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anjusweta 2010-03-24 07:43:55


Hi All,

Currently, we are in NJ, USA, We are planning to return Pune during first week of Jun-


I m looking a school for my daughter and son to get admission in 6th Grade and 1st

grade. Preferbly,  school should be in CBSE or ICSE board. Can you suggest a school in

Pune where admisssion is easily available .
Any feed back about sanskriti school,if anybody's at this age going in sanskriti school.
Is this is good idea.

to go for this school.Any pointers are much appreciated.
any comments r helpful to make decision .
thanks and regards

Rujuta1978 2010-03-24 16:21:11


 Hi Anjusweta

We recently moved to Pune (though our move was a domestic and not an international one)

In my opinion the 2 best schools for CBSE and ICSE would be Vidya Valley and Sanskriti respectively. We chose Sanskriti and are quite happy with the school thus far.

I remember reading one of the comments from a lady called expertincn on the Sanskriti forum who was relocating from the US and finally zeroed down on the school, might be useful connecting with her as she is likely to have some of the same challenges as you.

Best of luck with the move


anjusweta 2010-03-24 20:45:00


Hi Rajusta
Yesterday, I wrote to SS SCHOOL and thay gave me POSTIVE REPONSE ,THATS QUITE IMPRASSIVE .

I read so many comments about SS.  Is this school have only 300 students and 2years old correct. How are teschers and others staff . How many students are in a class. If you have any others inputs .pl,let me know.

your opinion will be helpful to make me right decison.

thanks and regards




Rujuta1978 2010-03-26 14:25:36


 Hi Anjusweta

As far as I know the school has been around for 5 yrs. There are approx. 25 students per class, The teachers are very good and were the main draw for us (along with CBSE), As mentioned in my previous note, we are new parents but are very happy with the school thus far

Best regards


AT79 2010-03-29 15:21:58



Anyone on the forum whose kid will be going to Sanskriti school in April2010 for playgroup?




Expertincn 2010-04-07 12:21:56



I am currently in China and was in same dilemma as you. Being so far from Pune it was hard to settle upon a particular school. I had few criteria in my mind as my kids are studying in International school now that they should not feel left behind in the crowd of students, plus they get infrastructure and quality of education which they are getting here and it should not go down.

SO we thought of many schools like BG Academy, Global indian international school, Orchid school, DAV school for my elder daughter whom I was considering CBSE curricullam now. I did not got many feedback about BG Academy, orchid was out of list because they have a small playground plus they do not have CBSE affiliation, DAV is good but overcrowded so I zeroed upon Sanskriti, I visited the school in this FEB and was satisfied with the infrastructure and teachers and all. Infrastructure is still in making and approaching road to school is in very bad shape. But I gambled on Sanskriti school seeing Dr.Abdul Kalam's photo on the home page and plus the owner and the principal of the school is same so she keeps a constant eye on kids and teachers. So she has to maintain the standard of the school. Otherwise in other schools generally principals change very rapidly so the schools suffer a lot. The Sanskriti school do not conduct entrance exams so getting admission is a easier job in this school.

For my younger daughter who will go to Junior KG i have chosen Indus international School which is also on the same way to Sanskriti. THe Infrastructure is very good and impressive. Even while taking a round of the school I saw the kids in Jr.Kg communicating with each other in english even though teacher was not around. It was a big satisfaction for me as my younger daughter cannot speak hindi and i was worried that she will be left out alone in her class.

Hope this feedback helps you in taking decision


rajulagrawal 2010-04-26 20:37:12


 Hi Anjusweta,

We are relocating to Pune from Bangalore and have also chosen Sanskriti for our sons.. incidently they will also be going to 1st and 6th standard.

So far we have heard only positive reviews about the school and am hoping for the best. We did visit the school and were satisfied with the school. IN fact we didnt find the approach road too bad; perhaps that's because we are used to living in India :)




ajaykohli 2010-06-08 15:55:26


 Hi Anjusweta,

We recently visited SS School and the approach road from the base to hill top seemed to be recently done up. It was quite a wide road. We also saw that they are developing the nearby playgrounds fervently. The administrative person also showed us a new ERP system that they have recently purchased. 

It seems from all these activities that management can be trusted, hence taking a long term view we decide to enroll our kids in this school. 


VGB 2010-11-19 20:01:27


Hi Ajay,

I have shortlisted Sanskriti for my son for Nursary 2010-11. Would like to know exact distance details from Pimple saudagar.


Narasinha 2011-02-02 05:19:00




I will be relocating to Aundh annexe from US sometime around March - April this year. Read about the reviews regarding Sanskriti school. My kid is now in kindergarten here. So I she would be going in 1st grade when we move there. Could anybody please help me out with these queries :-

1) How far is the school from Aundh annexe, i.e the commuting time.

2) When do the admissions take place?

3) Is there any admission test conducted for 1st grade admission?

4) What are the fees?

5) How is SNBP International school, as this school is comparatively near to our    house?

6) What other schools near aundh annexe are good?

Any pointers & comment would be helpful n appreciated.


Shivsagar 2011-02-03 15:31:40


 Hi Narasinha

Have you checked if admission is available still? Most of the good schools like Vidya Valley, Sanskriti etc have either filled up the admission seats or have very little availability

To answer some of your questions: the driving time should be approx. 40 mins, Admissions in most good schools are taking place now/finished already. Havent heard of SNBP school, if you are looking for the best schools for your child then Sanskriti and Vidya Valley are the options, other side of town there is a school called Aman Setu, they are reputed to be very good too, but distance will be too far.


