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gopi4u 2015-03-27 11:11:24


I am new to pune and planning to stay in pimple saudagar...Can anyone suggest me good pre-schools for my kid who is 3.5 years old and planning to join junior KG.....

Shiyomo 2015-03-27 16:07:51


Hi,my son goes to Eurokids ,Pimple saudagar. I found this school best among others in our area.I took admission for Jr kg in Eurokids only,though I was trying some big schools,(no headache till 10/12 th std),but as he is Oct '2011 born ,he is nt fulfilling age criteria for them, thts why we decided to continue in the same & go for higher school in next year(means v WL repeat Jr kg in other school). Thts my side of a story BT if ur Kid is completing 4 yrs before June then you can give a try.Other good option is Jumbokids ,pimple saudagar, till last year thy HV same fee structure as Euro but this yr ,thy moved to new premise,thts why thy increased their fees by 10k than Euro.I wnt recommend Other preschools in the area,if you want ,u can give it a try.Make it quick,as admissions r full for preferred sections. Happy hunting!

gopi4u 2015-03-27 17:29:41


Thanks shiyomo!!

ohh I havnt enquired about the admissions into big schools and I think the age criteria issue will be there for my daughter daughter is Dec'2011 born....


gopi4u 2015-03-29 00:20:48


Hi ,
I enquired about the age factor in wuro kids and they mentioned still the govt has not finalized on the age factor so it is ok with 2.6 yeras for Nursery and 3.6 years for Jr.KG....I want to know how is kangaroo kids in pimple saudagar...

Shiyomo 2015-03-29 14:11:47


Hi gopi4u, Kindly don't listen to Eurokids admin people, as thy just want to fill their play group & nursery classes.I m telling you this because as a parent ,v want to give best education, but not at d cost of thier childhood. If ur child is under 3yr,then let him enjoy his golden days at home only ,if one of the parent is nt working,otherwise put him in play group . See,these preschools don't care about their future,after Sr.. Kg ,he has to b 6 yrs complete ,otherwise thy will ask you to repeat Sr least in Maharashtra. I HD enquired all the top schools in west pune including Vidya valley,Vikhe patil,Indira national, St.Joseph, St.Loyola, Wisdom world ,Giis,Vibghyor(u can add if I missed,BT I tried these schools only)though my son is 3.8 yr (on 1 June),thy r nt ready to take him in Jr kg(except GIIS).

Shiyomo 2015-03-29 14:24:02


About Kangaroo kids ,m nt that happy with their treatment of children. When I visited d school, as there were no proper sections for PG,Nursery, Jr /Sr,d reason she gv me ,WS totally unsatisfactory. For field trips,thy wnt provide transport, it WL b parents responsibility.Thy charging 59 k for Jr kg,then why don't I go for Indirakids, as thy gv guaranteed admission in INS for 1st.??Last but nt least reason,there were billions of mosquitoes everywhere, I cudnt stand still for a minute(I WS there at 11am) As I m Doctor,I wnt tolerate health negligence like this.

Shiyomo 2015-03-29 14:56:07


If u want to try ,go for Sapling,its best but its in Baner,my son got admission there,but as I already paid in euro ,I HV to cancel it,only negative point is very high fee,its 73k+5k(1 time non refundable) for nursery. Fee only includes school activities, no food,no transport. But there ,u HV to fill online form in January, if you want,gv a try

mishi123 2015-06-30 10:42:40


my child is going to kangaroo kids in pimple saudagar since november and i must share that i saw a difference in her within 2 weeks, they are very transparent about their dealings, i visited 11 schools before i finalised here and i must say tht it is complete or more than value for money i have paid. very clean and maintained facility unlike most around, 1 : 6 is the ratio in pg and very good teaching team. it is truly an international standard pre-school. i did not understand few concepts but the team explained everything to me in detail and i am convinced. anybody going to this place will not want to go anywhere else, i guarantee 

1227 2016-01-19 11:35:58


Kidzee Pimple Saudagar 
It was a great pleasure to have our kid in Kidzee Pimple Saudagar. 

The school takes a holistic approach to education with the right balance of different activities like, sports, picnic, science exhibitions, core subjects, general concepts around environment & hygiene, mythology , festivals and others. It was very nice to see a gradual improvement in kids over all etiquette's and other skills. 
Teachers give an earnest feedback about kids progress and works closely with parents to identify the areas for improvement for the kid. This brings the best out of a kid. 
School has a fairly good infrastructure and a very positive auro around. 
Overall we highly recommend  Kidzee school 


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