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Vicky80 2012-12-22 04:43:00



Has the admissions for Jr Kg (nursery) class in WWS begun, they keep on postponing it and this week they again told us to keep checking their website. Any ideas whats going on. Also any suggestion on what best efforts we need to make to lock admission for nursery class as most of the pre nursery kids in WWS will directly move to nursery and there won't be many seats availability, what is the criteria of shortlisting and any preparation needed? Do they interview kids for nursery. If not how do they shortlist them and what is the appx number of seats available for direct admission to nursery, I heard they've only 2 divisions of 40 students each for nursery.


selina 2012-12-27 08:34:54


 I have heard that they are not going to open admissions for Nursery (Jr. KG.) and Prep (Sr. KG.) as they have no vacancies.  We were really lucky to have got admission into this school and I am really happy with the school and the progress that my child has made.


Mantri 2012-12-27 14:07:26


 I received below reply from WisomWorld on my qurries on KG1 admission..Now I am worring where should we take admission.

We regret to state that there are no vacancies for Nursery (Jr. K.G.) and no vacancies for Prep (Sr. K.G.)

Dear at,

As I can see on your website that admission process started for Pre-Nursery. However, nothing mentioned about KG1 admission. Is any date decided for KG1 admission and what is the process to apply.


In General, the rank is like Nursery, KG1, and KG2 and then STD I, II and so on…However, In Wisdom World, it is Pre-nursery, Nursery and Preparatory. Is that mean

Nursery=KG1 (Jr. KG)

Preparatory=KG2 (Sr. KG).

Please guide.


tusharp 2012-12-27 17:07:15



I am not sure if anybody has this information.

I am trying to get my younger kid enrolled to Pre-Nursery in WWS and filled up the online form today. On enquiring about the fee structure for the academic year 2013-14, got to know that the annual tuition fee has been increased to 87K INR. This is too steep a raise, as currently I pay 50K INR as annual tuition fee for my elder kid (who is studying in Class I). On asking whether it is due to the implemention of RTE, got a reply that the fee hike is not related to RTE. 

Was just wondering if anybody got the above information.

Any information would be welcome on other schools with relatively affordable fee structure and located in Wakad, Hinjewadi and Pimple Saudagar area.




Vicky80 2012-12-27 17:43:46


yess tusharp

87K is just tuition fee and some 25K odd for admission fees excluding transport. I'm sure if it is to balance to the loss on tuition fees due to 25% reservation. Pre nursery class of 2 hrs per day and you pay around 1.25 lac?


Vicky80 2012-12-27 18:23:55



On your last query, try pre schools such as tree house and euro kids and have reasonable fees. Please keep us posted on school you finalize.


kiran85 2012-12-27 18:35:46


Hi there

any more options in pre school for Jr Kg class in Pimple Saudagar area. Which once is better from following list.

Euro kids

Tree house (going there for nursery currently)

Pumpkin patch

Jumbo kids


abby1978 2012-12-27 18:53:38



Pumpkin Patch anytime out of the above!


Geetzz 2012-12-27 23:59:42


Hi All,

Yes, the proposed hike is because of the RTE. 25 percent seats are reserved for the poor... and eventually the financial burden falls onto us!

I would assume that all school's will have to change their fee structure to accomodate this legality, so typically the fees will be at par with similar schools. (This is guesswork).Blocking admission in a good school becomes important becos at a higher grade, seats become scarcer, but finally it's an individual choice :-)

If anyone has info abt fee structures of other schools (latest)... pls post here.






selina 2012-12-28 08:21:20


 Yes - I guess the fee increase is due to the RTE.  However, one should consider that most schools will increase their fee structure or lower the quality.  Moreover you will need to pay the one time admission fee in the Play School and again when you take admission in a full-fledged school in Class I - leave alone the fact that getting admission in Class I is very difficult due to the fact that their own students go up to Class I and hence there are generally no vacancies in Class I.  

I have heard that the one time admission fee at DPS is 60,000/- and at Vidya Valley 50,000/- (under the head of Admision Fee 25,000/- and Development Fund 25,000/-) both not refundable.  The security deposit at Vidya Valley is Rs. 30,000/- which is refundable.



harsha15 2012-12-28 10:59:57



A new branch of EURO school has come up in Wakad.
25k admission fees and 49K tution fees. Heard its a good school with ICSE pattern. Site is euroschoolindia.com

can have a look.





Vicky80 2012-12-28 17:00:28


Hi Harsha15

have checked out this school and as per reviews it is still in construction phase with no teachers appointed or transportation arrangements but still charging fees equivalent to WWS and Akshara. It would not be easier for any school to go for ICSE syllabus particularly new one as syllabus is vast compared to CBSE and blue ridge is one of them whose teachers are struggling, I'm preferring to go for CBSE and it is recognized nationwide, one more reason why I'm not opting for euro school apart from high fees that they're charging without having any achievement or track record in Pune


selina 2012-12-29 08:14:28


 I agree with Vicky.  Euro is still under construction and no teachers appointed etc.  Good teachers are very difficult to come by and WWS has already got good teachers in place.  Moreover, their principal comes with a track record of 25 years experience - most of it in St. Mary's School and their Vice Principal too comes with a track record with 12 years experience from St. Mary's School.  They have also been able to attract quite a few teachers with experience from St. Mary's School and other renowned schools.  

My best bet would still be WWS.  

Any idea about the fee structure of other classes for the next academic year?



tusharp 2012-12-29 18:48:05


Thanks all for replying with your views.

