 2010-12-03 09:07:34


Hmm true geetz,

 Compared to other schools in the vicinity , I should admit that WWS has still a reasonable  fee structure and focus on academics as well...

If a school has all the infrastructure in place , then it has to cater only for the  salary of the staff  and  a bit of maintenance may be.... that  explains  why some very old schools charge less. Most of the schools are concentrated  in areas near kalyaninager, camp and kondhwa which will be very far for pple staying in areas like wakad , aundh, baner , pimplesaudager etc as the kids has to commute to and fro in the heavy traffic...

Compared to other schools in these areas i beleive WWS is the best bet  and as i have told before, i beleive that a  school  should cater to academics first and extra curriculars to follow. Even though the school is still new and too early to comment about its academic accomplishments in comparison with the others , i am thoroughly impressed by the steps  that they are taking to ensure this. Only when a tenth std class passes out of this school  we can really  really compare academic results. 

yes.... education is a business these days  and  we parents have no choice but to ensure the best for our wards to the best of our capability so that they are not left out in the present day competitions.








somiya 2010-12-03 11:14:16


hi nithya

its true ,i always think about why i m staying in this are. fee hike is somehow ok but still how we can sure that we r in right direction. still i have filled wws form on line for my kids.

  i think my second option will be blue ridge???



Nitsme 2010-12-03 12:44:51


Hi  Somiya ,

Last year i really checked out which schools produced  best acdemic results in ICSE and CBSE  board examinations and my findings were as follows. i  will share those as  follows.

For ICSE - Most of the top scorers  in the recent years come from St.Marys and Bishop's school.

For CBSE- Most of the top scorers in the recent years come from Delh public school and Army public school.

The highest  %  obtained by a student in vidyavalley  for tenth board was in an average abt  91-92 % when the highest one from stmarys  had an average  around 98 - 99% .  i tried for my daughter in st marys, but the distance factor was against us  so was my working status. I refused to put in paper as a non-working mother for my daughters admission for i believed that  in this era when you speak abt liberalization of women it is irrelevant . I wanted my daughters school to  respect my career and even want her to have a career too. even my daughter was desp after the interview as they didnt ask her a single question and my lil one  asked me  why didnt teacher ask me any questions...?

I have heard that Ms.Simoes had a great role in shaping up st.marys to what it is today. And   I hope she would raise WWS standards to the same level . But we have to give 5 more years to  WWS to evalute its growth.

However if  you ask my opinion  your second option should be vidya valley  coz  Blueridge has good infrastructure, it will have a good amount of extra curriculars/sports  as well .But i cannot vouch for the academics  there at present.

thanks and regards,










Geetzz 2010-12-03 17:35:27


I agree totally with Nithya's views. In the 6 mths or so that my kids hv been with WWS, I am truly satisfied where their acads are concerned. If all goes well, and Ms Simoes continues to be a part of WWS, I see no reason why it cant reach the level of St Mary's.

Our kids are still young. We have many more years to experiment in. My son will appear for 10th after 9 years. I doubt if exams will be a big part of the education system a decade from now.

My suggestion is, look for a school that has a combination of good acads and extra curricular. Let the kids enjoy life and start building pressure (if needed) after 6th or 7th.

I get extremely irritated when some parents from class I argue with teachers about their kids losing marks etc. They are really obsessed with the report cards! I think if a child knows his stuff, but does not answer a test well its acceptable.

These kids are just 4-6 years old for God's sake. Most of US got serious in the 9th maybe 10th, freaked out in college and we want our kids to study more in one year then we did in a lifetime... :))

All for now,



Awk 2010-12-03 21:59:34


Folks - The discussion looks interesting and very informative. Thanks guys. Does anyone have any clue about Indira National Schoool which is also in the same vicinity.

Great going. Keep it up.


somiya 2010-12-04 11:18:25



what i have heard about its a good CBSE school. but the fee structure is quit high



Awk 2010-12-04 18:10:14




I came to know from one of my friends that the current fee structure in std-1  is as follows -

Admission fees (non-refundable) - Rs.25000

Caution Money (Refundable) - Rs.3000

School fees - Rs. 37000  - payable in 5 instalments

Food - Rs.10000 - payable in 5 instalments

So, I think fee structure is comparable with others with the advantage of food being  provided by the school which might be a good point for both parents working. I don't know much about the quality of teaching.



Awk 2010-12-04 18:46:48




Rather, I am not able to gather much information about the teaching quality, consistency and overall culture of the school in greater detail..

It would be great if anyone can help me ..



 Former member 2010-12-11 03:33:44


I just joined the group. Thanks everyone for sharing your honest views on schools  and helping other moms to take informed decisions. My kids will be attending Nuresery and 1st std.next year and I am very keen to know which school is best in Wakad.




