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annugulati 2010-04-23 16:19:56


Has anyone taken admission in this school?

momo 2010-06-24 19:52:34


yes  i hav.my son is in std 1

principal is good...new school. orientation in school was a good eye opener




aparnab 2010-06-28 09:29:39


hi momo,

can u pls write in more detail. its a very new school hence information is difficult to come by. so pls share whatever info you hv.




barves 2010-07-01 10:24:51



My twins are going to Wisdom world school and i am very happy .The principle is very impressive and clear in her thoughts.the school is very new and definately it will take some time to establish but i am confident enough that it will shape up nicely.




karvy 2010-07-01 13:54:55


hi ,

i am the landscape architect for the school...i have had a couple of discussions with the staff and trustees of the school...all were very keen on giving the students best possible ambience,infrastructure and facilities ...we as a team  have put a lot of afforts and hard work in completing the school on time.....hope the kids and their parents like the school....

as a parent i wud luv to send my kid there.....



momo 2010-07-15 11:34:37


hi aparnab...sorry for being late in replying..as of now wws is new..am waiting for the first unit test to be over...as others commented infrastructure, staff,visual aids is good but  am concerned abt hw good the studies are taken up by the teachers,concepts and understanding by the student. i would like to give the school some time and probably com bk to u with som more details.as of now....i cn  see some sorry   enough of homework coming up..which am  nt  so happy about  it.....dictation words for first unit test 50 words,3 chapters for(std 1) but as i said earlier am waiting and would lik to give some time and  later update u  though nothing negative as of nw....in any case if u have specific to ask,  u may pls do so.....




Geetzz 2010-07-27 20:19:57


my kids go here as well. Am quite happy so far. loads of extra curricular activities. There is certain stress on academics but in India i think one cant do away wid acads totally.

I highly recommend the school if u r looking for grooming, discipline etc.



aparnab 2010-07-29 00:07:33


hi all,

thanks very much for sharing ur exp. its very useful.

i'd like to know few more things, pls answer whichever u know - i am just putting them all here :-)

it seems to be an academic oreinted school. is there stress on being proper like st marys? how is the extra-curricular program implemented? what is the class strengh?

how are the teachers? experience and skills-wise? do they follow any new methods of practical learning or more exam oriented?

did u try admission anywhere else b4 WWS.

any help is appreciated

thanks a ton,



Nitsme 2010-10-06 11:16:43


Hi ,

My daughter is going to Wisdom World school and is in LKG now  . Initially i had many apprehensions abt it being a new school.  Last year I started late not knowing the complexities involved( my daughter attended sapling and i was very happy abt it )  and lost the chance for applying to some of the best conventional schools in pune. Finally I decided on wisdom world school compared with the other ones were my daughter got admission due to the below reasons.

a.I prefered ICSE board .

b. A balance of extra curricular and academics.  I believe  kids should be  well trained in academics. There should be a steady pressure and occasional tests without which our children will  not be able to face  future competitiveness in   a country like India. By talking with the staff there I felt they are going to ensure this balance.Some schools I  visited  and talked to parents and teachers and i felt they were either too much academics ariented and no extra curricular or too much extra curricular with  easy going mentality on academics.

c. the infrastructure , ambience, bus-faciliities arranged

d. They were trying to do things systematically and for a new school   trying to give their best and  give another 5 years, I could feel WWS becoming one of the best in pune.

e. student to teacher ratio was appropriate.

f. They were trying their best to get very qualified/good teachers in the school

g. Excellent principal and  she brings in the rich experience from St.Marys.

h. Good cosmopolitan crowd, from diffrent cultures .

After one year with this school,  I should admit that I was awed by the development and confidence that my daughter displays and I never had any chance to regret my decision. Considering it being a very new school WWS has gone far beyond my expectations till now.








nainaasher 2010-10-06 11:48:22



Thanks for the detailed feedback. Can someone please provide the approx. fee structure?

Also, did you guys check out Blueridge? Which one seemed better?




Nitsme 2010-10-06 13:14:37


hi Naina,

Approx  50,000/-  I  had paid as fees  for LKG including approx 10,000/- non refundable . This  is not inclusive of uniforms/books and bus services.

For rest of the classes I am not sure . May be other participants in this discussion can help you out.


Thanks and regards,



Nitsme 2010-10-06 13:19:45


hey   Naina,

Just missed out on your question on Blue Ridge.  I had initially checked out that school as well  but personally preferred WWS over that one. So didnt proceed further.

