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SANINDIA 2010-04-21 11:19:41


 Dear Parents,

Any one of you or your close relatives or fried ever studied in Kendriya Vidhyala or particularly in KV Ganeshkhind?

How is the standard of education in Kendriya Vidhyala? My daughter has taken admission in K V Ganeshkhind.





appu2000 2010-04-21 13:02:11



My son is studying in K V malleswaram, one of the best KV's in India. This school is always getting outstanding. I am working in that school as part time teacher for computer. I got an opportunity to work under Principal for some official work also. Hence I know in-out of the working of school.


a) The books designed by NCERT is excellent. But teachers are not interested to teach everything written in the book. They are not at all interested to teach it through activity. They just try to finish the portion.

b) They will not try to identify the talent in your child in any fashion. If your child is bold enough, she will manage.

c) As teachers are not allowed to beat or scold, absolutely no discipline. Your child will be one among in the dustbin.

d) They will not teach till the child understands. If one child answers the question, it is understood that everybody.

e) If your job is transferable and just Rs.870/- per quarter, it is worth sending.

Otherwise no.



SANINDIA 2010-04-21 13:15:45


 Dear Appu 2000,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I am bit confused to take decision to continue in Kendriya Vidhyala, Ganeshkhind Pune or take admission in nearby private school in Pune. She had completed her Nursery in private school, the school is very good but the fee structure is very high almost Rs. 5000/ per month (Including School fee & Transportation Charges).


It will be good if you could able to give answer of following particular questions. My job is not transferable and will be based in Pune only

1. Standard of English speaking & writing in Kendriya Vidhyalaya.

2. Overall development of student in all subjects.

3. What is your genuine opinion as per your sons overall development, shall I continue my daughter in Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Ganeshkhind or take admission in good private school.


Thanks a lot for your valuable time and suggestion.



appu2000 2010-04-26 10:50:20




KV school English standard is not upto the mark. As you are staying in Pune, I think children may speak more of a Hindi then English. To communicate with children, they speak in English, but it will not be of good standard.

No question of overall development in KV. You have to take care of your child, in each and every step. If you find any good talent with a kid, send her to outside classes conducted. K V Will not take care of.


I am not happy with my son overall development in K V. I am taking care of him in every step. for his sake, I have resigned the bank job. I am sending him to cricket coaching, drawing and drama classes which he is very much interested. You have to keep in touch with teacher about her progress. See that she is voluntarily participate in Assembly programme ,CCA programme etc.,

If your child is in KV, you have to take care of her in each and every step. But it is ok for the fee's paid. But since all class of children(like SC, ST,OBC etc.,) children will not be disciplined much.


You wait and see her performance for one year and can change, otherwise you can change now only. I feel KV  is good only for transferrable job people. I know private school charge exorbidaintly. If you compare fees wise, K V is a best. But you cannot expect more from the teacher as they are interested in completing the portion and doing some activity for the sake of doing.






SANINDIA 2010-04-28 09:59:35


 Dear Madam,


Thanks a lot for your valuable time and suggestions, because these are the life decisions. I will surely think over it and let you know the decision made.

Most probably I will opt for other good private school. 

Thanks a lot once again.







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