Had some more school-hunting during the week and today. Have excluded the non-affordable types like Indira, EuroSchool, Vibgyor etc. Visited Bharati Vidyapeeth English School (CBSC) in Balewadi, SNBP International School in Rahatni and Blossom's Public School in Wakad. SNBP International School seems to be promising in terms of fee structure and infrastructure. However it is still under construction.

Would like to know if there are any reviews about SNBP Rahatni.

Also, regarding WWS, isn't there any legal provision to prevent schools increasing the fees exorbitantly due to RTE implementation? 


Vicky80 2012-12-29 18:53:20



How about your views on Bharati Vidyapeeth English School and Blossom. I had visited Blossom as well but they're not taking any admissions for Jr. KG or class above Jr KG. I also find that security is one of the major issue there as there are not enough people to look after small kids, especially while boarding a bus which we could see at the gate. For SNBP, I'm also waiting for more reviews, but so far it is not rated high. Which class you're seeking admission.


tusharp 2012-12-29 20:06:14



I am seeking admission to Nursery. For Blossom's, there are many negatives. e.g. The DOB cut-off for Nursery admission is 31-Mar-2010, which my kid is not comforming to. Another issue is the location. It is surrounded by many institutes and buildings right from engineering to MBA and MCA institutes and approach to the school is very cumbersome. As far as Bharati Vidyapeeth is concerned, I found the fees lowest of the lot. However, I'm not sure about the quality of staff and academics. One reason why I am not considering these schools is the distance from both my home and office.


Geetzz 2012-12-30 10:12:44


Hi All,

My research shows that Blossom/SNBP/etc which have low fees also have lower stds of education. 4 years ago, my kids went to a school called Spicer in Aundh which is low in fees..... they had awful teachers!

Luckily WWS came up in our locality, and I sought admission there for the children. Another issue with these schools is the crowd that they attract.

In Spicer... I saw mostly Low Income Group kids (drivers/maids/police constables kids)... I have nothing against them, but there, out of a class of 40 just 2-3 kids came from Middle Income Group like ours.... leading to kids picking up bad language and a certain mannerism that I didnt like! I dont mind a mix of crowds.... but just a certain type of crowd is undesirable.  

Finally, its upto the parent to decide what is their priority :-)



tusharp 2012-12-31 18:36:32


Hi Geetzz,

Regarding your comment on Low Income Group kids, I guess after RTE implementation, this would be a generic issue in all schools (10 out of 40 kids will be LIG), which everybody will have to tackle as per his/her capabilities.

Given this situation, I don't feel it makes sense to pay exhorbitant fees and still expose kids to this eventuality.

The only aspect where I think WWS scores above others is the quality of staff it is able to attract. But after RTE, the crowd mix will be surely comparable with either Spicer or Podar or any other school with lower fees.


selina 2013-01-03 08:29:32


 The choice is between 2:98 or 25:75


AmitPant 2013-01-14 15:16:05


For the whole year I wait for my Grandchildren particiating the Annual Concert. This year they are not allowing anybody else to attend the same. Some thing fishy!!


AmitPant 2013-01-14 15:18:51


How do you define POOR? Now-a-days anybody can bribe an officer and declare themselves to be poor to get admission to a good school WITHOUT paying any fees. We have to end up paying more fees. They are enjoying at our expenses.


AmitPant 2013-01-14 15:21:00


As regards Spicer school, I had to remove my children from such a school. Poor or Rich, their standards and definately lowering.


JaySheth 2013-03-05 21:52:55


Hi All, am logging in after quite a while. Just wanted to thank you all again for your views. As to our personal updates, we received a reply from Wisdom World School that there are no vacancies for Nursery (Jr. Kg.) or Prep (Sr. Kg.). Therefore, that option was ruled out.

Finally we locked in Indira Kids, Baner, after hearing good reviews from friends and colleagues.

@abby1978, thank you for your suggestion about Vidya Valley. I too heard it is a very good school. However, we have already got admission to Indira Kids by now. Will keep you all posted on how things go.


tatvamasi 2013-10-01 06:07:51


Any idea when WWS admissions are starting for 2014-15 academic year? I am looking for nursery (Jr KG) admission for my daughter.

Tasya 2013-10-21 16:42:43


Hi, Just joined the group. I too have the same question as when the admissions for WWS are starting? What is the admission process? Will there be any queue? And will there be any assurance of getting admission once the form is submitted? Thanks.

ayesa 2013-11-11 17:52:31


i Nee to know abt fees structure please

kavyani 2013-11-18 16:07:29


Wisdom World School is a school which believes in withholding the most basic and important information like the total annual fees. I see that they have declared admission date for 2014-15 since 20 Nov 2013 and they have still not disclosed the fee structure.

Ideally I expect a good school to be transparent about their fee structure and display it prominently on the notice boards before the admission process even starts. I visited the school just today and was told by the receptionist that you first have to fill the online form, take a printout and then submit in the office with copies of documents ( attested by a gazetted officer only ) and then they will tell us the fees verbally !

Also some reports say there is a dispute going on internally between the school management ( who are nothing but a bunch of greedy builders who have hit upon a great plan to mint money for a lifetime) regarding the location of the place and sharing of amenities between the Park Street society and the school.

The last years tuition fees for pre-nursery was around Rs 87000 + 20000 admission fees and so on -- so approximately 1.10 lacs excluding school transport. I am sure they will increase it further. 

Also I had seen the name of the school a few months back on the CBSE website as provisionally affiliated. I see that no more. See the link and try to find it.

I would think twice before admitting my child to this school.



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