Nanshu 2010-12-12 21:53:18


Hi Every one,

We are about to shift our kids to Pune from Delhi. They are presently studying in international standard school at delhi in std 6 and 2.

We have visited and shortlisted, Wisdom World School and Sanskriti looking at ambience,vibes and infrastructure of the school....

this help is required from parents of these schools to appraise us on the quality of Education and Co_curricialr activties about these schools.

You may appreciate that it is the important decison to choose right school for kids. hence we requuire inputs on: Discipline, quality of teachers, Staff and exposure kids are going to get in these schools.

Please take some time out and write in.

thanks in advance...


habs 2010-12-15 19:18:10


 They have swimming, gym, basketball, yoga (at times), speech and drama, singing etc. as part of the curriculum.  Amphitheatre is part and parcel of school activities but they do not seem to be making much use of it due to the fact that it is open air and so either raining or too hot.

In the extras - after school hours - extra payment they have bharat natyam, western and folk dance, tennis, karate and speech and drama.  I am told that they are planning to introduce fun cooking but that has not been done as yet.

Focus on academics is definitely there but my daughter also has a lot of fun and loves going to school.



habs 2010-12-15 19:26:42


 my daughter is going to Wisdom World School.  It was an enormous risk putting her in there since it was a totally new school but with big names such as Vishwakarma and Miss Simoes and Mrs. Currimbhoy, I decided to risk it and am I happy.  It has done wonders to my child who has shown a dramatic improvement in all spheres of life.  They do focus on academics but also have a lot  of extra curricular activities.  They have swimming for an hour a week, gymming, games, speech and drama and many days which they celebrate with great gusto.  They had a grandparents day, dad's day, installation of prefects, independence day, children's day etc. and the latest Santa's visit to school was a phenomenal success.  My daughter could not stop talking about it for the next few days.  Principal and Vice Principal are extremely accessible and always ready to help.  They are pretty transparent in their dealings.  Standard of teachers is pretty good and they take a lot of extra pains over the not so bright children.  At the end of every month, they send an email with the syllabus accomplished in the previous month and an email is sent with the syllabus for the next test, a month in advance.  A lot of the communication is done via email and important notices are sent over the sms.

Previously my daughter was in Podar International and believe me that was a bad experience.

i am now planning to put my son in too.  Last year it was promised that the tuition fees would not increase by more than 10% per year which seems pretty fair and that is exactly what their new fee structure is.  Last year tuition fees were 40,000/- and for the coming year it is 44,000/-.  However the one time non refundable admission fee has doubled from 10,000 to 20,000 and the security deposit which is refundable is 6,000/- for the coming year.  Fees are the same for all classes.

A totally satisfied parent.



meenas 2010-12-26 19:33:59


Hey guys!!

Have some of you already finished admns.? Any inputs? Please do not go silent on me/us? What else is up? Habs...thank you...that was welcoming.  Are the current admns. going on smoothly? Since I'm waiting for 2nd and 4th std...I'm doing nothing after having filled the form online...is that ok? Should I be calling up or something. The website says class I admns. finish by the 10th of Mar. So hamara number uske baad hi aayega, right?



Awk 2010-12-26 23:29:46



I think we are on the same boat.

I'm too waiting for the 2nd std after having filled online form.

Don't know if we need to follow up at this satge.

Please do write if you get any info.....

Best Regards,




habs 2010-12-27 18:28:36


 Have been given to understand that Wisdom World School has received an enormous number of applications - far more than the seats available.

All one can do now is wait and hope for the best.  Admissions for class 2 upwards will start only after March is what I have been told.  All the Best to everyone.


Awk 2010-12-28 10:37:15



Thanks for the information.

Best Regards,



SarikaDongsarwar 2011-01-07 08:47:06



We are shifting to Baner area and shortlisted Vidya Valley ,WWS, BlueRidge and vibgyor school for our daughter.

This forum seems to be very helpful for us since we are very much new to pune.

Parents are requested to please provide their feedback about above schools.

It will be very helpful for us.



Awk 2011-01-07 10:22:03



Are you considering Indira National at Wakad? Do you have any feedback about this school? I tried but did not get any information..

As you can see from this blog some parents have given good feedback about WWS. But getting admission there seems to be an issue this year...

Kindly keep posts on any updates that might receive from other forums.

Best Regards,


EnaSharma 2011-01-07 10:32:48


I went for my sons interview in WWS yesterday. Looks like they are focusing too much on acedemics. Too much stress on homework. Homework and all are old way of teaching now a days new school who follow latest trend of teaching give no homework till std 5. Does any one else have the same feeling or I am alone on the boat ?


Awk 2011-01-07 10:41:02



Which std for your son?




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