GIIS Chinchwad Vs Euro School reviews

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KANSH 2014-11-04 20:09:59


I am planning get my son into Jr. Kg in any of the schools. 
I was initially preferring CBSE. But then though let me evaluate the school rather than the board. So I am now open for ICSE too. 
Visited a few schools in the vicinity. 
I am considering Euro School and GIIS. Infrastructure wise, we liked both. GIIS a little more. 
1. Only advantage with Euro school that its the closest from Pimple Saudagar where I stay.
2. Secondly almost all of the kids from my society go to EURO. which means my son will have company. 
Con - 
Its still not affiliated to the ICSE board. 
As opposed to this. 
GIIS is far away and none of the children go to GIIS. however, its affiliated to CBSE board and is in line with the original preference of taking the CBSE board.
But I want to make a unbiased decision and want to make sure my son gets into a good school. 
Please let me know your reviews/experience between the 2. 
Also, do kids from Pimpale Saudagar go to GIIS at all. 


AmuK 2014-11-06 12:26:58


GIIS is a good school. I have enquired with my friends, all say its a good school but fees are high.
Even I am seeking admission for my daughter in GIIS for nursery for 2015-16.

KANSH 2014-11-09 09:14:12


Thanks AmuK for your feedback. I visitied Euro 1 more time after going to GIIS, and the infrastructure and hygiene is clearly a lot better in GIIS than Euro. I too am zeroing down to GIIS. Do you stay in Pimpale too ? 

AmuK 2014-11-13 17:03:57


Hi Kansh,

I stay at Dapodi near to Mumbai-Pune highway.

namsy24 2014-12-24 11:10:34


Euro is far better than giis in terms of academics even though its a new school.

pune1gaurav 2014-12-26 10:23:08


Both schools are comparable with each other though Euro School is quite new till this time. Only major difference is the board: Euro has ICSE vs GIIS having CBSE. If you have inclination towards one, that can be deciding factor.

Apart from it, it is always advisable to have kids in a school which is nearer to your place and where they can get company of students staying near your locality. 



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