Amanora vs PPS, Hadapsar for Nursery admisison

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vbpune 2014-11-27 16:29:39


Can someone please review PPS and Amanora school and suggest if either of them should be preferred over other for nursery admission?

I guess there will be wait-list for PPS and fees for PPS are also lower, but that should not be only criteria that matters. Rather I would be more interested in details about how school take care of kids, how students (and parents) are treated, quality of education provided, skill of teachers, languages taught and spoken in general during school hours, infrastructure, transport facility (I found a bad incident related to PPS when I googled for), hours spent in school (should be minimum), activities, etc.

Any suggestions related to nursery admission in above school are also welcome.

babysankalp 2014-12-04 11:26:59


when online addmission open in2014-2015 for nursury

kanvi 2014-12-05 14:27:36


PPS consider only Amanora students.after 7th dec if u r not Amanora citizens u can go and take the form on 8 or 9th dec .
Study is good. during school hours most of th marathi language is............they have very good transport facility.Amanora school also have the good transport but the matter in which board u want to go for cbse or icse.
both are good school.


vbpune 2014-12-05 17:49:12


@kanvi, Thanks for you review.
I have following perspective as a parent who trying to get his ward admitted in a school from first time.
1. Admission: PPS has a lottery system while Amanora doesn't which gives impression that PPS must be in high demand, and thus must be a better school. But I am not sure if this is true.
2. One is CBSE, other ICSE where I don't have much of a preference now.
3. Infrastructure: None of both have good playground. PPS on its website mention sports available as football, cricket, etc but I am not sure how that is managed. Classrooms at Amanora appeared better but PPS is not impressive from inside.
4. Teachers: Don't have much information. Any input will be appreciated.
5. Language of instruction/communication: Can take hint from @kanvi reply about PPS but what about Amanora.
6. Transparency: PPS appear more straightforward.  
7. Communication with parents: Amanora seems to have an edge here.
8. Fees: Not sure of Amanora current rate but PPS at 48k pa is not a cheap option. Yes PPS has advantage of lesser admission fee if one want to explore other options next year.
9. Student-Teacher ratio: Both are offering around 30:1 that is disappointment. In fact I am asking myself will any pre-primary school will be better than these biggies.

But to really come to a decision, I am looking for current parents who can share their experiences and reviews. 



vbpune 2014-12-05 18:20:05


10. Board affiliation: PPS is permanent with ICSE while Amanora's affiliation with CBSE is provisional till 2016.
11. School Management/governing board: PPS has chain of schools and known people on governing board; Principal's resume is impressive. Amanora school seems to be owned by builder himself.
12. Strength: Both have ~2000 children.
13. Transport: I am not so so convenient with PPS's transport arrangements, because
a. From their notices about transport i get impression that they put burden of responsibility on vendor.  
b. I already mentioned a transport related incident about PPS in my first post.
14. Website: PPS regularly update its website with notices while Amanora has dumped all information at once and forgot about it.

shtope 2015-12-08 14:43:02


@vbpune - I'm looking out for a school for my son and Amanora looks like an option. My son will also be admitted to Nursery. This post was an year ago. Did you admit your child to Amanora or PPS? Do you know if Amanora is a good school?

Please help!

vbpune 2015-12-09 12:03:09


Amanora was little far from my place. So I opted out.

As such I was not very impressed with school and gave up at last moment when I happen to talk few kids while waiting for some office paper work (We had no doubt about study but I about smartness, overall development, etc). But still this is at best my personal opinion and I may think again of school if I shift nearby. Please visit school yourself, have a look at infrastructure, talk to teachers and also current/past students.

Other options you can evaluate nearby are wisdom world, hadapsar (main branch is doing good so can hope for good results), vibgyor magarpatta (higher fees), kalyani school manjari (higher fees). 


sbmanjri 2021-11-26 11:37:28



I am looking for nursery admission for my kid and confused between PPS and Wisdom world school.
How is the teaching quality and overall development of the kid.



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