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nrk13 2015-03-18 16:21:46


Dear Parents, need some help in deciding the best playgroup/ pre nursery around pimple saudagar for playgroup admissions year 2015-16. Please post your feedbacks / findings about various pre schools located nearby. Thanks.

704vd 2015-03-19 15:17:19


Hey there
any luck in finalizing the preschool for ur kiddo? I read ur review of pumpkin patch ... Really is it that bad ?? Hv u considered Serra intl preschool ? I'm in the same stage of hunting preschools fr my kid ..update me if possible 


Shiyomo 2015-03-27 16:34:53


Hello everyone, Last year I was in ur shoe only,BT after lots of research, reviews from sites,parents ,v took admission in Eurokids ,pimple saudagar. I m going to tell my opinion, its up to u,u take it or live it. 1.Eurokids,Pimple saudagar V r happy with my son' development, as they HV good curriculum, field trips, reasonable fees, etc. Bad points,teachers changes often,in my son' s class 1 teacher WS constant,BT other 1 changed 5 times. U CNT meet class teacher wherever u want, u always attended by admin person thts really irritating ,as after you ,ur child spends much time with class teacher, nt with Admin& its very important for 2-3 yr child group ,as thy CNT tell wts happening with them in the school. Many of my friends r agree with above points. 2.Jumbokids Hiked fees by 10-12 k in name of new premise,if you r ready to shell, then its a good option, other things r common between euro & jumbo. 3.Pumpkin patch I wnt say best as recently I heard many bad reviews, when I personally visited d school, all things were fine ,BT thy HV 35:2 (students: teacher ratio) for nursery class, which is quite high ,eurokids hs 20:2,as thy r charging pretty high ,so v obviously expect quality treatment for our children

704vd 2015-03-27 21:14:17


We have finalized on podar jumbo kids for playgroup .The fees are rs.46000 per year . May sound high but they hv excellent infrastructure , lovely classrooms , very pleasant admin staff . Hv good reviews from parents who I hv met 


gopi4u 2015-03-29 00:30:52


How is kangaroo kids in saudagarh...

Shiyomo 2015-03-29 14:57:51


If u want to try ,go for Sapling,its best but its in Baner,my son got admission there,but as I already paid in euro ,I HV to cancel it,only negative point is very high fee,its 73k+5k(1 time non refundable) for nursery. Fee only includes school activities, no food,no transport. But there ,u HV to fill online form in January, if you want,gv a try

nrk13 2015-03-30 21:44:40


Hi Vinita, I had very bad experience with the school admin at pumpkin patch..she was unnecessarily rude, cudnt figure out why(!)..actually later I met couple of other people in my society who also found her guess I was not d only one! But as i mentioned, thd infra is big enough, but so are the fees, with 26:2 overall I dont think its worth d price... I visited kidzee, pimple saudagar near govind garden and surprisingly liked is 4 floored ..fees are reasonable, 39k all inclusive...along with some admission kit.. I m thinking of finalizing on kidzee..

nrk13 2015-03-30 21:53:34


I agree with shiyomo, I liked both euro kids and kidzee, but found kidzee more spacious..all other things are exactly d same...

nrk13 2015-03-30 22:01:06


Hi 704vd..i visited podar too..d only issue with podar jumbo kids which I had was d open area converted into ground floor play area..this area is not covered completely, and has barren land adjacent to it...i fear probability of insects/snakes entering during night doesn't feel safe..

nrk13 2015-03-30 22:38:48


Abt Serra aundh, except for d high fees I liked everything abt it, very spacious, felt safe n lively, 18 students per class, food included.. But 85k for a toddler is unaffordable for me..I dint visit sapling for the same reason...very expensive.. Kangaroo kids is just new so I didn't consider that wud be their first year.. Both euro kids and kidzee have completed 10 years. Although I have finalized on kidzee I m yet to take admission.. So guys, if u have any more reviews, or any other preschool u think I m missing, plz let me know..thanks to all..

Shiyomo 2015-03-31 14:56:17


Hi nrk13, As u said,u hvnt taken admission yet,so plz try to contact sm of d kidzee parents,who WL gv u sincere reviews. When I was searching preschools, I got suggestions from very reliable friends that don't even consider kidzee in ur list.So m just advising u to do some research.

nrk13 2015-03-31 16:48:01


Hi shiyomo, thanks a lot for letting me know abt this..I will surely try and talk to few more parents before doing admission..I had liked eurokids too, so I have an option.. If u don't mind wud you want to share your friend's views abt kidzee? That wud be super helpful.. Thanks anyways...

Shiyomo 2015-03-31 22:23:15


Hi nrk13, m telling u this is d way ,my friend told me----Kidzee, Pimple Saudagar is pathetic. Their system is not transparent at all and extremely un-organized. If something happens, no one will take responsibility â€" everyone will try to pass the bucks. And at the end you have to talk the Principal â€" who never picks up the phone. Don’t put your kid there.After hearing this I never given a second thought to kidzee,but its up to u.As she told that thy don't take responsibilities, let me tell u,her child got hurt in school, & thy didn't even bothered to inform her,she cm to know later.

nrk13 2015-04-01 15:42:17


Yes, I came across this particular review in forums somewhere.. Thanks for sharing though.. Any idea on how is little millennium pimple saudagar,anybody? .. I wish there were more reviews out there.. It is so tough hunting for a good preschool!.. There are so many playschools, but hardly any reviews..

