CBSE schools in & around Pimple Saudagar for JR Kg?

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soods 2014-12-03 13:16:10



We are looking for a CBSE school in & around Pimple Saudagar area for my kid for Jr. KG admission.

We have seen SNBP, Wisdom World, Podar- chinchwad, Sai School but not able to make up our mind which school we should enroll our kid into.

Would like your valuable suggestions and experiences which can help in reaching a decision.
Do share your thoughts and experience / suggestions.

Thank you in advance.


KANSH 2014-12-10 17:48:06


Please visit GIIS Chinchwad once. I found it to be a very good school in the pimple saudagar vicinity. 
It comes to around 6 km from shivar (where I stay). The closest is SNBP and Euro school which are around 1km and 4.5 km from my place. 
But frankly I havent heard good reviews of SNBP so did not consider it at all. Euro School was my next best preferance after GIIS. But 1. its a ICSE board and I was looking for CBSE 2. the infrastructure of GIIS is very very good as compared to euro. So went with GIIS for my son's admission to Jr. Kg for ys 2015-16. The other good option for CBSE is Akshara which is good too and so are the reviews. But I didnt want my son to travel that far and esp when the bus will have to go over the highway for some distance. I wasnt comfortable. 
So GIIS is my choice. You can visit yourself to decide. 


soods 2014-12-11 16:37:04


thank you for the reply KANSH.
i was planning to put my child in Podar Jumbo Kids in Chinchwad after looking for so many schools. One of my objective of selecting Podar was he will get a direct admission in Podar International school. but after reading your reviews, i will surely check GIIS.
Did you try Podar International in Chinchwad, which too follow cbse curriculum?

i am sure like us, many parents would be worried about admission to a regular primary school in 1st standard but let me ask - is it very difficult getting an admission in 1st standard especially when the child comes from a play group say Leapbridge where my child currently goes and which is only till Sr. Kg?
Do share your thoughts.

KANSH 2014-12-11 17:24:06


frankly i had not considered Podar so cant comment. Could be because around my place, do not have many kids going there. 
Also, I too have heard about admissions to Class 1 being difficult. But I know of a few parents who are going to continue in the same school till Sr. Kg and then change in class 1. So there are quite a bit of parents doing that which means its not impossible. Just that the no of seats will be narrowed down by then. 
my primary reason for moving my child since Jr. Kg was that I am not very happy with they current nursery school and dont want to continue here. 
Do consider GIIS and let me know.  


soods 2014-12-12 12:42:23



I will visit GIIS and let you know my impression of the same.

dingal 2015-02-17 20:10:15


hi soods,
u said ur kid going to leapbridge & now u want to change the school...
can u pls give reason of leaving leap bridge , as i was planning to put my daughter in leap bridge for
pls give ur feedback about the school...
thank you



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