WWS was nearer to us location wise too.




meenas 2010-10-06 18:35:18


Hey girls

Just joined in. Thank u so much! This site is great! I am considering WWS for my kids for next year (Class 2 and Class 4). Hv heard that there is complete stress on acads with almost no time left for extra-curric(one of the teachers mentioned)Frankly, I'm ok with that in the sense, I would rather take care of nurturing the "extra". Let the school do the acad part.  But what is extra-curric? There would be dance, music, games, yoga atleast right? These are normally part of the routine time-table.That's what we got in our good old SSC days?

The school site mentions "after school club' as optional. So is that what the tennis court, swimming pool and amphitheatre for ? The tennis and swimming I can understand as 'extra' optional, but our children would get to use the gym, amphitheatre for drama etc. right? Or are those also extra?

Right now I hv my kids in a school which promises loads of "extra-curric", but does not hire experts to teach, just the regular acad teachers and hence no good...that was unfair and hence considering WWS. Am I going right?

Let me know




barves 2010-10-08 10:36:24


hi meena,

SInce my kids are in Prep i know that they are allowed to use the gym as part of the curriculum.Also i have heard that swimming is a part of curriculum from 1st class onwards.They would b teaching basket ball during school.I definately agree on the point that the school has to be more on acads and comfortable on sports.




Nitsme 2010-10-08 12:15:47


Hi meena and barves,

My daughter is in LKG and even she told me that they had taken her to gym  and  also went to  the play ground  for some PT sessions . As for extra curricular  activities, i heard they are arranging for some  tennis  / dance and music  sessions after school  for people who are interested  for which you need to pay some extra amount. But these will be available only from first standard onwards and I dont knw anyone who have had first hand experience on these facilities made available at WWS.

After  having a talk with school staff and teachers, I  feel they have a balance between academics and extra curricular.Academics is the first important aspect that I would consider in a school and extra curricular activities  should follow.






pansareusg 2010-10-12 12:09:16


hi, this is pramila. my daughter is 3 1/2 yr old. planning to choose school. confused abt medium. why did u prefer icse board? heard that literature is difficult with icse board. is that so?


somiya 2010-11-12 13:01:14


hi its ekta

i hv gone throughthe discussion about WWS. my son is in class 1 now , i want to change his school . n next year my daughter will go to the nur.

 could u please tell me about the book priscribeb for class1 in WWS.


kalu 2010-11-21 22:08:24



Hi everybody,

My daughter is in St.Joseph, Pashan in Std-I. I moved to Wakad from Sus Road. Now, the school has become very far.

I am considering Wisdom World School from my studies and since it is very close to my house.  Fees not a problem..

Can anyone suggest  if this a good move from the perspective of the school.. I believe that there should be pressure on studies coupled with routine evaluation process.

Best Regards,

Abhijit Chatterjee



Pallya 2010-11-29 14:10:32


Hi All ,

Which school is better Wisdon world or Blue Ridge  ?


meenas 2010-11-29 16:48:56


Hi all

Wisdom World or Blue Ridge? ..that seems to be the question. Hope we aren't missing out on any other schools. Has anybody heard of Sri Sri Ravishankar School in chinchwad? Any inputs? And I just received a mail that Global Indian International School is opening at Chinchwad. Any inputs?

Personally, I loved Blue Ridge for the readiness that they are showing (building Infrastructure wise..office is manned by admin. guys..that means teachers would not have to double up...which would mean complete demarcation of academics and administration, which is good acc. to me), but cannot imagine staying close by there in Hinjewadi for anyother 2-3 years, by when the whole complex will come up, and I do not believe in letting my children travel too much...especially the Hinjewadi gaon area has been notorious. In that respect, WWS does make sense , Park Street seems to be a good place to set up residence, that way children could walk to school (I did that in my days!!). Wakad is definitely much better developed than Hinjewadi.

Can anybody throw light on the foll. points in WWS

1. Do they have enough office staff manned (Counsellors, Accounts, HR etc)?

2. How are their worksheets/notes? (do the teachers seem qualified enough and comfortable in what they are teaching?)

3. Have any teachers left mid-way bcos of stress/dissatisfaction?

4. Was there a smooth changeover of teachers or were the children 'teacherless' for a while?


Nitsme 2010-11-30 11:21:30


hi Meena and Pallya,

Have you ever got a chance to visit WWS and talk ith the parents and teachers there? i would suggest you to   do that once so that you would be able to differentiate  between the schools urself based on what your fous on your child's education is.

I liked WWS better than Blueridge  ,

They do have few pple as the office staff in addition to the teachers and they have a councellor as well .  I found the staff there "qualified" and  having innovative approaches. For example  my  daughter going in Lkg was taught the concept of a seed growing to a plant in  a very impressive manner so that i was impressed  at the depth of knowledge she possessed.In order to teach this simple but essential concept they had the videaos, drawing sessions and  singing sessions and even stories based on this not to mention about some "practical sessions" ...  .  some moms  whose kids are in std 1 told  me that there is a steady pressure on academics ( unlike blueridge)  once the child reaches first standard.  But  I beleive academics are important so its  kind of Ok for me. Also  for Lkg they dont give any homework and  from UKG onwards Homeworks will be there.

i am not aware of teachers leaving becos of stress and dissatisfaction. May be others in the forum can help you here.