Shiyomo 2015-04-04 15:14:34


Hi nrk, HV u finalised d school??? About little millennium, I never check it, nt met with any parents whose child attended there.If you want ,u can check Challenger too,many of children from my society go their.

nrk13 2015-04-07 10:05:41


Thanks, I dint finalize yet..talking to parents from my society...met 2 parents who were very happy with kidzee(1 of them sent their kids till liked it that much..)...also met parents with euro kids as well in my society..who were happy too..I will chk out challenger, little millenium too..keep posting...thanx..

mom21 2015-04-18 14:33:54


Hi all, I have visited serra, little millenium, pumpkin patch, leapbridge. About pumpkin patch I found it very commercialised. Also teachers were not at all ready to talk they were in hurry so I removed it from my list. I liked little millenium their staff was better than pumpkin patch but curriculum is too much for a two year old I think, neways they are going to learn everything later. Serra wakad is good and I liked their method of teaching but two incidents happened in front of me didn't allow me to send my kid to serra. 1. One kid came to the head lady and she gave her tab after opening a video so that she will not disturb her. 2. There is a room in first floor which is empty only one boy was sitting there with a maid don't know y they had kept him alon where as other kids were playing. Apart from that it's nice may be it happened only with of my frn son goes there n they r happy with serra. Leapbridge is very nice. my son has gone thr thrice and he was very happy. Teachers were very friendly with him they got him involved with some activities n I was happy to see that. Most important thing I got the proper response from everyone I was expecting from head lady to maid all were very friendly with my kid. Methodology is also very nice no doubt y other leapbridge branchesare no 1 preschool. Teachers are very patient n understand kids needs very well. I m saying because I had spent almost two hours there with my son. So I have admitted my son into Leapbridge. I hope my review will b useful for u guys.

nrk13 2015-04-18 15:40:41


Hi mom21, thanks for posting reviews.. which branch of leapbridge are you referring to? Aundh or pimple nilakh? Also if u cud plz post more details abt leapbridge like the fees, timings etc, it wud be super helpful.. Thanks...

smisata 2015-04-22 22:30:23


Hi every one I have just joined this group and really hoping, if someone can help with some advice regarding good preschool cum day care around Kharadi (viman nagar, kalyani nagar) Hygiene Friendly to child n parents Food provided Flexible ( not too much rules) Eager to help child n parents

gopi4u 2015-04-26 23:11:25


any idea about little millenium and challenger in Pimple saudagarh....

Shiyomo 2015-04-27 00:22:07


Hi gopi4u, I thought u must HV finalised the school till now! Neways,I can say smthing abt Challenger,but don't know anything abt millennium. Challenger is cheaper than other schools, &thy provide everything in fees ,like uniform, books,food except school bag,transport. Thy HV high students-teacher ratio,Communication mode is hindi,Marathi,rare English, as thy HV students from all classes(reason given by admin).Academic is quite fast,as compared to Eurokids. Many children from my society go there,parents r happy, as thy don't want to spend money at preschool level.Poor hygiene (bathrooms were flooded with 2" water level).Its my personal view,based on wt I experienced. Good luck!!

gopi4u 2015-04-27 01:43:12


Thanks shiyomo....I still didnt finalize, I was in hyderabad for last few weeks and just came back this week.....I liked a fllat nearby challenger so just want to know whether schools around them are good enough....

nrk13 2015-04-27 13:44:16


I visited leapbridge located at sarvoday residency pimple nilakh. Fees 50k, but timings are more, 3 hours. Doesn't include food. They are functioning since 2 years. When I visited there were no kids as it is holidays now, so could not judge the place properly. I cannot put my finger on any one reason, but I won't be going ahead with it for my kid. They seem quite new and looked a bit in establishing mode. One can checkout as an option though.

Shiyomo 2015-04-28 16:04:20


Hi gopi4u, Challenger is just stone's throw away from my society, but I choose Eurokids, due to above mentioned points. Do check Millennium then.I never got a chance to visit it.

gopi4u 2015-04-28 18:20:09


Thanks shiyomo...I enquired abt Little Millenium and I got positive review but I felt the curriculum is bit more....Otherwise it is well and good and it looks like proper school...Where as Euro and Kangaroo are like in office spaces....Only thing I am thinking of around Little Millenium is if I get a flat near by...nd even I am searching for a flat too in a good society based on that I am about to decide....I didnt enquire challengers...Fees in Little Millenium is ~40K for Jr.KG and ~34 for Nursery...

ggk4 2015-05-03 10:51:05


Any reviews about TIME KIDS and Learning curve in pimple saudagar....

ggk4 2015-05-03 11:10:04


Even shanthi juniors please?


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