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crazyworld 2010-04-23 15:34:08


Hello Friends,

This is a parent who has been desperately looking for a good CBSE school in and around Hadapsar, NIBM and Undri area.

As DPS is over flooded they just do not entertain new enquiries, very unaaproachable staff , so was in a fix to look out for a good CBSE school.

Suddenly chanced upon a huge hoarding of RIMS CBSE coming up at Undri.Thought of giving it a shot.The initial ride was bumpy as the approach road needs to be done up.

But the school premises seems promising and formidable.The staff right from the security to the admin is very approachable and frank as they show you around the structure which is still coming up.

From June they would be having classes from pre-primary till class 5. admission procedure is on. The counselling session was very interactive and informative with the counselor candidly admitting that the entire structure would be coming up on a large scale but 1 floor at a time.

What appealed to me was their frankness and fortright attitude of the staff while admitting that though the structure has a lot to be built upon it would certainly come up in a big way in no time.

Having serious thoughts of admitting my son for the 2 class .

Would anybody like to share any experience with RIMS CBSE school.

Plzzzzz revert fast.


Honesty 2010-12-08 10:47:53


I am also of the same opinion.  I plan to admit my children in this week.  BTW, Have you joined your kids?  How it is going?


ChaitaliT 2010-12-11 00:03:46


Hi ,

I am also searching for gud CBSC school near NIBM and Undri.

Will u please let me know more abt RIMS CBSC Undri..If anybody had enrolled there kid ..there staff,teaching ,extra curicular activities etc.




Honesty 2010-12-13 11:41:27



At the outset, I am sorry for making a delayed reply.  I saw your post and thought of posting after admitting my children. 

To start with, I am impressed with RIMS CBSE for the following.

Approach Road : It is OK.

Distance from Kondhwa (Jyothi Restaurant) - 5.5 Km

School environment - Good.  I liked it.

Playground - As of now, they have a place opposite to school building.  They have a plan to build a playground nearby school.

Extracurricular activities - Yoga, Play, Music & field trips.

Teacher Qualification - I am impressed that they are qualified and well experienced.

Classroom for kids - Good.

Technical facilities - Computer and modern teaching practices - Good

Total atmosphere - Positive.  Actually, my both the kids are not interested to come back to home after playing there.

Fees : Rs.37800 for LKG and Rs.50000 for 1 - V std

Hope this helps.



















basmah 2010-12-13 12:55:51


where it is exactly located is it near clover highland undri



Honesty 2010-12-13 13:17:33


It is near to Bishop Undri.  May be 1.5-2 km from Bishop.  It is in Wadichawadi village well before Vatsalya.  From Bishop, take a right and one chowk will come.  From chowk, there is a small road going inside.  Board also will be there.  Nearby residential building is Sankalp.


ChaitaliT 2010-12-15 00:55:45



Thanks for ur information..

Well I am currenly in US so planning to anroll my kid next yr..hope there will be vacancy for him...as I am searching for CBSC schools only and thr are very few options ..

Will u plz let me know when thr academic session start is it April or June..and do they have there transport facility like DPS?

and the fees u have mention is it including all expense...because i have not found any information for thr fee structure on there site like DPS site...

Looking forward 4 ur reply...

BTW whr did u stay ?


Honesty 2010-12-15 15:54:13



Academic session is like any other CBSE pattern.  Academic year starts on April and in May, they will go for vacation.  It will be reopened in mid June. 

Yes.  They do have bus facility.  Regarding fees, 37800 (for LKG) is inclusive of everything.  I-V std (Rs.50000) is exclusive of bus fees.  Bus fee is Rs.800 per month.  There are no charges for extracurricular activities as of now.

I stay in Kondhwa and only 4 cbse schools in Kondhwa, Undri, Hadapsar area.

DPS Pune - Overcrowded and rough staff.  Further fees is high and I heard of some not good news about DPS on few things.

Vidyashilp Public School - Number of students are less and in terms of management, RIMS is far better than this.  (Yet to be affiliated to CBSE Board)

Vatsalya Public School - They are formally affiliated to CBSE and Oh God, They are located on a top hill (Very very remote place on a top hill)

RIMS - Yet to be affiliated but that is a mere formality as they are running already good managed school.  Geographically better than Vatsalya.

Hope this helps. 




SNL 2010-12-15 19:57:16



i m lookin for admissions for my 2 sons to U Kg and 5 th std in the next academic session. when does the admission process at rims start. can u suggest any good icse school near bavdhan.

i looked at sanskriti, bt it is on hill top & road isnt too good. vidya valley doesnt have vacancies.

pls help


ChaitaliT 2010-12-16 10:57:44



thanx a lot for ur information..it is very useful


SNL 2010-12-16 13:26:40


when does the admission process start? i m lookin for admissions to sr kg & std V. i will be residin in bavdhan. do they have bus facility there?


Honesty 2010-12-16 19:22:36



I am not aware of schools in Bavdhan.  RIMS would be far off from your place and I don't know is it advisable to make a kid travel this many distance.  If Balewadi is near to you, You can easily get admission for VIBGYOR High which is a good school, provided you are ok with the cost.



SNL 2010-12-17 10:00:02


i m new to pune. bt i m confused. my hubby is ready to relocate if the school is good.

i have heard good reviews @ blue ridge.  any idea regardin the same.

i have seen sanskriti, bt the location is on a hill top with a very hilly approach road.


