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kulfi 2010-04-19 23:59:07


Hi !

We are planning to move to Pune from Cincinnati USA this year or maybe next. I need some help in finding a school for my daughter who will be 8 years in June. Is Vibgyor High at NIBM a good choice? I read they have a lot of sports and performing arts along with a balanced acadamic curriculum. My daughter will need admission in 3rd grade this year. Can anyone help me with some detailed information about this school, student teacher ratio, transport, activities, etc.? Thank's and looking forward to a reply !



Dundu 2010-04-20 16:50:14


Hi Kulfi

Even we are moving to   pune from chennai for this academic year AND MY SON IS GOING TO gRADE 6  and i googled about good and top schools of pune  and i also visited pune for school purpose for four days last week

And, i shortlisted my search to Vibgyor, Pawar Public school, DPS,ST.MARY'S  AND BISHOP'S 

I visited pune for school purpose for four days last week

St.Mary's and Bishops's got NO SEATS but they collected application and if any  vacancy arise they said they will call us

DPS - this is CBSE SCHOOL  and they have already started this year classes and they also strictly say NO more seats

So. first i went to VIBGYOR , the road / route to school may be very bad , but school campus is really good, Admin people are very friendly and Transparency is there everywhere , they asked us to visit the classrooms and playground , they are really good and they also conducted ENTRANCE TEST for 1.5HRS IN 3 SUBJECTS  ( english, Maths and science), and they called us on next day and told his result , that he has passed his test and we can come and join, they have swimming pool  and other activities and class rooms are airconditioned

Fee structure is little high - they are collecting entire fees through post dated cheques and all the details are there in school website 

For Primary teacher student ration is 1:8 and for Secondary 1:12

They have plenty of school buses and its soming to almost all areas, but you have to check with them i person and it is also available in their website

And, admissions are still open  

 THERE ARE LOT OF GOOD SCHOOLS LIKE vidya valley, vikil patil, sanskriti, podar, hUTCHINGS ETC but they are far away , so i didnt visit those schools    

You can contact them through email or call and talk to them

Hearty wishes for your  daughter


Dundu 2010-04-20 16:51:30


And, already details about all schools have been discussed , so please browse all other discussions and take your own decision  


kulfi 2010-04-20 19:25:55


Hi Dundu !

Thankyou so much for your feedback. Just one more query ; does the Vibgyor High school have a playground and sports activities ? I read some negative reports about that. Please let me know. And is Hindi compulsory as a second language? Because my daughter dosen't speak Hindi at all. Wish you and your family a smooth transition to Pune! 



Dundu 2010-04-21 09:24:26


 Thats what i told you, its all there own perspective , even i read negative comments about Vibgyor and was confused little bit, but at the same time Mahdurie singh has given good and positive  comment, so i decided to visit in person and one of my family friend in pune, they too have admiitted their son in Vibgyor only, they gave me good reviews and i knew a teacher who is taking home tution, she too gave me good feedback

And, all are saying only that there ENTRANCE IS VERY SMALL AND NARROW, i too agree, because of construction in that area, this building is somewhere jam packed and the routes to the school are very bad   , but i dont feel that as big drawback, not only there, roads are bad everywhere

Ofcourse, i agree, playground is small, but what to do , i heard they teach very good

Hey, even iam new to pune and i have heard all this,some of my friends say, ITS GOD and some say negatie comment,  i persoanally even dont know whether the teaching is very good or not 

Is there is any guarantee that school with big building and ample  space  in classroom with big playgorund and excellent infrastructure but no good teaching ,, then what will we do, which is ourmain priority..........hey iam not really here to argue or talk for vibgyor , but i feel no point in saying just by seeing outlook   

this is my 2 cents







AartiR 2010-04-21 12:21:59


Hey Thanks for the feedback Dundu, I completely agree with your perspective even my priority is good teaching and less student to teacher ratio and Vibgyor has that. My colleague's daughter as well goes to this school and has given very positive feedback. I would be putting them to Vibgyor in 2011 academic year.


Dundu 2010-04-21 13:01:05




My son already taken his language as Hindi from 1 std, so no problem for him, so i didnt give much focus on this issue...SORRY,  iam helpless


Dundu 2010-04-21 13:15:39



Thank you for understanding my point corretly, its all their own perspective 

But, i can understand others feelings who all said so about Vibgyor, since main point here is, every parent wants to put their kid in THE BEST SCHOOL with all plus points and feeling so ,nothing wrong in that and  even i was initally confused to the core , but after going to the school , i changed my  mind and even now i wont say THIS IS  THE only BEST SCHOOL  , but ti feel there are no valid point for me to NEGLECT THIS SCHOOL





kulfi 2010-04-21 17:58:27


Hi Aarti and Dundu !

Thankyou to both of you'll  for the detailed feedback. Wish you'll the very best for your families. I'll be coming to Pune in June and definitely visit Vibgyor High. Aarti, let me know if you have any more info about other schools too. As my daughter will be relocating from the US after 5 years, i want her school transition to be very smooth. Honestly, i am a worried mom !!



Dundu 2010-04-22 13:09:34


Hai Kulfi

Which type of syllabus are u lokking for, CBSE/ICSE or IB , hope IB will be perfect for you, since your child is moving from US schools and in Pune,there are lot of IB schools 

There are already lot of disucussion from people moving from US , so its really better you try to read each and every topic of discussion, so that you can get best information from them



Dundu 2010-04-22 13:10:53




My son has got admission in PAWAR PUBLIC SCHOOL and we very much like that school and plan to enroll him there



kulfi 2010-04-22 16:33:16


Congratulations Dundu ! I'm sure your son will be happy in PPS.



Dundu 2010-04-23 12:18:57


Thank you very much Kulfi, and please share here your feedback about schools if you come to meet them in person 


nkhosla 2013-10-18 11:05:19


Can anyone please let me know the fee structure of Vibgyor school, I want to enquire for my kid going to be in Senior KG.

mpb 2013-11-18 11:01:45


please find below the link it shows fees of 2014-2015


nkhosla 2013-11-18 11:06:32


Thankyou Manju .

May80 2015-11-18 08:18:17


Can anyone please let me know the fee structure in detail with tuition fees , transportation fees, and other facilities for KG and 5th grade above for 2016-2017?

thank you

May80 2015-11-26 16:19:09


Waiting for your reply


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