All the best for both of you with your school hunt  .







meenas 2010-11-30 11:47:17


Hi Nithya

Thanks a ton!

I have met the Principal of WWS and was VERY IMPRESSED!! But, since the way the school is growing fast, I just keep wanting this re-assurance that the staff (teaching and non-teaching) too is able to mirror her confidence. Also, since the Pride Purple Group is also involved, how much of economically viable decisions supersede the academic decisions is what is my concern. A school today has to make money ...that is a given. But, one surely hopes that it is not by means of blatant robbery or at the altar of the basic goal that defines a school - Provide quality education!!

All I need from WWS is a routine academic schedule with a sprinkling of 'extras'. As I have already opined in my earlier entries, a school should best concentrate on acads and leave honing of extra-curricular talent to the parents. The extras like music, dance, p.e., yoga etc are more of a monotony-breaker for the children and hence are a part of the regular time-table itself. That's more than enough. This was very much echoed by the Principal.

So, in principle WWS agrees with my requirements. It's just that I'm playing devil's advocate and trying to get as much info. as possible. This is more so because, WWS will be my 3rd school in Pune and I was highly dissatisfied with the earlier ones (inspite of good rapport with the Principals and good recommendations from parents/teachers). So, now I know the questions to ask. Ms. Simoes admitted that they did have some teachers leave mid-session, but she was emphatic when she said that the students had a smooth changeover of teachers.

So there!! When there is a forum, we all like to exchange information, even if it is to just re-inforce the beliefs. And yes, I'm aware that everything cannot be perfect, but let us hope that WWS comes very very close to it!!




aparnab 2010-11-30 12:01:02


Hi Meena,

Thanks for the update. If you don't mind, can you please specify which 2 Pune schoold you had problems with and what were the problems. I think it'll be helpful information for us in selecting schools.




somiya 2010-11-30 12:10:21


hi meena

  did u ask wws princi about thebook they priscribed for icse


Nitsme 2010-11-30 14:17:15


Hi Somiya,

 I heard they are following the standard books/Syllabus  being followed in St Marys.

But it would be better fif you can  go to the school and talk to the concerned person about it. If you are thinking abt the tests/interview for admission that might give you a better insight as on what to prepare and expect .

And do share the info that you get with all of us .





somiya 2010-11-30 16:23:59


hi nithya

thanks ,i will go to the school &find it out. infact i talk to them but i think the parents whose ward r there can give better information.bcoz school people always pretand to be good.my son is in podar international.last year i have not gone through the discussion & without any prior info i put him there for icse board. but i found academic teaching everything is very poor. i m very worried about my son i donnt want to take chance again .

regards      ekta


Nitsme 2010-11-30 16:44:52



Hi Somiya ,

I understand what you are going thru...  Admissions these days are really tough ...

Of all the things that i have heard abt WWS , Pple seem to be Satisfied with the academic teaching.

If you go to the school around 2.30 pm ( standards first and above operate from 8 to  2.30 to the best of my knowledge)  you will get  to meet some parents of first standard  kids   waiting to pick up their wards... ... You can  engage in a conversation with them and then can find out a lot more info which will be helpful to you. This might help you decide on your son's school as well .

Since this school  has started only last year , there will only be very few info available on how the test was conducted. But this year i beleive there will be  more competition.

All the best to You.....






vidi 2010-11-30 21:18:03


Hi all,

I have recently secured admission for my child at Akshara International at wakad. I am pretty impressed with their infrastructure. also, they have a unique dayboarding concept where they take care of all the developmental aspects be it academics, sports, hobbies,food... And from the fees that I have read in your postings i feel their fee structure is good. I was also told that it is going to be the same for the next academic session. recently I attended a parent fest they had organised where i was able to interact with a lot of other parents as well. All in all a very satisfied lot. they were celebrating their recent cbse affiliation to secondary classes.

Do check it out before you decide.





Nitsme 2010-12-01 11:27:17


hi Amita,

 We were not informed of any fee hike till now........ Next year my daughter will be in UKG .   May be later they might intimate us if there is any change . Yup, 20,000/-  increase in a year  is a considerable amount, I too agree. ...

Could you please let me know  from where you received this info ? did u have a talk  with the  principal ?






somiya 2010-12-01 11:41:00


hi nithya since i heard about fee hike i m too much worried . let me check it out then i inform u

   regards ekta



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