ChaitaliT 2010-12-18 01:02:36




have u tried wisdom world..not sure but heard this school from this forum.

are u looking for any perticular board?

because there are lots of gud school at karve road and kothrud..and tht area is near to ur place.

have u tried http://www.theorchidschool.org/  ...  it is also near to ur area..but collect as much information as you can before enrolling your kid



Mav3rick 2011-02-02 09:43:03


I have been to RIMS Undri - met with the Princy there, she seemed to be a genuine lady and not anything like the DPS one. RIMS' princy has a grace and a class and she is not at all snobbish and does not have any attitude . But " we are better than you and you do not belong to our class" is the attitude at DPS. They need to rectify their snobbish behavior. Sooner the better. Once some school opens in that area - DPS is seriously gonna have competition. Anyway - since RIMS is growing and there is no other school in the vicinity, RIMS and the parents are going to benefit immensely. They are hiring some best teachers with lots of promise and prospects. Since this school is just beginning to pick up - my take would be to admit your kids there before it starts to saturate.


jupiter 2011-03-21 16:07:32


Rims is one of the best school in undri compare to bishops and dps .dont go for name but rims teachers and staff are very frank and honest,down to earth.so, i would suggest you people to go for rims cbsc at undri instead of getting insult from dps and bishops admini and staff....................all the best parents.


gayatridevaraj 2011-04-03 18:01:52



Can anyone help me with the admission fees for Nursery - RIMS  Undri, Pune?

Also my son will be 2.5yrs on 15th June'11, but as per the eligibility criteria for Nursery section mentioned on the website he needs to be 3yrs as on 30th June'11.

Will my son still be considered?



gayatridevaraj 2011-04-04 12:04:20


Hi All,

Visited RIMS Undri today..The CBSE board starts from 11th april'11 for Nursery.The fees is pretty reasonable ie 26,000 a yr  and my overall exp. about the staff and surrounding was really good.

Admission is on 1st cum 1st serve basis..and my son can still be considered for this yr..


Rishi1 2011-12-28 17:19:58


One of the worst school of Pune in Undri area .

1. People deployed for addmission at reception is not well qualified , do not now how to talk with parents  . Every time tell different fees structure .

2. Bus fees is mendatory , even if you are staying in front of school.

3.  One of the worst Admin and mgmt team  .

4. No auditorioum in school . Using balcony as an auditoriom .

5. Not safe for children as construction is going on in school .

5. Fees is very high as compared to other school with no facilities .

If do not belive , just visit the school.


Mrutyunjaya 2012-01-24 17:37:46


I agree!! You can't trust their admin/mgmt


prntc 2012-01-27 15:16:26


                                                                                          Jan27 2012


Had been to RIMS CBSE for enquiring admission for my 2 kids,1in pre-pri and other in primary.

School bldg is coming up fast.

In first year they had only ground floor,now the 1st floor is also functional.Will be having classes from Nur-7th this year.

Infrastructure in classes very good.Acad curriculum quite interesting full of activities.

Regular progrms to display how kids are doing in school.

Bus facility is also provided.

I,m sure in few years time will be on par with established schools in that area.

Admsn process simple and staff very approachable.

I beleive their acad staff is excellent.Have taken feedback from existing parents .

have got forms and am planning to enrol my kids


ChaitaliT 2012-09-06 11:15:47


Hi All,

Can anybody give any information regarding RIMS (CBSC) undri about their primary section ,their teaching ,curriculum ,infrastructure etc.





Vimalsaxena 2013-01-26 21:10:39


 have u been to Euro school in undri as well. ?? i am planning to take a take transfer but confused between euro - wakad or undri. i have been to wakad and interacted with the team but not undri. let me know how is the undri school infrastructure


 Former member 2014-12-14 00:31:00


Hi there,

this is one of the worried parent if a child. I was searching good CBSE school in Undri and happened to read this blog accidentaly. I have zeroed on 2 schools. Euro school n RIMS.

i guess you have enrolled ur kid in RIMS. I request u to pls share ur experience wid this school n how ur kid had progressed.




momandchild 2015-03-18 21:30:01


Hai Gayatri... Have u admitted ur mid in rims undri? Could unplease give feedback.. We r planning to join our son into 6th standard

SMirza 2015-11-30 00:10:30


Hi, Any current reviews on rims?? Need a genuine feedback abt teaching staff, overall environment, extra curricular, and stress on spoken english. .thanks

parentn 2015-12-12 12:19:45


Hello parents Need review of Rims undri pune would be great help.. Thanks

vinod2016 2016-06-30 06:01:12


How is campus and sports facility in RIMS? How is the school overall?


Nafees 2017-02-23 11:01:25


Can someone share feedback on RIMS.

NeedsEdu 2017-02-23 18:54:38


Not sure about the other aspects, maybe others can enlighten, but saw it in the news a couple of weeks back for this:

"FACED WITH the prospect of discontinuation of the CBSE-i curriculum in an abrupt manner, confused parents and school managements are now looking at ways to switch to a different board. Last week, a notification issued by the CBSE said that CBSE-i, a curriculum initiated as a pilot project in 2010-11, has run into several issues relating to operational difficulties, including availability of quality-reading material of a global standard and hence, from academic year 2017-2018, it was being discontinued. The schools affiliated to the CBSE-i have been instructed to apply for CBSE affiliation. Of the 50-odd schools across the country, two schools are from Pune.

Undri’s RIMS International School has the larger student population of about 1,000 students while Pimpri’s SNBP School, about 300 students study in CBSE-i. The latter school also has a regular CBSE affiliation."



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