Julie25 2011-02-09 15:32:31


Hi Narasinha,


Other good schools in Aundh Annexe proximity are Vidya Valley, Vibgyour High in Balewadi, Orchid in Baner, Indira National School in Wakad, Wisdom World School in Wakad etc.



stronganu 2011-02-10 10:44:12


Hi Narasinha ,

I would like to suggest Blue Ridge Public School located at Hinjewadi. It is owned by Paranjape Education Foundation. Infrastructure is very good. The fees are moderate. It will be closer by Aundh Annex as compared to SS. They do conduct entrance test but it is too basic. You can go through their web site for more details.


Narasinha 2011-02-12 02:12:24


 Thnx for your input will check it out.


OliveOyl 2011-02-23 10:29:22


there is a new chool by the name of SNBP International schol on pimle saudagar rahatny link rd, there is construction activity but present structure is okay and staff is very good... principal is very competent


OliveOyl 2011-02-23 10:31:20



Narasinha 2011-02-24 22:43:26


Thnx OliveOyl for the info. I was particularly interested in this school, as it happens to be near my house.

Is the school good?????  


swashe 2011-03-02 08:23:17


i too am interested in knowing about this SNBP school. i heard it from one parent that there is presently a school at other place. i saw the construction in pimpale saudagar area. its mid stage, may be iot will take a year more to start. but that looked impressive. the only response i got was however positive. i think i can consider it in my list. unless and until we go through the process and experience it ourselves the comments shuold be half believed. every person gets a different experience, what will be yours will be different than mine.i would certainly like to hear about SNBP and WWS from other parents please. thanks 


Narasinha 2011-03-31 04:07:02


 I have heard schools have NRI quota & we (NRI kids) have to take admission thru this quota only. Even the fee structure is different for NRI kids. We have to pay more donation compared to others, is this true???? 

Any pointers & comment would be helpful n appreciated.


Avi30 2012-09-21 12:35:21


 Hi  Expertincn

This seems to be an old post. So by now it must be about 2 years of your experience with Indus International. 

Can u please share you good / bad expereinces about that Indus International School?

It seems quite costly. But we are ready to spend that much if it really is worth it.

Awaiting your reply.




Expertincn 2012-09-24 13:19:31


 Hi Avi,

I had taken admission in Indus International school for my younger daughter but did't made her join  as it was little far away from my place and I did not wanted my daughter to travel a lot everyday. Now she is in Daffodil International school, Baner. It is IGCSE and not very expensive. Can give it a try also.




Ayush28 2012-09-24 14:52:14


I am keen to know more about Indus International, have been getting good reviews through our local friends whio have moved from US couple of years  back. Now have to see the distance from school to home (most probably in Baner). Or the alternative choice is Vibgyor high.

Indus fee for std 3 is 2.5 and nursery 1.0 (this includes allmost everything)

Never been to Pune so have no idea about areas etc. What will be best place to stay in Pune to commute within 20 mins from Indus International (near manas lake)






Expertincn 2012-09-24 18:12:08


 To stay in 20 minutes vicinity of the Indus International school , you have to choose your residential place in Bavdhan, Pashan, warje, Kothrud  or  Chandni chowk area. Because Chandni chowk is the exit from the city for the road which leads to the school.


Avi30 2012-09-26 15:04:59



I searched online for the reviews and found a series of reviews on

The reviews are extremes - some are prasing the school whereas some are abusing!! So really tough to know the real picture. 

Anyone with first hand reviews of Indus International School?


Ayush28 2012-09-26 16:31:10



link that you have posted is for Indus bangalore not Pune.

I have had couple of good feedback through local friends. I have to hosse between Indus and vibgyor high, cause of distance factor I am hesitant about Indus. Still want to go and visit in December.

when are you moving to Pune?


Avi30 2012-09-27 16:51:03


 Hi Ayush28,

I know the post is for Bangalore, but the school group remains the same. I havent found any posts on Indus Pune as yet.

I visited the campus and its huge & beautiful. Cudnt get a chance to interact with any teachers though!

I havent heard very good reviews about VIBGYOR.

Vidya Valley & Sanskriti are much better than VIBGYOR & I am considering them along with Millennium National School as a back-up.

We have already shifted to Pune :-)


Ayush28 2012-09-28 02:36:41


 Hello Avi,

Vibgyor at NIBM road certainly has good name whereas at balewadi is comparitively new. Have heard good revies about Vigyor through my local friends, class ratio is 1:24 (max 27) curriculum looks very good. for std 3 they have english lit, language, maths, social science and second language they have option between hindi or french. They have number of performing arts sessions. their indoor swimming pool and their own play ground keep kids safe.

Sanskriti has good name but again its the distance with sanskriti and Indus from Baner.

Vidya valley is now 12 yrs old, full with their school type curriculum and doesnt have option for french as a second language. Also have heard that road which leads to school is not concrete.

My son is born and brought up in London and doesn't speak hindi, understands though. so for him at least for the first couple of years I want him to continue with his french as he was doing here. At the end of the day its a big move for all of us and last thing I would want is my kids not being happy at school.

Where about in Pune do you live? connect me on my FB at radha_singh at

take care

radha (ayushmaan's mum)


divmahi 2016-12-09 15:53:00


hi every one,
can u  plz give me recent review of sanskriti school bhukum or wagholi will be a grt help.



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