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vrashali 2015-01-10 21:15:00


hi everyone,
i m finding school in wagholi for my son.....2 options are their
lexicon and Sanskriti
please tell me whatever u guys know about it
fees structure of sanskriti of 2013-2014 of bhavdan or lavale

sribharani 2015-01-16 23:21:49



Even I want to know more about Sanskriti School, Wagholi.. I have heard a lot about their Lavale Campus... 
Can anyone share their inputs and experiences please.

vikas16 2015-01-18 18:54:22


yes I also want to know about Sanskriti . Currently I am in Netherlands and coming back to India in June , I will be living in Baner , Please let me know best option for my kids ( Son will be in class 3 and daughter will be in UKG ) I want to know review / fee about LokSeva E School , Sanskrit , Blue Ridge , Vidya Valley ...


vans1234 2015-01-20 22:02:25


well we are previous parents...and it is below average extracurricular activities or cafeteria...which is must in these days.
besides its location is very very far from city and obviously a matter of concern.
i really regret now putting my preschool daughter in that school....even after 2 years of schooling she didnt pick up reading.... :(
dont go on looks...looks can be deceiving sometimes !!!


sribharani 2015-01-21 09:17:17


Thanks vans1234. So where does your daughter go to now?
can you suggest any good options. 
Here is what I am looking for :
1. Either CBSE or ICSE affiliated school. A lot of schools that we know claim to follow ICSE but they actually are still waiting for affiliation. 
2. Should be quite established. Having said this I do not mean the infrastructure, but the correct use of facilities and logistics.
3. Preferably schools that have classes from Nursery up to 10th Std.


vans1234 2015-01-21 10:48:14


We chose vibgyor and so far we are satisfied 😊

rupa1 2015-01-30 03:53:28


Sanskriti school review I am looking for my daughter

adt201113 2015-06-21 17:48:24


hi all, please post some reviews on sanskriti school, wagholi branch.

Rusha 2015-06-22 17:30:35


My child goes to The Sanskriti school, Bhukum campus. We "used to be" very impressed for the first few years due to the overall culture, accessibility to the Principal etc. But over last 2 years, it has been a major disappointment. The school has changes its policies and now the changed policies do not really compensate for the fact that the school is really far off. The increased school hours do not allow the kids to study and play in the evening. They can either study or play. The kids are out to school between 7:30 to 4 when they are back home. It becomes challenging with increasing academic pressure in the higher grades. For small kids it becomes very taxing because they almost sleep off after coming back. Parents suggestions used to be at least heard of before. Now they are simply ignored. To be fair, the teaching stuff of the higher grades are good and the teachers put hard work for the students. But I guess the management policies are causing increasing frustration among parents like us.


avishi09 2015-10-31 16:32:55


Vrashali did u went for Sanskuti Wagholi..??Any reviwes then please share

avishi09 2015-10-31 16:33:41


Any reviwes for Kalyani School in set up started in 2015 only.

utt123 2015-12-15 04:05:26


I am planning to move to Pune from US. looking for good school for my son 5th grade and daughter 11th grade. It would be helpful if anybody whose kids are in the higher grades can give me feedback about Sanskriti school. Academics, preparation for competitive exams and extra caricular can suggest some other schools also. Thanks.


Paresh123 2016-12-08 20:48:33


Sanskriti school of wagholi is asking me to submit original birth certificate for LKG admission. should i submit the original certificate ?

divmahi 2016-12-09 15:35:13


which school you are talking about.


India1 2017-01-07 11:14:35


Hi vans1234, 
Which branch of Sanskruti are you talking about?
is it the one at wagholi?


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